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The Wedding Planner Actors

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The wedding planner actors are mainly the bride and the groom. And that is because they are the ones who decide to get married, and how the event will result. But, as the ancient tradition says, the couple must set an engagement event first, and then think about the wedding. For men who don’t have any ideas regarding to the big proposal, there are a couple of things to consider when performing this commitment, because this is a very special moment for the both of them.

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So it better be good, otherwise the memories won’t be very exciting or worth sharing with others. If he wants to impress her, must be, first of all, a little inspired and creative as possible. After all, these qualities don’t cost money, but may cost a little of practice. Romance and sensitiveness must be two the main accents of the proposal. Choosing the right time, the right place and the right words, might work wonderfully. But in the end, all it matter is the memorably effect it will have on the entire scene. All this being said, the wedding planner actors are ready to make the big step.

wedding fair proposal The Wedding Planner Actors

As for the real wedding, and for the future brides who don’t have any idea about how the event and all the ceremonies are going to devolve, we are here to explain what you have to do, step by step. A traditional ceremony is much easier to describes, therefore, if you wish to make any changes at the following details, feel free to do so. that being said, the wedding planner actors are ready to make the big step.

As the guests arrive, they are to be seated wherever they must, the prelude, or the wedding music starts to play. Soon as the essential part of the ceremony begins, the family – parents of the couple and grandparents, along all other special guests must approach the aisle. The bride is walked down the aisle by her father, while the groom is lead by his family. A flower girl is spreading the plants all over the carpet. With a corresponding pause, the official pastor joins the couple and their family and the ceremony begins. After a while, the couple must change rings, and each of them must make a vow to each other concerning the feelings and the promises that each of them can make to the other.

At the reception party, the couple enters in a big fuss, the band is playing a theme they elected for their entrance, and the guests applaud. The couple must toast champagne glasses with everybody, and wish them to enjoy the party and have the most fun they can get. Then the food is served while the bride and the groom have their first dance – which is a waltz most of the times.

weddings The Wedding Planner Actors

At midnight the cake is brought, and the couple must cut the first slice. The tradition is to feed each other with a piece of cake, and then let the guests be served as well. An interesting part is when the groom must remove the garter from the bride’s leg. In the end, the bride is tossing the bouquet to the unmarried ladies. As the couple is preparing to leave for the honeymoon, the flower petals or rice  is tossed in the air.11

Jenny got married. And she loved the experience of organizing it so much that she started to write about it.



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