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Wedding cakes have always been one of the showing off parts in a wedding. They can look fantastic and can taste even better. One of the most popular wedding cakes are heart shaped wedding cakes. You know how it’s said, a wedding cake it’s not just that, it’s much more than just a cake, it represents the couple and their whole personality. A heart shaped wedding cake can look amazing and also shows how sweet and loving  the soon to be married couple is.

All the guests when going to a wedding are very curious to see 2 things: the bride’s dress and the wedding cake. The wedding cake appearance has to be amazingly prepared. You can use some small fireworks show, some lights playing around, anything that it’s spectacular.  Having a heart shaped wedding cake it’s very popular so that’s why it’s not going to be unique in a lot of ways, just if you make it unique  somehow. Before deciding anything, you should find a good baker,  wedding cake designer, someone who is able to bake a good looking cake for you.

Then when you’ve found your new baker talk to him/her and explain him/her very clearly how you would like your cake to look. It’s very important to talk sincerely with your baker and to tell him/her your expectation. Try to decide together the color of the heart shaped wedding cake, the topping that the beaker should use, the cream, how many tires the cake will have, etc.

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The best thing to do if you don’t know for sure what you want, is to look though a catalog or to ask your baker to show you some wedding cakes pictures. Maybe you will get inspired so it’s going to be much easier for you to actually chose the type, the style and the colors of your wedding cake. Another tip is to decide your wedding theme first and then to start thinking about the wedding cake. All the weddings should respect the wedding theme, so all the decorations, the reception arrangements, the floral ones and everything else has to show the wedding theme that you’ve chosen.

If you have a fairy-tale wedding theme it’s going to be easy to arrange and to create your heart shaped wedding cake, but even if you have a Western theme, your  heart shaped wedding cake will look very pretty.

heart shaped tierd wedding cakes2 300x225 Heart Shaped Tierd Wedding Cakes
As, I’ve mentioned before, a lot of couples chose to have heart shaped wedding cakes at their wedding. Be creative and use your imagination and even if the shape it’s popular, make it unique using colors and wedding cake decorations. If you have a black and white wedding, you should definitely have an elegant black and white heart shape wedding cake. Chose the colors of your cake in accordance with the whole wedding color scheme. Try to keep everything in a line. About the cake decorations, you can do anything you want. Today everything is possible so, use your imagination freely.

>You can have a small simple heart shape wedding cake, or a tour one. If if for a tour heart shaped wedding cake you might have to pay some extra fees. Don’t worry,  a simple small wedding cake can look as fantastic as a huge one. You just need some original cake decoration and your unique heart shaped wedding cake it’s done.11