Three Tier Square Wedding Cakes

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In case you are looking for a wedding cake that can combine the looks of a modern and a traditional centerpiece then you should opt for a square wedding cake. Not too simple and not too sophisticated, not too casual and not too formal, a square wedding cake can make the best choice for an elegant wedding day. The final looks of the cake depend on the size, theme, the color scheme and the decorations you decide to use. If you’re looking for wedding cake that can feed at least 100 guests, opt for a three tier square wedding cake. Many couples might consider a white square wedding cake to be too boring, plain, dull and un-attractive.
If you’re looking for something more eye-catchy, unique and modern, choose a more vibrant hot and trendy color. If your wedding is to be held during the spring time or the winter, op for something pastel and soft toned, such as a pale pink, blush or ruby three tier square wedding cake, or aqua blue, silver, pearl gray, antique gold, lime green, butter yellow, turquoise, coral, peach, tomato red, cream or champagne. On the other hand, if the wedding is planned for a summer or an autumnal day, you can choose form various dynamic, rich and bold colors, such as violet, mauve, hot pink, fuchsia, deep red, scarlet red, burgundy, gold, bright yellow, chocolate brown, peat, teal, purple, maroon, burnt orange, dark gray, magenta or black. A great advantage of a three tier square wedding cake is that this style manages to serve more guests than a round wedding cake.

Among the most common type of three tiered square wedding cakes are those wrapped gift box or jewelry box shaped wedding cakes or the diamond shaped ones. These looks can be obtained mixing several shapes or simply placing the corner of the square tiers in a diagonal style. In general these one are more suitable for extravagant, expensive, sophisticated, refined and glamorous weddings. If you choose to follow the modern route, opt for a fondant icing or a marzipan frosting to make the cake look more smooth, charming, inviting, delicious and softer to the eye. Use fresh natural flowers, such as calla lilies, peonies, garden roses, gardenias, magnolias, iris, sunflowers, gladiolas, cheery blossoms, lavender, hibiscus, gerbera daises, jasmines or faux flowers made from paper, silk, ribbons or origami.

You can add a touch of glitter, using jewels or any other matching accessories such as pearls, beadings, crystals or diamonds in fake or real shapes, rhinestones or precious gems, sequins, swags, feathers, seashells, corals, starfishes, sparkling butterflies, wires, stars, hearts, depending on the season, location and budget of the wedding. Opt for individual mini three tier square wedding cakes for a more playful, creative, energizing, cheerful and festive casual wedding. Have the mini individual three tier square wedding cakes filled, colored, shaped and decorated in various ways just to fit any guest’s taste.11

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