Themed Wedding Cakes

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Almost every wedding today has a gorgeous and well thought theme that lifts up the atmosphere and creates a more inviting and beautiful mood. Since brides and grooms are “forced” to pick a theme for their wedding affair, more and more themed wedding cake ideas, designs and styles started to appear.

It’s no surprise that the traditional and classical white wedding cakes have become so rare at sight. Although it seems that a certain all-white wedding theme is trying to strive through the numberless colored and exotic themes today and make a noticeable come-back, couples still fancy those hot and trendy themes full of playful colors and creativity.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right themed wedding cake to complement your wedding day color-scheme, style, season and location, things are getting heavier and overwhelming. There is no better way to express your individuality, tastes, vision and preferences than through the wedding cake’s design and theme. Therefore, before you start thinking on how you want your wedding cake to look like, think of what you like.

Any of your favored hobbies, objects, movie stars, scenes and sports or activities can be easily incorporated into your wedding cake. If you have no idea however over what theme can suit your character best, let’s see a couple for the most popular and used themes for wedding cakes these days so you can choose wisely and easier.

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Have you heard of those period or old-century-inspired wedding cakes? Or have you seen any picture with those superb and charming vintage, medieval, renaissance, Victorian or gothic themed wedding cakes? Have you seen how splendid and eye-catching they look? If not, just surf the internet and you’ll find all the pictures you need. But we can tell you that any simple and white plain wedding cake can be easily transformed into an enchanting one if you adorn it with elegant and romantic lace and pearls and top it with a golden crown, tiara or bows.

For a Victorian cake you can use lavish and rich red and white roses and draping bows. If a middle-age themed wedding cake is not your thing, opt for a more contemporary one, with all kinds of bride and groom sexy or unexpected poses figurine toppers.

If you are a fan of Oriental cultures and customs have an Asian cherry blossom wedding cake topper or an elegant orchid-filled vase placed over a pink or red cake. Bu the theme of a wedding cake can also be selected considering the location of the wedding. For instance, if you’re planning a country-side or a western wedding, choose a wild flowered cake beautifully adorned with mini sunflowers, daises, pansies or bird-of-paradise. Have a garden, a farm scene, or a modern cowboy and cowgirl topper to create a more original and rustic atmosphere.11

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