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Pens are a type of gift that looks professional and classy. There are excellent ideas for birthdays, graduations and tokens of appreciation. The types of pens are limitless; you can choose the sort of ink, the color, the stand or case and the message written or not on it. Ball points are less fancy and can be the perfect graduation present, while fountain pens would make a good boss gift. The prices for this refined object vary as well, from the cheapest plastic ones to the most expensive, gold accessorized fountain pens. It’s you option to pick the one that fits your recipient the best.

unique pens for gifts 300x300 Unique Pens For Gifts

Unique Pens For Gifts


The first pen on our list is from one of the most cherished manufacturer of fountain pens. Mont Blanc has the best pens ever made. The Mont Blanc Boheme Silver Fountain pen from PensAndGifts . It is made out of sterling silver and has 23.5k white gold accents and it also features the distinctive white star engraved in it, symbol of the manufacturer. This pen only highlights the class and nobility of writing with a fountain pen. The price for this Mont Blanc pen is quite spicy, but it worth every penny, it is $965.

unique pens for gifts 300x300 Unique Pens For Gifts

Unique Pens For Gifts


The next pen is classy as well but the price is lower. The GP-291 Cross Affinity Pen – Opalescent Black Fountain Pen from GiftPens costs around $79, depending on the options selected by you. This stylish pen has a modern and executive design, making it the perfect present for a boss. It comes in several colors: black, blue and red. You can buy it in its standard box or choose a more chic case and even get some refills for it included in the gift. As a plus, you can also engrave it with a name or message, on one or two lines and choose the size of the nib.

unique pens for gifts 2 Unique Pens For Gifts

Unique Pens For Gifts


Lastly, we have the perfect corporate or professional gift. The Montefiore Classic Fountain Pen Set – Cherrywood Box from GiftValues is a good looking set of 3 pens at a convenient price: just $29,95. Each of these pens can be engraved with 3 characters. They are made of solid brass, have accents plated with 24k gold and have a resistant iridium nib. The set comes in a beautifully crafted cherry wood box for extra class. This gift is a statement that you can buy something cheap which is also high-quality and very elegant. The price for it is $29,95.

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The year is full of special occasions that you have to take care of, including shopping for presents and gifts specially chosen for your loved ones such as friends and family members. Because this is a very complicate thing to do, finding what each one loves and cherishes, is better to first think about their main preferences and hobbies.


If you have relatives or friends that love pets and animals, the problem is solved: buy them something that is related to this subject. The true animal lovers will appreciate a good gift made from the heart and linked to their favorite thing in the world – animals. We have gone over the internet and found some items that you can offer to animal lovers with great success. Here they are and hope you find what you need.

unique and gifts and pet and lovers and unique pets Unique And Gifts And Pet And Lovers And Unique Pets

Unique And Gifts And Pet And Lovers And Unique Pets

We first go to Frontgate, a web store filled with fun and cool objects for your life, home and pet. The first object collected from here is the Frontgate Dart Interactive Pet Toy, recommended especially for curious cats that want to have a little bit of fun. This gadget is a simple to use toy, which can be programmed to start and finish at certain hours to keep your cat active and entertained while you go out shopping or to work. Having an attractive shape, this toy will not look bad at all, being a perfect accessory for someone’s floor. The price for this wonderful creation is $29,50.

unique and gifts and pet and lovers and unique pets 2 Unique And Gifts And Pet And Lovers And Unique Pets

Unique And Gifts And Pet And Lovers And Unique Pets

Next, the second interesting pick from Frontgate is the Frontgate Turbo Interactive Pet Toy, this time one dedicated mainly to dogs. This small gizmo has no batteries and electronics and offer plain fun to all dogs, small and large. This is actually constructed like a simple puzzle for his, or her, dog to solve. Hide food bits and treats for greater amusement. This one comes at the price of $69,50 because it is made from extra resilient materials for the dog to play without breaking it.

Our last pet lovers’ unique gift is from Personalization Mall and is the Small Designer Dining Pet Bowl. This is actually a set that consists of two pieces: a small food bowl and a mat to go under it, both matching one another. The best feature is that you can customize these accessories with the name of your recipient’s pet. The cool geometric style and the high quality materials will make this a perfect present at the price of $19,95.

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Are you organizing a Christian wedding and looking for proper wedding invitations? Then you should know that on the market you will be able to find plenty of Christian inspired invitations. Here are only a few of the most attractive wedding cards suitable for such a religious wedding.

