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Wedding Tips & Ideas | July 09 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

Wedding is a beautiful event for each couple, but a difficult event to organize, too. You must be attentive at each aspect and you must take into consideration so many things such as, date, location, dress, guests, reverend, and wedding cake. A wedding cake is always the sweet part of a wedding. Everyone that is invited to a wedding expects to taste the wedding cake and to see which aspect it will have. It is well-known that wedding guests always remain impressed of the wedding cake if it is personalized and has a particular taste.
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Usually, brides are concerned about the cake. They think with some months before at how it will look like and where should it be cooked. On specialized websites, you can find hundreds of ideas and hundreds of pictures with different wedding cakes. I remember that I have been to a wedding and when I came back home, my mother asked me: How was the cake? How did it look like? It is a very important aspect which says a lot about the couple and especially about the bride.

A wedding cake is the traditional cake which guests use to serve at the wedding reception, or in some parts from England, guests serve the wedding cake “wedding breakfast”. A wedding cake at wedding breakfast is an idea good to be taken into consideration. It will surprise all you guests. Culture says that a wedding cake should be a large cake with multi layer and decorated with all kinds of flowers, icing, marzipan or fondant. The wedding cake must be always topped with a small or big statue piece representing a married couple.

Nowadays, there are many modern couples that prefer a real picture with the groom and the bride, instead of a putting a statue on the wedding cake. You must decide, but try to personalize a little bit your wedding cake, make your own wedding cake. In order to be appreciated by your guests for a beautiful and tasty wedding cake, you should read some hour different article. For instance, read about wedding cakes that actors prepared at their wedding receptions some times ago. You will find a real source of inspiration because there are many beautiful things that have lost their beauty meanwhile. All couples want to be modern, but I am sure that tradition hides many special ideas.

The wedding cake is a tradition since the Roman Empire. Some time ago, in Roman Empire, the groom used to break a loaf of bread over the head of the bride, and this symbolized the fact that the groom dominates the marriage and the wife, too. Now, thing changed a little and a loaf of bread became a big cake. A wedding cake should be white because this color signify the purity, a wedding cake should be cut by the groom and the bride in the same time because this means their first joint as a married couple, and the typical gesture of feeding each another with a loaf of cake means that the bride and the groom make are making a commitment.


  1. future bride

    July 19, 2010 at 9:53 am

    Yeah…I never really understood why the wedding cake is as popular as the bride’s dress. I mean, it’s just a cake. You take some pictures with it and in the end it is the taste that counts and not the appearance, sure, it’s important to have a nice looking cake because it’s part of the decoration process but some brides tend to overreact and order these extravagant looking cakes which actually look better than they taste.


  2. @future bride

    July 21, 2010 at 10:38 am

    I have attended a lot of wedding in my life, both as guests as well as the bride’s made and I have to say that in every single case, the cake was as delicious as it looked. All those decorative flowers and stars and heart are made out of sugar and they are yummy! So wedding cakes aren’t just stuffed with silly decorations just for the look but also for the taste.


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