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Wedding Invitations | January 12 2011 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Your wedding day is getting closer and closer. You have set the location; you know the date and the hour. All the most important decisions have been taken. What is left now to do is to combine them inside an envelope and send them to all your guests. The wedding invitations are the last items on the list. You should manage this aspect only after you have settled the rest of the picture. Why are these invitations so important?…you may genuinely ask yourselves at some point.

Well, the answer is simple and obvious: they give directions. Yes, this is what the wedding invitations do: direct people. They are told when to come and where to come and they decide on their own whether the invitation is worth pursuing. Some might say no and some might say yes. It’s a matter of personal relations rather than change or luck. Another trick is that they underline a theme, a concept. Your guests will know what to do and how to behave according to what this card will tell them. This is the deal and it’s a deal that pleases everybody. Now what you should be concerned is the main picture on the card. What to choose or how to illustrate a story…this is what is challenging about a wedding invitations.

In most cases couples choose something that relates to the style of the wedding, the location of either the ceremony or the reception or the moment. This leads to a very interesting display. On one hand you have colors, patterns, materials and on the other hand you have concepts and ideas. They need to be combined to actually work. You can be traditional in style and modern in form or the other way around.

You can be colorful or you can black and white…it depends on your mood. You can add a photo from your personal archive or you can add some funny illustrations. The world has gone mad when it comes to possibilities on a card. It would be a waste of time to start listing them all. The best thing you could do in order to make some sense into your thoughts and actually stop at one model is by creating your own short list. You will have to look at very model before you take a decision. Eliminate those that don’t suit you and stick to those that present a faint interest. You can make your pick some time later.

There are many interesting variants. For example, you could go for tiffany wedding invitations. This is a very popular type among couple since it works with any style and with any theme. In order to prove this theory has put together a long and interesting display of samples. Each model comes with technical details about size, materials and also a price quote. The site may offer you discounts for some of the samples.

All the process takes place online and you receive step by step instructions by some of their staff. For other thoughts on tiffany wedding invitations you can visit They have made a list with tricks and tips about this type of wedding invitations. You learn more about what shades to use and what shades not to use, about what other illustrations work and what illustrations don’t work. It’s good to have some theoretical points to follow.

You feel tired. Your eyes are tired from so much weighing. It is high time to take a break and stop for a while. Rest your eyes and rest your mind. From now on it’s all about the short list. Nothing else should bother your attention. You have already made your call. Send the final draft for print and be patient. Was that too complicated?11

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  1. Michelle Hubbs

    February 04, 2011 at 11:50 am

    I have sent a few messages and have not heard back.
    I am really interested in the Tiffany’s invitations for my wedding.
    Can you please send more details on prices and how to order


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