Tiffany Wedding Cakes

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If you’re looking for something really quirky, sophisticated, extravagant, brilliant, exquisite, glamorous and absolutely unique in matters of wedding cakes, stop at the famous Tiffany & Co jewelry to pick up a sensual glittering design and decoration for your own wedding cake.

The famous jeweler is renowned for its magnificent stunning jewels for wedding rings, wedding gifts and all kind bridal accessories. If you’re planning a real sophisticated, royal and grandiose wedding, opt for a Tiffany wedding cake. But any bride and groom can choose a jeweled wedding cake that can fit within a tighter wedding budget, if they choose a more simplistic and yet dainty jewelry for the wedding cake’s décor.

If you wish for your wedding cake to show up like a real masterpiece desert on the wedding, then you should definitely spend the necessary money to buy a high-class Tiffany wedding cake that will stun, amaze, surprise and win your guest’s hearts for good. Having an elegant jeweled Tiffany wedding cake might be a mark of refinement, good taste, class, style and unique elegance.

Add a Tiffany flair to any simple plain white wedding cake and transform it into a real piece of art wedding desert. You don’t need to plan and organize a really luxurious wedding just to bring a Tiffany wedding cake. Just keep it simple, refined, delicate, sleek, casual and subtle for the wedding atmosphere to look inviting, warm and distinctive.

Brides who fancy the Tiffany gems, rhinestones and any other jewelry of the famous designer can opt for this theme for the wedding cake to complement her pleasure and passion for these amazingly beautiful bridal jewels. A Tiffany wedding cake works perfectly well within a ball court wedding, a cathedral or a castle wedding, as well as any fairy-tale princess style summer garden wedding.

Depending on the style, theme, location, character, amplitude and budget of the wedding you can choose from various designs of Tiffany wedding cakes. For instance, go with a mix shaped Tiffany wedding cake that can imitate or picture a Tiffany jewelry, using squares, round or heart shapes to create such a fabulous and luxuriant design.

Use icing colored ribbons and bows to wrap the cake, following different styles: simple, atop the cake or cascading sown the cake. Use any thematic accents of pearls, beadings, diamonds or crystals for a simple Tiffany wedding cake topper. Don’t use too many jewels that can make the cake look too ostentatious, pompous or grating. For a classic, fancy and elegant winter wedding, opt for a blue Tiffany jewelry box wedding cake wrapped with a silver ribbon and topped with a similar colored bow. You can design the whole wedding using the silver, white and light blue Tiffany theme.11

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