Three stone diamond wedding rings

Wedding Party | October 15 2010 | by Jenny | 4 Comments

No matter how many unique and original designs and styles might appear in the industry of wedding rings, the wedding ring will always remain a powerful eternal symbol of love, commitment, cherish, fidelity, devotion and marriage. The brides who are interested in purchasing and wearing a wedding ring with a more precious and deep meaning or symbolism perhaps a three stone diamond wedding ring can make a magical inspiring choice.
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The three stone style is meant to signify the three stages of life and love: past, present and future. With this type of ring a bride can truly feel that she’s made the right choice.

Because the style is not necessarily focused on a single type of stone – like a diamond or a gemstone but on three stones set in a beautiful row, the final look of this type of ring is absolutely gorgeous and splendid, thousands times more sparkling and brilliant than in the case of a solitaire diamond wedding ring. The three stone diamond wedding ring can also be found under the name of “trilogy” or “trinity” wedding ring and they are usually purchased by the couples who want to wear a wedding ring with a more personal significance to their relationship.

You will get to see these types of rings worn as anniversary rings because they are filled with a deeper symbolic meaning. Now that more and more innovative, voguish and artistic wedding ring styles continue to appear in this field, the happy couple has more difficulties in choosing a single style and design that can really fit and flatter their fingers and their personalities or their life styles.

You can pick the best style for you as long as you take into consideration all the details or the aspects of your life style and of your daily routine or profession. In general, the three stone diamond wedding rings come in simplistic designs, without any other stone accent appliqués on sides or elaborated patterns on the bands. But these are the classic ones. You will be able to find even more sophisticated and intricate styles with more remarkable and eye-catchy scrollwork and artistic works on the metal band.

You just have to make sure that you will consider your wedding budget and your daily activities when choosing or purchasing the three stone diamond wedding ring. You don’t have to opt for a too pompous and extravagant style in order to differentiate yourself from the rest of the couples wearing diamond wedding rings.

Compared to the solitaire style or other traditional and classic styles, the three stone style is definitely eye-catchy and more visible and remarkable. The most popular cuts and shapes for the diamonds used in these types of settings are princess, round, marquise, emerald or oval.11