154030 christian wedding invitations 2 Christian Wedding Invitations

Christian Wedding Invitations (Photo by: Rachel Titiriga)

My first recommendation is the Biblical Romance invitation style AWJ691 listed on the annsbridalbargains website. This beautiful wedding card is made of quality paper and impresses with a z-fold design. Because of the various glistering candles, pick roses and the Holy Bible embossed on the front side of the invitation as well as inside of it, you will remind your guests of the vows that you will take in God’s presence. On the front side of this wedding invitation are also printed the bride’s and groom’s names along with a biblical verse. By opening the card you will discover the same design and the wedding details printed using an elegant font and silver ink. Measuring 6 1/8 x 4 ¾ inches, this invitation is sold with a matching white envelope.


Another Christian wedding invitation that will impress your guests is the so called Symbols of Marriage card which is made of bright white and quality paper and measures 4 ½ x 6 1/8 inches. On the front side of this invitation you will notice embossed wedding bands placed on an embossed cross which signifies your lasting union in Christ. When you open this French-fold invitation you will find a suitable verse which perfectly matches the design displayed. You should also know that the wedding details are printed inside the card using a stylish font and black ink. You will also like the jagged edges of this invitation because they give it a vintage flair. The price of this elegant Christian wedding invitation is $2.16.

You should also check out the Christian wedding invitation signed by otilygenira which stands out with a gorgeous design. This beautiful invitation is made of 110lb cover-weight paper with a shimmery finish and measures 5 x 7 inches. It impresses with a stylish front side displaying the Holly Bible decorated with a beautiful silver cross and stylish white roses. Above that Bible you will also notice some wedding bands elegantly printed. By turning the card on the back you will discover a completely light silver background hosting the wording written using an elegant font and silver ink. Keep in mind that you have the opportunity to change both the color scheme and the font style used. To purchase this Christian wedding invitation you will have to pay $2.50.

154030 christian wedding invitations Christian Wedding Invitations

Christian Wedding Invitations (Photo by: abcdz2000)

The vintage Christian wedding invitation designed by RiverJude should also be on your list. This elegant invitation is made of 90lb text weight paper with a textural surface and measures 5 x 7 inches. It stands out with a beautiful background with floral details painted in pale blue, cream and sepia. At the top of the front side of this card you will notice a vintage cross nicely decorated while under it you will see the wedding details printed using sepia ink. On the back of this invitation you will find the same background dominated by a beautiful vintage cross.


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Cancer is a serious subject in the nowadays era. It can strike at any moment and damage our whole world. If having a friend or family in this situation, it is very thoughtful to prepare him, or her, a gift to celebrate the victory with cancer or to give hope to those who are still fighting. The category of gifts for these situations has to be either related to the Pink Ribbon motif or to be inspirational and motivating. Here are a few gift ideas that you can easily find in almost any online store. Hope you find the suitable one for your needs.

A gift does not have to be just beautiful and precious, it can be useful and cool, like the Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Knife from Campmor. It comes in one single color, which is pink with the Pink Ribbon design on it. The best thing about this product is that $1 from its price goes to Susan G. Komen cancer foundation. Even if this is a special edition pocket knife, it is functional and takes in lots of every day useful tool such as:

  • Small blade
  • Keyring,
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick
  • Nail file with screwdriver tip

The price for this necessary accessory is $16,99.

unique cancer gifts Unique Cancer Gifts

Next, we look at the Hope Blossoms Tote Bag from BradforExchange. This bag is a message of hope which can be carried around. The tote bag is made out of a high quality fabric, with blossoms design surrounded by many ink ribbons. Its cool appearance is meant to pass on optimism regarding the fight with cancer. Beside this actual bag, you get 2 cosmetic bags in the same design and a pink ribbon pin. Like the item showed above, a portion of the profit goes to organizations that help people with cancer. The price is very affordable, being just $69,95.

unique cancer gifts1 Unique Cancer Gifts

The last item in this article is the “Angel’s Wings” Engraved Breast Cancer Charity Pendant which you can get from BradfordExchange , too. This is a classy and delicate pendant on a lavish chain. The material from which is made is sterling silver, which is beautifully crafted and decorated with pink Swarovski crystals. The pendant is actually a set of angel wings with the representative pink ribbon and on the back of the pendant is engraved “Hope”.  This breast cancer fight token costs $99.

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The owl has always been a symbol of power and wisdom. Based on this, it’s very tasteful to make gifts that are or contain an item related to owls. You can choose between figurines, clothing and accessories. In the next paragraphs we will go over several possibilities of a gift related to owls and their symbolistic.

