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Wedding Dresses | August 14 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

The 2010 wedding season brings us more and more unique and untried before types of wedding dresses, where the designs are meant to suit more and more the funky bold modern bride.

One of the most inciting and original type of wedding dress style that a contemporary bride can get inspired for her own wedding would be the textured wedding dress. There are tens of inedited patterns and prints that are now incorporated or transposed in wedding dresses.

But these styles are quite innovative and fresh in this business so we can’t expect to see too many brides wear one on their wedding day. For the off the beat bride who is willing to try anything, from funky wedding dress styles, mini hem line wedding dresses, feathered wedding dresses, bubble hem line wedding dresses, belt wedding dresses, tiered wedding dresses, or wedding dresses with pockets to brightly vibrantly colored wedding dress designs with floral patterns or nature inspired.

The textured wedding dress refers to different gatherers of the material that are created with wrinkles, ruffles, frills, bubbles or siphoning. But since we can’t describe this type of wedding dress too much, take a look at these pictures and only imagine the way this type of funky wedding dress can make you feel and look on the big wedding day.

The effects of a textured wedding dress are surely dazzling and totally flattering for the runaway fashion bride of 2010. The textured material or gathering can be made only on the skirt, only on the neckline or on the bodice, on the train or in the back of the dress.

Most wedding dresses are created with a plain simple back that in most cases does not looks that inspiring or attractive as the front of the dress.

So, for those who wish to wear a wedding dress that looks amazingly unique, creative and original on each side and from every single angle, a fully textured wedding dress can surely help you attract many admiring glances and make a statement on the wedding day.

Wearing such a wedding dress on the big wedding day can also help you differentiate yourself more easily from the rest of contemporary brides who might decide to go simply strapless, full floor length in a predictable ball gown or vintage tea length.

The textures can be crocheted or hand made and that is why in most cases a textured wedding dress can be more expensive than other types of dresses. The work is hard and delicate, intricate, detailed, elaborated and incredibly subtle and professional and that is why the price tag might not correspond to a limited wedding dress budget.

Nowadays the embroideries of a modern wedding dress are playing at the extremes: or they are big, lavish and voluminous but chic, or so they are refined, soft and more likely to fit the miniature artwork style.11

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  1. Frederik

    April 23, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    I like the textured fabrics, I find them amazingly charming and so much more comfortable and easy to choose from. I find it very nice that it has the texture in them and you don’t need to worry about the embroidery or the appliques, that they might break or fall off. Unfortunately, I don’t think that it was nicely used this type of fabric. I think it needs a much simpler line and cut of the dress. Maybe something like the first dress, but for that I would have chosen a different texture. However, because of the texture, I believe a simpler line would have been more beautiful than those ruffled skirts.


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