Three tier fondant wedding cakes

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The wedding cake is an important part of your wedding so you have to look out that it is perfect. Be careful to match every element of your cake with the wedding theme and use crazy and unique combinations. Every element of the cake is important: the flavors, the design, the decorations and even the size.
The exterior of the wedding cake reflects your personality and the kind of couple that you are: modern, traditional, extravagant, funny and so on. So if you want to transmit the right message to your guests you must be careful at every element you use.

The size of the cake is other important aspect that you have to choose. For a small and intimate ceremony you can always try a one or two tier wedding cake. If you have a big ceremony with a lot of guests choose a three, four or five tiers wedding cake.

If you are having trouble choosing your wedding cake here are some ideas for three tier fondant wedding cakes that might help you. These are perfect for a small but also for a big ceremony and you can choose what colors you want.

Spring three tier fondant wedding cakes
The spring is a wonderful time for a wedding. If you decide for a spring wedding you can always try a three tier fondant cake. For example choose a white three tier fondant cake decorated with yellow and orange tulips and orange and red butterflies. Surround every tier with a yellow satin ribbon. This combination of colors and decorations is just gorgeous and it is perfect for a spring wedding.

You can also choose a three tier lime green, pink, pale yellow or pale blue fondant cake because they are amazing and they fit perfectly with the spring. Choose decorations like spring flowers, birds, cherry blossom flowers, butterflies, birds.

Summer three tier fondant cake
If you decide to celebrate your wedding in the summer you can definitely try a three tier fondant cake. Try colors like blue, ivory, white, pink. For the decorations you can choose seashells, sea horses, stars, sea rocks or seaweed. These are perfect for a beach wedding cake.

You can also decorate your wedding cake with fabulous summer flowers. Try hydrangea, daisies, freesias or chrysanthemum. Decorate your cake with cascading, bouquets or flower petals and it will look really amazing.

Three tier fondant cake for an autumn wedding
An autumn wedding is a really marvelous idea you can try. This season offers you some fantastic colors and decorations that you can’t miss. Use colors like red, orange, green, yellow, teal or purple. The combination between cold and warm colors is really unique and you must try it.

Decorate your cake with leaves, branches or vines. Try red, orange and yellow leaves because they look amazing. The branches and vines can be made from chocolate and they are really tasty. Also fruits are great for an autumn wedding. Grapes, apples, pears, raspberries or blueberries are really exquisite.

Three tier fairytale cakes for winter

Now winter is a special season and a great theme that you can try. Choose a white, red, silver fondant cake. Select decorations like fondant snowflakes, ribbons, bows, reindeers, penguins.

Decorate every tier with white “fake” snow. This will really jazz up your entire wedding cake.< Fantastic three tier fondant wedding cake This wedding cake is really unique and you can definitely try it. A three tier white fondant cake decorated with black zebra stripes and white fondant butterflies. Add a white satin bow as a cake topper and surround every tier with white pearls.11

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