Jafgifts offers a great idea for a present. The Crystal Owl figurine is an exhuisite piece made out of leaded-crystal. It is small and very elegant measuring 5.5″ high, 2″ long and 3.5″ wide. It can be an interesting gift for a wedding or for a birthday. The price for this elegant product is $24,49.

unique owl gifts Unique Owl Gifts

Unique Owl Gifts

If a wedding or birthday is not the occasion, the Graduation Owl would make a good gift for a freshly graduated student and will surely be full of meaning. This stuffed animal is a small an cheap choice, being just $34,65. You can buy it online from Bluechopsticks. Its funny looks will surely bring the smile upon the recipient’s face.

On JewelrySheHas you can find a great range of owl inspired jewelry, anything from bracelets to pendants and earrings. One of their best pieces is the Gorgeous Owl Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace. This is a medium size pendant on a fine necklace. The material from which it is made is 925 sterling silver plated with a non-tarnish coating. This would make the perfect gift for a stylish young lady looking for a delicate but interesting piece of jewelry. The shipment for this item is very fast and the price for it is $36.

Of all the owl related clothing found on various web sites, this one seems the perfect gift because it has a unique design, different from other owl representations. The Sawhet Owl T-shirt can be found on Zazzle . This T-shirt can be ordered on black or white, on various types of t-shirts: long sleeve or short sleeve, for male or female.

unique owl gifts 2 300x300 Unique Owl Gifts

Unique Owl Gifts

All the products are made of 100% cotton materials and have the design on the front. The web site offers useful information about sizes, so you will certainly find the perfect size for the recipient of this owl gift. The prices for these items of clothing cost around $31,10, depending on the chosen style.

In conclusion, if you want to offer someone a well thought gift that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge, don’t hesitate on getting them an owl related gift. There are a lot of objects, designs and styles to choose from. Above, we have enumerated just a few, but the options are countless.

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When you care about somebody and there’s a special occasion coming, it’s sure that you would love to give him or her a special gift to remember you all life. The best way to do so is getting a simple, but fun present. Fun gifts are the simplest way to remember someone. These can vary in price, shape and size very much. Gifts range from small key chains to house decorations or clothes.

unique fun gifts Unique Fun Gifts

Unique Fun Gifts

Leaving a good impression implies choosing something that the receiver will have contact with every day. A desk item is quite a noteworthy idea. Bimbambanana offers a great assortment of fun presents, but one of the outstanding ones is the Toasted Notes set. This object is composed from a base that looks identically like a slice of toasted bread and a small self sticking butter-looking note pad. Don’t worry about finishing the pad because this comes with 4 spares. The cost of this “toy” is $58.

Another fun gift is the Novelty Dollar Bill Money Toilet Paper, offered by Brightfungifts. This small item will surely spice up a party, by placing it in the bathroom. The roll has approximately 200 sheets of 3-layered paper. The dollar print ink is organic and can be used as real toilet paper. The price of this product is $7.99.

The Breathalyzer, from Stupid makes a fun gift for young people. This device is a keychain that will inform you about your sobriety state. It has several button and gauges that are in charge of showing your alcohol reading and tracking the way from too drunk to sober. Beside this function, it has a Watch, a Stopwatch and a Flashlight incorporated. The price is quite low in relation with its fun and useful condition, being just $10,99 on the upper-mentioned web site.

unique fun gifts 2 204x300 Unique Fun Gifts

Unique Fun Gifts

The next gift is dedicated to adults with an evolved sense of humor. The Swear Bear from Funnytimes is a entertaining product that will fool you with its sweet and cuddly looks and will make you laugh when it starts talking. This small creature is hand crafted in US and will surely bring the smile on an old and devoted friend’s face. The best thing to remember is not to let it on the hands of children because it was designed especially for adults. The price is moderate, ranging around $25.

In conclusion, there are a lot of types of fun gifts to send to your friends and relatives. The thing is to choose the appropriate one.

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Some wish to have the best clothes, or homes or various other categories of objects and activities, but a lot of us are passionate about nature and the outdoors. To celebrate this dedication or hobby, it would be nice to offer a nature loving friend or relative a gift such as camping equipment, an accessory for their yard or anything else that is related to outdoor living. To help you do this, here are some ideas. All that remains for you to do is search more like these or adapt them to your needs. Good luck!

