Tangerine Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding Dresses | December 03 2010 | by Jenny | 3 Comments

When the bridesmaids make their appearance at the wedding for sure that every guest present and including the grooms will be astounded. The effect is on the one hand made by the spectacular view of a bunch of ladies all dressed alike, by their march until the altar. A sort of introduction for another surprising and amazing moment- the bride’s appearance, bridesmaids are noticed and make their remarkable presence through a specific outfit.
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In the first place the bride is the one totally responsible for this part at the wedding. But apart from what she imposes as dresses types the bridesmaids look and natural beauty are as well parts to take into consideration. It should be a sort of harmony between parts, between aspects and all together to conclude with the desirable absolutely fashionable view of the maids of honors along the bride.

With various options about what dresses to choose for them the style is decided firstly according to the wedding concept, then according to how the bridesmaids look like in a specific type of dress. But the colors… how can you known what is best to choose? Tangerine bridesmaid dresses can be one idea coming with a glitter and a smile on your face.

Tangerine has as definition a variety of mandarin orange. It is about a vivid color, about the bright and powerful orange and its nuances. In other words, combination of orange. To choose such a color for your bridesmaid dresses means to notice some aspects that come as a completion for this.

Tangerine bridesmaid dresses match first of all to ladies of all types of skin. In many cases this is a crucial aspect as a certain color can make one look pale and so someone will look like being sick. But tangerine brings a lighten appearance in any case.

Going further, there is as well the age part. You know how it is said: “act like your age”, meaning that in some cases it is ridiculous to make some things or act in a different way than you normal and natural are. Apart from this, it is simply about matching the outfit with one’s personality. Orange can be the suitable choice for any kind of lady. It inspires youthful attitude, energy, it puts light and value on the appearance. And there is no restriction as it can be the representative color for a junior bridesmaid and in the same measure for a grown up one.

Last, but not least, tangerine can become a label for the entire wedding. Through the bridesmaids image dressed in this way you can express the wedding concept. For example, for a summer wedding or why not for an early autumn one can have orange as main and basically color.11


  1. Chrys

    December 12, 2010 at 11:13 am

    I have never really though about wearing a tangerine bridesmaid dress but I must say that they do not look bad at all in these pictures…and I totally agree with the idea hat they match any skin type becoming more practical to be used from this point of view…Tangerine bridesmaid dresses are not a perfect match for ant wedding theme but I agree wit the fact that they can become a way in which the entire wedding concept can be expressed or they can actually become the inspiration for a specific theme that brides and groom could choose for their own wedding…I enjoyed reading your article ad I like the dress in the first picture very much…Nice!


  2. Ashley

    March 28, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    Wanting the link that is on the picture of the dress…. Can see “house” anyone know what it is?


  3. Lourdes

    June 03, 2011 at 1:24 am

    Me too, I would like the link to the first picture. I tried houseofbrides.com, but couldn’t find the dress =(


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