Teal Wedding Cakes

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The trends in wedding cakes are changing from season, new colors, flavors, shapes and decorative patterns appearing every year.

This, year, the beauty, uniqueness, charm, elegance and style of 2010 wedding cakes depend almost entirely on the color schemes used. Within the myriad of vibrant, dramatic, striking and unconventional colors, the happy couples can find the way of their wedding cake harder and harder. But this year things are less complicated in matters of wedding cakes and colors. 2010 weddings are rather more elegant, sleek, select, intimate and refined, than they ever were before.

While most contemporary rides are wearing natural, breezy and soft colored wedding dresses, most couples are choosing a similar style for the wedding cake. Pastel colors or mate nuances are in vogue this year especially because they can transform almost anything they touch into a real piece of art. The more casual, simple, classy, dainty and softer to the eye a wedding cake is, the more wedding attendants to appreciate it.

Among the most fashionable natural colors that you can choose for your wedding cake are: ruby, deep tomato red, pale pinks, rose, baby pinkish, blush, vintage orange, peach, pale yellow, butter yellowish, ecru, egg white, antique white, cream, ivory, beige, champagne, lime green, deep purple, olive retro green, navy blue, nautical ultramarine blue, aqua blue, pale blue, turquoise, teal, emerald green, chocolate brown, maroon, peat, burgundy, gray, silver, bronze or gold.

Since nature inspired wedding cakes and dresses are in vogues this year, teal appears to be one of the most requested colors for 2010 weddings. Green wedding cakes, navy blue wedding cake, turquoise, deep purple and aqua blue wedding cakes, emerald, lime or pale pink wedding cakes have already entered the wedding cake’s scene and now they are making room for teal wedding cakes. This unique color is actually a very inspired, charming and creative mix between a medium blue, green and gray. The final result is absolutely stunning, admirable and more than refined, elegant, sensual and attractive.

Now you don’t have to plan a green and blue wedding cake, because you can opt for this amazingly beautiful blue-green color teal and have the wedding cake perfect for any nature beach, garden, mountain, coast or nautical themed wedding. You can choose for a blue-teal wedding cake if the wedding is planned for a beach set, or perhaps a green-teal wedding cake if the event is to be held in a garden or on an open green field.

A teal wedding cake works excellent with yellow, coral pink, black and white, orange, brown, purple, ivory and antique white accessories or decorative elements such as edible or real seashells, flower blooms, bows, bandanas, ribbons, stars, starfishes, petals, leaves, branches, polka dot patterns, pearls, beads, diamonds, crystals, gems, sequins or rhinestones.11

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