The History Of The Wedding Dress

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It’s obvious that the bride has to dress in a special outfit on her wedding day. But how did the concept of wedding dress appeared and where? What the significance are and how did the traditional bridal look changed throughout the history? Those of you who are interested in this subject or simply want to learn more about the history of wedding dresses should join us for a quick ride on this theme. Just like many other wedding items, weddings dresses have a long history.

The bridal style suffered a lot of changing over the centuries. Even today the bridal wear is constantly changing and evolving to better or more interesting design. If back in the old day the bride’s dress was something traditional and standard, nowadays this type of wear can be selected according to the preferences of each bride in part. The wedding budget is one of the most predominant decisive factors that influence a woman’s dress choice. What was once practical is now fashionable.

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Contemporary bride have a myriad of options when it comes to wedding dresses. And they dress up for pleasure and fun and not for a special custom or strict rite. The wedding today is not a ritual but a fashionable event. Everything in a wedding evolves around the aesthetical factor. Back in the old days brides didn’t had a very big fortune to purchase a dress that they would only wear once. In modern days, the lucky bride can’t wear her wedding dress in another occasion or in her everyday life as brides from other times. Back then, the designs were relatively simpler and more casual or easy to match other events.

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The traditional wedding dress was often inspired by the gala events and parties that were poplar in those times. This is why the bride could wear her wedding gown with another special occasion. The first wedding dress that was actually recorded was worn by Princess Philippa in 1406. The only women who could actually afford to wear a special gown on their wedding day were the royal or wealthy women in general. Different styles became popular as the society itself evolved to other principles and norms.

134949 the history of the wedding dress The History Of The Wedding Dress

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There were wedding dresses for the high status brides and models for the common brides. The cut, the fabric, the length of the dress and the color could determine the social position or the wealth of a bride. During the 1500s the long trains and the garters became popular traditions. The shape of the wedding dress changed to reach new designs. This is how different waistlines, hemlines and sleeves appeared. Corsets, petticoats, puffy sleeves, and high-waists are just a few parts of the wedding dress that appeared in this field.



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