Top 20 Wedding Songs

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When it comes about the wedding music selection time the bride and groom have lots of sources to guide after. Firstly, it is the wedding planner which comes with suggestions about what suits best as style; then for the religious ceremony you have the priests guiding you as they won’t accept any music. And last but not least it is the wedding band, singer or dj or whatever you hire. It is absolutely necessary them to have a list of proposals, what they have as repertory.


But besides any of these parts help the bride and groom should try to do things according to their preferences. You don’t want to have regrets later for not asking for a specific song at a specific time right? Moreover it is about the grooms’ first dance a special moment among others that you don’t want to choose randomly the songs for this.

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Top 20 Wedding Songs (Source:

Born from the desire to put your imprint on the wedding music selection a top 20 wedding songs made strictly according to your preferences will be the moment to please you. Hence the satisfaction comes later, after passing over the stress about what to choose

With the idea to have variety, a little bit of every genre suitable to this event and time you should think about selecting songs all from another area. In other words avoid having half of this top slow songs and the rest the opposite; making it somehow as to have country, modern, even classic music all together.

101078 top 20 wedding songs Top 20 Wedding Songs

Top 20 Wedding Songs (Source:

 If it is to think at this so it will sound like a chaotic selection; for example from “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston to “Only Girl (in the world)” by Rihanna; “That’s amore” by Patricio Buanne and continuing with “You’re my first, my last…” by Barry White. But it is all about offering to the public various genres just like trying to guess their preferences.



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