The Ant Flowerpot from PersonalCreations is a great present for those who plan on putting together a garden. This ant shaped planter will be the main attraction in the garden. It can house two medium size flower pots. On each pot container you can add a text such as the name of the recipient or a good wish for him or her. This beautifully crafted outdoor accessory is made out of metal and can resist nasty weather. The price for the Ant Flowerpot is $19,99.

unique gifts for outdoors Unique Gifts For Outdoors

Next, we show you the Malibu Botanica Picnic Time Picnic Basket from Macy’s. If you have a friend or relative who loves eating in the great outdoors, this picnic basket is the perfect choice. Inside of it you will find everything needed for a greatly organized meal:

  • 1 polyester water resistant bag
  • 2 plates made out of melamine
  • 2 tumblers made out of acrylic
  • 18/0 stainless-steel knives, forks and spoons
  • 4 cotton napkins
  • 1 cutting board made out of wood
  • 1 stainless steel and wood cheese knife
  • 1 corkscrew

You can pick from many colors, if green is not your favorite. The price is affordable, costing $112.

unique gifts for outdoors1 Unique Gifts For Outdoors

The last gift idea on our list is the L.L.Bean Gift Card from LLBean . Gift cards are a way of letting your recipient prepares their own gift. If you choose one from this web store, you can even pick the department the recipient has access to. Because this is store has a great outdoor living section, you can choose a card for the L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery® adventure department or for Fishing; choose this category closely based on you recipient’s tastes and personality. L.L.Bean has a great variety of products such as active wear, hunting, fishing and cycling equipment and many more. The price is another of your preferences, between $5 and $500.

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If you are looking for printable wedding invitation kits you should know that the market is full of options. With a little online research you will be able to find exquisite wedding invitations which employ quality designs and patterns being suitable for various wedding themes. I personally recommend you to visit the weddingbellinvitations website and choose one of the printable wedding invitations available. Check out the following designs and maybe you will find something suitable for your special event.

152937 printable wedding invitation kits 2 Printable Wedding Invitation Kits

Printable Wedding Invitation Kits (Photo by: Anita Brown)

I will start by mentioning the Purple flowers wedding invitation kit which includes 50 printable invitations, 50 response cards and matching envelopes for both the wedding invitations and RSVP cards. Measuring 5 x 7 inches, this wedding invitation catches your attention with a stylish design and will definitely wow your guests. On the front side of the card you will notice beautiful purple flowers decorating the entire bottom area as well as the upper right corner. The wedding details are written in the middle using an elegant font and black ink. The same design is displayed by the response cards.


Another gorgeous wedding invitation that you should consider is the Ivory Handmade layered card. This printable invitation kit contains 50 wedding invitations with matching envelopes, 50 printable vellum overlays, 50 RSVP cards with envelopes and 50 ivory ribbons. The wedding invitation measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches and is made of light ivory handmade paper with real petals and grasses embedded. Over the card is placed a stylish vellum overlay which is attached with the help of a sheer organza ribbon. If you are interested in buying this printable invitation kit you will have to pay $45.

If you want a jacket wedding invitation you should consider the Pink and Orange wedding invitation kit which costs $47.50 and includes 50 units of printable cards, RSVP cards, orange and pink jackets and envelopes for both the wedding invitations and response cards. The invitation is made of quality white paper and measures 5 x 7 inches. It stands out with a beautiful pink border which surrounds the wording written in the middle using an elegant font and black ink. The invitation is wrapped with a beautiful pink and orange floral band and tied with an orange satin ribbon. The response card has the same pink border and as well as the invitation is sealed in a matching orange envelope.

152937 printable wedding invitation kits Printable Wedding Invitation Kits

Printable Wedding Invitation Kits (Photo by: Stephanie Chapman)

The Sweet & Simple Deluxe printable invitation kit should also be on your list because it’s available for $37.50 and can be purchased in various colors. This kit includes 20 wedding invitations, 20 response cards, 20 vellum overlays, 20 ribbons and matching envelopes for the invitation and response cards. Each invitation measures 5 x 7 inches and can come with a white or cream background. You will also be impressed by the thin border which surrounds the wording printed using an elegant font and any color ink that matches the wedding invitation’s border. A vellum overlay is placed over the card being attached with a colored satin ribbon.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the most stylish printable wedding invitation kits that you can find on the mentioned website.


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Executive gifts are the gifts made for co-workers and bosses. They have to be classy, formal and not transmit a complicate message. The best thing to do when thinking of putting together such a gift is to keep it simple, uncomplicated, and choose something elegant and classy. If you don’t have any idea, it’s advisable to resume to desk accessories such as pens, clocks and business card holders. Not to leave you without any suggestion for an executive gift, here are a few options that you can study and develop. Remember that the gift has to be in accordance with the recipient’s personality and tastes.

unique executive gifts 300x300 Unique Executive Gifts

Unique Executive Gifts


First on our gift ideas list is the Parkston Executive Desk Set by Bulova which can be bought from ExecutiveGiftShoppe. It’s large enough to be impressive, and is stylish enough to fit any executive manager’s tastes. This is a present that will look absolutely impeccable on any desk. This set has: 2 pencil/pen holders, 1 business card holder, 1 thermometer, 1 clock and a notepad holder. On its upper part, it has a small metallic plate which can be easily engraved with a message or the recipient’s name. The price for this high quality desk item is $100,80.

