Three gemstone wedding rings

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Very popular these days among modern couples are the 3 stone wedding rings. Compared to the other predictable classical one stone solitaire wedding rings, the three stone rings are definitely a more inspiring, artistic, romantic and sophisticated choice.
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The stones can be diamonds or gemstones, although the vast majority of the couples are only interested in wearing diamond wedding rings. Even so, we are here to speak to you more about three gemstone wedding rings and why they can make a more beautiful and fanciful alternative choice for you.

Compared to diamonds, gemstones are slightly more attractive, more dramatic, more extravagant, eye-catchy, vibrant and unique or original because of their dynamic bold colors and their history or significance.

Most gemstones embody a certain symbolism and a color that make them unique and distinguished among diamond stones in general. Besides theses, brides and grooms who wish to wear a ring with a precious meaning or significance and importance to their lives, birthstone 3 stone wedding rings are the ideal choice!

Among the most popular types of gemstones of birthstones that one can choose for their three gemstone wedding rings are: pearls, sapphires, aquamarines, topaz, amethyst, jade, ruby, tanzanite, opal, onyx, tourmaline, hematite, garnet, emerald, peridot, alexandrite, agate, obsidian, pyrite or coral.

Each of these gems is gifted with a symbol or with a correspondent zodiacal sign or month of birth. So, for couples who believe in the magic of their love and relationship, for those who believe in coincidence or in serendipity of their love, a birthstone wedding ring can make a perfect selection. Besides the fact that gemstones are more unique, attractive, ravishing, special, one of a kind and rarer than diamonds, they are also more reasonable as price.

Compared to a 3 stone diamond wedding ring, a three gemstone wedding ring can be more affordable. Most gemstones are less expensive than diamonds, except for rubies in some cases or circumstances.

We’ve chosen the three stone set or design because this is one of the most revealing, extravagant, showy and unpredictable one that a contemporary groom can choose for his bride’s gemstone ring. When combined with gemstones, the three stone set becomes even more visible, remarkable, stunning and fabulous.

The gems can be cut round, square, or in emerald, oval, heart or pear shapes, depending on the budget of the couple and on their personal styles, preferences and lifestyles. The size of these gemstones must also be chosen according to the wedding ring budget of the couple and on the formality or practicality of the ring. In case you don’t want the gems to get lost within a channel or a pave uniform set appearance, the stone must be bigger sized.


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