Bouquets inspiration for your winter wedding [part 1]

28 November 2014 0 Comments

Whoever said summer is the most romantic season to get married, has obviously never seen pictures from a winter wedding. You’d think that people are uncomfortable attending a marriage planned in the cold season, but the ladies look stunning in a beautiful long gown and a fur coat. Here are some thoughts on your winter […]

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A simple guide for your wedding guest list

07 November 2014 0 Comments

On the most special day of your life, you most likely want everyone to be present. But there are certain things that won’t actually allow you to invite every person you can think of. You could be on a budget, the restaurant you chose could be too small, and you may have people you haven’t […]

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Inspiration for Halloween Wedding Centerpieces

29 October 2014 0 Comments

Halloween is just knocking at our door and we have a beautiful collection of centerpieces for all the brides planning to get married on the spookiest day of the year. Leaving all ghouls aside, are you ready to create a unique Halloween wedding setting?

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How to…prepare for a rainy wedding day?

24 October 2014 0 Comments

Wedding days have to go perfectly. If not, chances are the bride is going to have a heart attack. Are you sure we are over reacting? Think about all the ladies out there who have dreamed of this day since they could first walk and started picking out the mother’s closet for fancy shoes and […]

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Wedding Flowers for Shoshone Indians

22 October 2014 0 Comments

Shoshone Indians, also known as the Snake Nation, were nomadic people who traveled over a vast region of Western US. Their way of life was simple, they used to find everything they needed in the nature around them and because they weren’t a sedentary tribe, they didn’t use to own much in terms of belongings […]

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Wedding reception gets interrupted by surprise Musical

22 October 2014 0 Comments

Right in the middle of the best man’s speech, John and Irene’s wedding reception got interrupted…by a surprise musical. The whole moment was planned and performed by the groom, with help from some of his friends and Blue Kite Cinema (who composed, produced and filmed this special moment). You can watch below the performance and […]

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8 things you need to do when the wedding is over

18 October 2014 0 Comments

Congratulation for tying the knot! Now that the wedding has passed, it’s time for the honeymoon and you can switch to full relax mode. Well, in reality, there are still some things that you have to take care of before being able to truly enjoy your new marital status… 1. Preserving the wedding gown Aside […]

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How to find your perfect wedding dress with a small budget

10 October 2014 0 Comments

Every woman knows that the wedding dress is generally the most expensive item a future bride has to buy for her wedding. And the more Swarovski Crystals and Vera Wang creations you aim for, the more the prices are gonna go up. But let’s assume that you are on a budget and no matter how […]

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Checklist for Choosing your Perfect Wedding Cake

01 October 2014 0 Comments

Before trying to pick the perfect wedding cake, you should know that this is not an accessory, nor something required by tradition and definitely something that you should take your time with. The cake needs to represent both the bride and the groom, needs to fit the wedding etiquette and it has to be an […]

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6 Foods and Drinks to avoid at the Wedding Reception

30 September 2014 1 Comment

Food is a big part of any wedding. You can leave aside the flowers and you can turn down the music, but people will still want to eat at some point. And just as every other aspect related to the wedding day, the food that will be served at the reception needs to be carefully […]

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New trend alert: Wedding Drones

29 September 2014 0 Comments

While people normally associate the term “drone” (also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) with war equipment, drones are now helping photographers and videographers to take amazing, unique wedding shots from new heights. In order to avoid the habit of associating drones with something negative, professionals have started referring to them as “quad-copters” with a small […]

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Blair Waldorf x Vera Wang – wedding dress fitting @ Gossip Girl

24 September 2014 0 Comments

One of the most beautiful wedding dresses we’ve seen in TV shoes was designed by Vera Wang and featured in the fifth season of Gossip Girl: it was from Blair Waldorf‘s royal wedding gown fitting. She eventually dropped this one and replaced it with another, also created by Vera Wang – but that one deserves […]

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Here’s what you shouldn’t eat (or drink) before your wedding

10 September 2014 0 Comments

We know that some brides might argue with us on this one, as their wedding day is all about them being spoiled, but you should not eat just anything before the wedding. You don’t want to end up bloated or with a huge stomach ache just as you are getting ready to walk down the […]

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Ladies, here’s what NOT to wear as a wedding guest

08 September 2014 0 Comments

As a guest, dressing up for a wedding may be the ultimate challenge. You need good taste. You need to match accessories with the dress. You need to be sexy, yet elegant. Since we are always here to help, here are some tips on what you should never do as far as wedding clothing is […]

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22 Ways to Incorporate Pumpkins in your Fall Wedding

06 September 2014 0 Comments

Autumn is a great season to get married, with more temperate weather and great natural decor, filled with warm colors – from oranges to deep reds and browns. And one of the best ways to take advantage of this period is by using pumpkins – they’re budget friendly and come in many different sizes and […]

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All about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s wedding

03 September 2014 0 Comments

After more than nine years together and six children, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally tied the knot! The wedding ceremony was held on Saturday, 23rd August, in the chapel of their Château Miraval in Correns, south France. It was an intimate and discrete event, that only 20 friends and family members attended. Pitt and […]

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44 things to (re)consider in order to cut your wedding costs

26 August 2014 0 Comments

So you got engaged and started planning your big day, only to realise that costs quickly add up and the dream wedding you always wanted might burn a hole in your pocket. With the average cost of weddings close to $30,000 – and that’s not even including the honeymoon, it’s no wonder couples are researching […]

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Beach Wedding Cake Ideas

22 August 2014 0 Comments

Beach wedding is a very romantic theme, but must be carefully planned, step by step. Every aspect of the ceremony should be well thought out, starting with the dress and ending with the cake. Here are some beach wedding cake ideas. One of the favorite elements on beach weddings is shells. They can be easily […]

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