Next, we show you the Leather Computer Attache Case, again from ExecutiveGiftShoppe . This is another option of type of executive gifts fit for any tastes. This briefcase is completely exquisite. When closed, seems like a stylish new bag, but when opened, it’s like a mini-office with all he or she needs. It features pen holders, mobile phone holder, full file organizer, a compartment for sun glasses, a business card organizer, pockets with zippers, a fully padded laptop compartment and a padded handle for easy carrying. It can be bought in 3 different colors: brown, black and gray. All of these styles are made out of genuine leather. The price for this practical briefcase is $468.

unique executive gifts 2 Unique Executive Gifts

Unique Executive Gifts


The last item in this article is the Timotea Ballpoint & Rollerball Set from CorporateSnobs . Despite the ironic name of the online store, you can find in there very interesting and elegant gift ideas. This set is made out of two high quality pens. They are made out of resistant brass and have on the clip a genuine smoked gemstone. The whole set comes in a classy box. Another cool option for this is to personalize the pens: they can be engraved or marked with a certain logo. The price for one set varies between $59,95 and $71,95.

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Friendship should be the most celebrated relationship in the world. Where would we be without the love and support from our friends? They are the people that ask us how we’re doing and give a helping hand when we need it. In order to celebrate friendship we have to show our love and respect though small tokens of appreciation towards our friends. The gifts should not be large and expensive, but meaningful and with a personal twist to always remain alive in the recipients’ minds. The best choice would be a personalized item with unique detailing. A cool message attached to the present or included in it is a must. Here are our choices we found on various internet stores:

The Friendship Blossom Necklace from Red Envelopeis a cool way to say to your friend how much you care about her. This girl to girl unique gift is engraved with this message: friends are like flowers that never fade and accessorized with a lotus leaf charm. The round engraved charm is plated with sterling silver while the lotus leaf with 14k yellow gold, both hanged on a elegant chain. It can be worn by teenagers and more mature adults as well because of its classic feel. The price for this piece of jewelry is $49,95.

H2DWJVVGYVUUX5S58WW7 Unique Gifts For Friendships 

Unique Gifts For Friendships (Source: cache.gifts.com)


Our next choice on the list is the Personalized Heart Shaped Clock With Friendship Verse which you can purchase form Personalization Mallat the price of $31,15. Like all the other trophy looking items from this store, you can personalize it with a message by your choice. This is actually a heart shaped home décor item that includes a small round clock in a very classic design. Great for all girls and women who want to show their caring for each other.

P3JLYUFSVB4U3MEVVDSB Unique Gifts For Friendships 

Unique Gifts For Friendships (Source: cache.gifts.com)


A very cute and lovable pick is the Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom book from Barnes and Noble. This is a very good way to say to your friend that despite all of the differences between you two, you still have friendship feeling for him, or her. The price tag on this book shows just $8,40.


Z96NDNCDA6D8VJ3G9J73 Unique Gifts For Friendships 

Unique Gifts For Friendships (Source: cache.gifts.com)

Lastly, we go over the Friendship Miniature Ship from CSN Stores. This lavish model can be a great addition to any living room or office. Its detailing is amazing and the overall look will enhance any room. This cruiser is a symbol of a strong friendship that will never fail even in the harshest conditions. The main issue is the price, which is a little bit higher than any other gifts on the market, $420.

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When putting together gifts and presents for family and friends, we usually wish to make it a great and fun surprise for everybody. If you wish to make that special occasion even more special, choose a more unusual or odd gift for a unique experience.

On the internet, there are many online stores that can help you with lots and lots of interesting and unique items that can be easily transformed into cool gifts. In order to make your search yet easier, we have developed a short list with a few presents that will absolutely be a hit. Here are those unique and odd ideas that will dazzle your recipient.

