Top Wedding Songs

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For many of the wedding moments there is a specific song that should be played. At least this is one way to make it all representative for the event. And even for the wedding party the whole time to be something else than a banal gathering.

Considering things so one may think that it is needed a song with specific lyrics hinting at the grooms’ first dance, to be about love theme and so on. But more inventive ones will be to choose a song even for the suggestion of leaving after, the honeymoon destination.

Top Wedding Songs

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So like right after the religious ceremony the grooms choose a song for the party entrance the same thing will happen for the end of the party. Some may go in the direction of suggesting the end of the whole event. In this way one strong example stands the song called “Why do all good things come to an end” performed by Nelly Furtado. But others may choose to express the idea related to the destination of the vacancy afterwards. If it is about an exotic place, summer time then from this category many of the songs can be selected. And better to make a top wedding songs for destination after wedding. Indeed the destination after the wedding time, so the honeymoon, is for each couple a different one. And so, the top wedding songs for destination after wedding is a personalized one. With exact theme hinted to a specific location or not you still can select many of the songs which express the idea of journey.

Top Wedding Songs

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In other words, where to go after the party doesn’t have to be the exact theme of the songs.As a general matching song for such a need is Talking Heads “Road to nowhere” or “Heaven” from the same band.11

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