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Tamil is the language that is spoken by the people living in Indian subcontinent and by some minorities living in Mauritius and Malaysia and it is also the first Indian language to be admitted as classical language of Indian state. Starting from 2004, when Tamil was recognized as classic language, the language has been used also in the music composition, albums with songs in this language being released. Among these songs, there are Tamil wedding songs love songs which are favored in the moments of Indian wedding celebrations.

The weddings in India are held in close relation to the traditions, in this regard they extend to the length of time of one week. This week is the one to reveal culture, rituals and music that are so closely attached to the spirit of the Indian people. Normally the wedding takes place in three stages: pre wedding, the wedding itself, and the post wedding. As we are already familiarized with their style, a style so perfectly depicted and brought into world attention by Indian movies, music is the element that accompanies also the atmosphere of an Indian wedding celebration.

Each part of the wedding composition can not exist without the performance of music and dancing, every region in India having in this regard its own characteristic in regard to the folklore and popularity of the songs. The moments of wedding are seen as solemn gatherings when it comes to the rituals involved in this celebration, but at the same time they are filled with funny moments that are previously prepared by family members of the bride and groom. But no matter what is the moment, be it a sober one or a funny one, the displaying of music is there entertaining the guest according to the specificity of the moment.

There are also emotional moments when bride and groom perform in front of their guests through dancing and singing (most of the Indian people are good when it comes to singing and dancing, it seems that these features are their national characteristic) and Tamil wedding songs love songs are played in front of family and friends. In regard to the selection of music, everybody is involved as it happens actually with every detail that composes the whole picture of a wedding.

The moment a wedding date is settled, the family members begin to make the plans and they do not find their peace of mind till the day of the wedding comes. Till then, the music selection is also part of their responsibilities, and Tamil albums that are released on the musical market are as well browsed in the attempt to find the specific songs in regard to the wedding relevant moments.

Some of them, which are generally taken from movies, include: “Chokkathangam” – by Yenna Ninaicha, “Mounamana Neram” – SP Balasubramaniam, Janaki; “Koliqundu Kannu” – perfromed by Karthik, Kalyani; “Chithiraiyil Yeena” – Karthik, Swarnalatha, Malaiamma; “Kadhalikum Aasai” – played by Kay Kay, Malathi, Chinmayee and Timmy.Since love is a topic that is so often used in the plot of Indian movies, the above movies’ love songs can be as well selected as music to color the atmosphere of an Indian traditional wedding celebration.


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