The first gift suggestion is the Strawz Connectible DIY Drinking Straws from Vat19. This fun party idea can enlighten every creative mind around the house and make it work to create an interesting drinking circuit. Every set takes in twenty four plastic straws and twenty flexible connectors made of a funky rubber in two colors, of your choice, between blue and lime green. Imagine what a good activity it would be creating a straw masterpiece with the help of this unique set. The price for one of these sets is $9,95.

unusual odd unique gifts 250x300 Unusual Odd Unique Gifts

Unusual Odd Unique Gifts

To continue, we have chosen a much more unusual idea from Stupid. Besides classic gags and fun items, they offer the set of Car Eyelashes. If you have a friend or relative that has a great passion for their car and cannot leave it unsupervised for more than 5 minutes, it means he is in love with his car and would surely deserve this gift. Each order takes in pair of eyelashes that are suitable for most car designs except those having round headlights. These items are made out of strong plastic and are double taped with a paint friendly glue not to damage the appearance of the vehicle. One pair costs $32,99.

unusual odd unique gifts1 Unusual Odd Unique Gifts

Unusual Odd Unique Gifts

This last suggestion is dedicated to food lovers, especially to those who cannot live without donuts. This gift comes from perpetual Kid and is the Mini Donut Maker. This portable gadget can e installed in any kitchen or room that has a power plug. It is very simple to use and it eliminates the need of oil for frying. He, or she, will just have to plug it in, pour the donut mix in the shapes, leave it cook for 4 minutes and the donuts are ready. Much more healthy and delicious, this donut maker is quite a must have. It is easily to clean and to store. The price for this is $24,99 and you can buy it online from Perpetual Kid.

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Around the year, there are many occasions where every one of us has to put together a special gift for their boss. If your boss is a man, the choices are very classic, a pen or a classy desk name plate and everything is okay, but if your boss is a woman, you have to pick something with more personality, because women have a finer perception of these things. Another important fact is choosing a gift that will be in accordance with the relationship between you and her: if you are almost friends, don’t hesitate on a funny gift, but if the relationship is just cold and professional, classic is what you need.

unique gifts woman boss Unique Gifts Woman Boss

Unique Gifts Woman Boss

Firstly, we have a funny piece which would look lovely on every young boss woman’s desk. The Custom Bobble Head from Whoopassenterprises is a good choice for a funny and funky boss. This item can be customized and added lots of detailing such as Sunglasses, Tattoos or Jewelry. You can even design this small desk doll to be more alike your boss. It is a fine birthday or company day gift. This bouncy head will make her remember she is appreciated and loved by her subordinates. The price for this item is $129 or more, if you choose additional accessories.

Next, we show the Bevel Frame Clock which can be bought from ThingsRemembered . This classic choice is appropriate for an older woman with more traditional tastes. It’s a good idea because she can always place a picture with all the personnel or with her family, so it’s functional and will surely be used. If you wish to go further, the frame has a small metal tag which can be engraved with a personalized message. The price for the standard Bevel Frame Clock is $50.

Leather Briefcase 300x296 Unique Gifts Woman Boss

Unique Gifts Woman Boss

Lastly, is a must-have for all executives and bosses, the BOSS Black Pebbled Leather Flap Briefcase from Nordstrom is a cool and elegant briefcase which will make many heads turn. This is normally considered a men’s briefcase, but because its stylish cut, is perfect for women, too. It is made of pebbled leather and has a lot of compartments adaptable for phones, files and documents, having zippers and Velcro. It also has 2 options of carrying: by shoulder (has a long shoulder strap) or by hand. The price is quite high because its famous name and high quality, being $350.

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Friendship is one of the most important relationships in our lives. Friends are the people who really care for us and support us in happiness and in pain and be there when we need someone close. There is no need for a special occasion to cherish our friendship relationship, so a friendship gift is well received all year round. These gifts have to be very special and have full of character and personality. It is also important to match the gift idea with the tastes of your recipient, but I’m sure that if he or she is a real friend, you will know what to pick. Here are some ideas to guide your search.

unique friendship gifts Unique Friendship Gifts

Unique Friendship Gifts

The first item in this article is the Best Friend Water Globe from ThingsRemembered. This handcrafted gift is perfect for celebrating an old friendship between people. This water globe is made out of a soft looking metal with pink and silver accents. In the front it has a small metal tag which can be engraved with a personalized message of your choice. Inside of it, there is a larger pink and silver writing saying “Best Friends” along pink hearts. The price for this collectible item is $24,99.

