Tiger Lily Wedding Bouquets

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The bridal bouquet is an important accessory without which the bridal attire would seem incomplete. That is why you should dedicate a lot of attention to choosing the appropriate flowers for your wedding. Tiger lilies are usually picked as wedding flowers because of their wonderful coloration and shape. The petals have a bright orange shade and black or brownish dots on them. Their impressive size and long stamen help transform the bouquet into a unique flower arrangement. Although this is the common color in which the tiger lily can be encountered, you have other shades to choose from.

Tiger Lily Wedding Bouquets (Source: designsbyjan.com)

Tiger Lily Wedding Bouquets (Source: designsbyjan.com)

Tiger lilies are used in fall wedding bouquets or in tropical arrangements due to their vivid color. The orange tiger lily can work perfectly with irises or red hibiscus to create a vibrant tropical bridal bouquet. For a more romantic look you can pair tiger lilies with chrysanthemums, roses or even daisies. If the wedding takes place in autumn, you can create a beautiful bouquet with the help of orange tiger lilies, red roses, chrysanthemums, red berries and foliage. The multicolored bouquet will capture the essence of the season through its vibrant look.

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Tiger Lily Wedding Bouquets (Source: silkflowerwedding.com)

Tiger Lily Wedding Bouquets (Source: silkflowerwedding.com)

If you incorporate tiger lilies in your bridal bouquet, you have to make sure that the flowers have no pollen left on them. You should have it removed prior to arranging the bouquet otherwise you will risk staining your beautiful wedding gown. One way to avoid this situation is to have the bridal bouquet made up of silk flowers. You won’t have to worry about providing special treatment to the flowers so as to maintain them fresh throughout your wedding day.


The silk flowers have a ‘real touch’ to them and you can rest assured that no one will see the difference. Besides, choosing silk tiger lilies means that you don’t have to find ways to preserve the bridal bouquet ‘alive’. The flowers will look as they did on your wedding day.

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  1. Inna

    October 11, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    These lily wedding bouquets are just wonderful…I like them very much and I will surely choose one for my wedding as well…lily wedding bouquets are very special…they make everything else look special as well…the bouquet on the first picture looks great…where could I find it? Lily wedding bouquets are special because of their special colors and shapes and they make everything look unique


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