Tiffany Blue And Chocolate Brown Wedding Cakes

Food & Drinks | May 24 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

With so many incredibly unique, beautiful and amazingly creative designs, styles, colors, flavors and shapes, the happy couple can only choose the most suitable, pretentious, sleek, refined, sweet and memorable wedding cake for their big wedding day.

There is no chance of missing or failing when there are so many possibilities and choices in unusual, unconventional, hot and trendy wedding cakes. But before you go shopping for wedding cakes you should take a few days to think about what you really like in matters of color-schemes, flavor mixtures, shapes, designs, sizes and themes.

The most important thing about a wedding cake is to suit your personal style, vision and taste, and only afterwards to match with the character, style, theme, season and color-scheme of the wedding. But let us give you an example of a very desired, appreciated and fashionable type of wedding cake that many brides and grooms would want it on their wedding table: the Tiffany blue and chocolate brown wedding cake. If you’ve never heard of Tiffany blue wedding cakes until now, you’d better browse for some pictures and see how splendid, unique, brilliant, extravagant, stylized and charmingly beautiful these jeweled cakes are.

Renowned by his bridal jewelry masterpieces, the Tiffany & Co is a famous jeweler designer that usually creates all kinds of accessories for the bride’s special day: rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Starting form this, some wedding cake designers though of using the Tiffany style and incorporate it into the wedding cake.

That is how these wonderful and super blue Tiffany inspired wedding cakes emerged on the market. So, if you’re planning a truly magnificent, exquisite, glamorous and sophisticated wedding, choose a marvelous Tiffany blue and chocolate brown wedding cake. But this type of cake can be brought in a more casual, simple and not so fanciful wedding context as well. It all depends on how rich are the decorative elements and how sophisticated the wedding cake is. Keep it simple, sleek and chic just to fit a tighter wedding budget. Choose a diamond shaped Tiffany blue and chocolate brown wedding cake for a really stunning and remarkable look.

Most couples who decide to go with a Tiffany blue and chocolate brown wedding cake usually choose a wrapped jewelry box design that can be composed of several shapes: square, oval, round, hexagonal, rectangular or heart shape. Decorate the cake with pearls and beadings, crystals, diamonds, sequins, rhinestones or gems. The effect will be extremely eye-catching and unforgettable.

Considering that chocolate is still a very fashionable, yummy and appetizing flavor desired by so many couples, a Tiffany blue and chocolate brown wedding could be a very inspired choice. The sensual Tiffany blue and chocolate brown wedding makes the perfect choice for a beach themed wedding, for a winter wedding or for any other evening, sleek and refined wedding affair.11