Our next unique friendship gift is the Silver Coin Clock which is from ThingsRemembered as well. This small token of appreciation is consisted of 2 sides, one is a classic clock and the other is a round space meant for a personalized message. Its small and functional design is perfect for travelers. The clock is made out of a satin aluminum. The dial of the clock is very elegant having roman numbers and fine limbs. This item is powered by 2 AA batteries which are included in the package. The Silver Coin Clock costs $35.

wall clocks modern expressive explosion 191x300 Unique Friendship Gifts

Unique Friendship Gifts

The last gift idea for a best friend comes from PersonalizationMall. This is the Best Friends© Personalized Frame in which you can place two smaller pictures of you and your friend or a bigger one of you two. The frame has a few good wishes on it along two spaces for your names. The materials from which is made are all natural, combining different types of wood. This handsome photo frame has a display holder in the back or one for mounting it on the wall. Its measurements are 8,75″ wide and 6,75″ high. The price for this superb memory holder is $24,95.

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On the most special day of your life everything has to sparkle. The more bling bling the more glamorous your wedding will be. It is said that women are crazy about everything that sparkles and blings. But not everything that glitters is gold. If you want to transform your wedding into a glamorous event and if you want to look like a diva on you wedding day use much glitz and glam.

If you are planning for a disco style wedding then everything needs to sparkle, the bridal dress have Swarovski crystal, the bridal shoes embellished with crystals, the reception can have a disco ball and of course the wedding cake should match with everything else and will also sparkle. You can even use a small disco ball as the cake topper.

bling wedding cakes 225x300 Bling Wedding Cakes

Bling Wedding Cake from i.ebayimg.com

The wedding cake will be ‘’the star’’ at your reception and will be the center of attention. If you want the wedding cake to catch all the attention use sparkle decorations on it. The wedding cake can be embellished with real crystal like Swarovski crystals, colorful gemstones that will sparkle beautiful in the dark, the cake can be decorated with gold or silver ribbons. The decorations don’t have to be expensive they just need to look expensive, you can use glitters on cake decorations, on ribbons, flowers. A wedding cake decorated with glittering flowers will catch all the attention. On the wedding cake you can sparkling toppers like monograms, figurines made from crystals and decorated with glitters. It is easy to create a glamorous theme for your wedding. And you will find many inspirational ideas on how to make your wedding cake sparkle and what decorations to use.

bling wedding cakes 2 225x300 Bling Wedding Cakes

Bling Wedding Cake from i.ebayimg.com

The decorations on the wedding cake will sparkle more if the cake will be darker, made from dark chocolate. But a white wedding cake will also look great with sparkling silver decorations. Of course a wedding cake with bling decorations will be more expensive than a regular wedding cake but it is worthy if you want an exceptional wedding cake. The prices vary according to what blings you use and how expensive they are. If you have a strict budget and you cannot afford to spend too much on the wedding cake you can order a wedding cake with no decorations and you can decorate it yourself. You can use sparkling ribbons available in any store, you can use cubic zirconia on every layer, you can use glittering spray on regular decorations and on the topper. This is how you can have a glamorous wedding cake without paying too much. In any bakery for the bling they charge $3.20 per inch, which can get very expensive for a large cake.

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On eBay you can find rhinestone banding for the wedding cake. Other websites were you can find bling decorations for your wedding cake: the find, etsy, cake bling.11

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A wedding cake is supposed to capture the personality of the couple that orders it, so you should try to match its custom design and delicious flavor with an interesting cake topper. The market accommodates various designs, so interracial couples will definitely be able to locate an option that matches the type of wedding envisioned. All you will have to do is first of all decide if you are interested in an elegant option or a humorous one. Then, you will have to make a list of reliable vendors of wedding cake toppers and choose from the designs they make available the ones that seem most suitable. Once a short list becomes available, you will be able to make a final decision in no time.

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Interracial Wedding Cake Topper (Photo by: Pretty Poo Eater)

I recommend you to first of all look for interracial wedding cake toppers at the online retailers that specialize in such wedding items. That’s because most of the offers available give you the chance to customize skin colors and hair colors even if they don’t come in an interracial format. For instance, on weddingcollectibles.com you will find the Elegant Interracial Wedding Cake Topper that’s listed as item 707552 and is priced at $28.95. For the money you will get a hand-painted porcelain wedding cake topper that displays a beautiful white bride wearing a pink rose bouquet, matching hair flowers, a long veil and an off-the-shoulder dress with a sweetheart neckline.  The groom is African American, is dressed in a stylish tuxedo with bow tie and holds the beautiful bride in his arms. Both characters measure 6 inches in height and are placed on a base that measures 3 ½ inches in diameter. On the mentioned website you will also find plenty of bride and groom figurines that you can mix and match as you wish in order to obtain the desired wedding cake topper.


