Tea Length Bridal Dresses

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There are many ways to choose a wedding dress. You can do it by length, by style, by color or by fabric. The formality of the wedding, the season and the venue also influence the design and look of the gown. But we should focus on the length of the dress for now. This subject is very interesting, especially for those who are not into floor length ball gown wedding dresses.

The ampler the wedding dress is the more extravagant the bride will be. And if your wedding is not very ample, it would be pointless to wear a very elaborated gown with a long train. The floor length styles are indeed the most popular. Every bride wants to wear a romantic A-line wedding dress at the ceremony with a sumptuous skirt. This is the dream we have when we are little girls, but when we grow up, we discover that we like a different style. Women are different and their taste in fashion is constantly changing.

Tea Length And Bridal Dresses

Tea Length And Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Maegan Tintari)

Only those who are conservative usually stick to the same style for years and years! But women who easily fall in love with every single dress they see are more prone to change their mind very often. As time goes by, women become more mature and are slowly discover their own style. Their personality starts contouring itself and so is their taste in fashion. The idea of wearing a short dress at the wedding is not a taboo anymore. The contrary, it is one of the many ways of expressing your personality and your individual style.

Not all brides want to be princesses for a day, or glamorous divas at their wedding. Many women prefer the casual style for one reason or another. Some of them choose a tea length gown because it is more practical and easy to wear, while others just want to show off their legs! Tea length wedding gowns are favored by many brides also because they look very vintage-like. Besides this, the shorter the dress is, the more chances your guests have to admire your shoes! A full length gown doesn’t have all the qualities we’ve listed above. But brides are not always making their dress selection based on the qualities or virtues of the gown. They simply fall in love with a model and decide to purchase it for their big day. It’s that simple! Tea length wedding dresses were very popular in the old days and now they seem to be growing in popularity once again. We like the models with ¾ and long sleeves, as well as those based on full skirts. They are very fun, playful and feminine. The models made of lace and satin are by far the most romantic.


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