If you are interested in a custom design, you should know that turning it into reality won’t be that much of a challenge because there are many companies interested in honoring custom orders. In this case you will be able to control all the little details that lead to a gorgeous wedding cake topper. The downside is that you will most likely have to pay more. So, if budget issues are not involved, you should check out the offer of JW Cake Tops or Helyn Custom Cake Toppers. Both these companies can make your dreams come true. You just need to make sure you place your order with plenty of time before the wedding (sometimes even 18 weeks are necessary to get a custom wedding cake topper ready).

152815 interracial wedding cake topper Interracial Wedding Cake Topper

Interracial Wedding Cake Topper (Photo by: Ewen Roberts)

Interracial couples and any other couple interested in a more special wedding cake topper should also consider the possibility of ordering a photo topper. Such toppers act from many points of view as photo holders, so you will be able to decorate your beautiful wedding cake with an actual photo of you as a couple. Such personalized wedding cake toppers that will definitely impress you can be easily be found on online retailers such as Wedding Shower Gifts, Advantage Bridal and Mii Sculptures.


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Babies are the cutest things alive and preparing gifts for them does not require a certain reason or occasion. Because of their multiple needs and accessories, is not very hard to find something suitable for them. These items can vary a lot between toys and clothing, and gadgets and future memories. All of these can be easily found in online stores, but the most important detail is to choose something with personality and really baby friendly. In the next lines, we will show you some ideas appropriate for baby gifts to help you choose the right one.

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Unique Gifts For Baby

The first item fit for a unique baby gift is the Lilly the Ladybug 3-in-one Zoobie Pet from BarnesAndNoble . This beautiful and friendly set will surely become a baby’s best friend. This giant ladybug can be a plushy, a comfy pillow and a soft blanket. The top of the item can be unzipped and the blanket is folded inside. It is made out of microfiber, which is suitable for small children. Its bright colors will stimulate the baby’s senses. This ladybug is a good gift for birthdays and showers. The price for this funny and soft friend is $20,96.

The next gift idea is something that, in the future, will turn into the most cherished memory for the baby and his parents as well. The Deluxe Baby Keepsake Kit from RedEnvelope is a 17,5″ wide x 1,5″ thick x 11,5″ tall which contains 2 specially design pieces of clay and a small picture slot. The clay pads are meant to capture the footprint and the handprint of the small baby and remain that way forever, while the slot is to add a photo of him or her. On the base of the frame there is a small metal tag which can be engraved with the name and the birth day of the baby. The price for such a kit is $59,95.

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Unique Gifts For Baby

The last baby oriented present is the BabyPro Smart Bottle Warmer. This gadget will help the mom determine the right temperature of the milk bottle and keep it that way. It has a fresh additional function from the other baby bottle warmers, you just have to input what type of liquid are you warming (water, tea, milk, formula) and it will automatically determine how long will the process take and what temperature to generate. Another cool feature is that it looks very classy because of the stainless steel and will easily blend between other kitchen or house appliances. It can be purchased from OneStepAhead with $29,95.

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The brides who are passionate about Maggie Sottero designs should definitely visit the tiffanybridals online shop because they have the opportunity to find beautiful gowns signed by this designer at reasonable prices. I selected a few stunning dresses that should definitely catch your attention.

149949 cheap maggie sottero wedding dresses 2 Cheap Maggie Sottero Wedding Dresses

Cheap Maggie Sottero Wedding Dresses (Photo by: Manic Mélange)

A first desirable option is the Amina bridal gown which is available for only $307. This beautiful dress designed by Maggie Sottero is made of L’Amour Satin adorned with delicate lace embellishments. It catches your attention with a one-shoulder neckline enriched by lace and beaded details, a ruched bodice and a natural waist which is nicely accentuated. You will also be impressed by the beaded details placed on the hip along with a beautiful bow. The A-line skirt stands out with a rich dimension and a chapel train. You should also know that this dress has a corset closure and is available in three colors: white, champagne mist and diamond white.

Another stunning Maggie Sottero wedding dress that you should consider is Beatrice. This gown is strapless and is made of tulle and lace. It impresses with a sweetheart neckline and a form fitted bodice which is completely covered in delicate lace and sparkling beads. This elegant dress also has a dropped waist and an A-line skirt which is made of tulle covered by an embroidered lace overlay. The breathtaking chapel train completes the bridal outfit. You also have the opportunity to order detachable cap sleeves If you are interested in buying this exquisite wedding dress you will have to pay only $317.

You should also take a closer look at the Primavera bridal gown which was also designed by Maggie Sottero. Made of Valencia organza, this stylish strapless dress comes with a dipped neckline, a corset closure and an impressive ball gown skirt. It also has an hourglass shaped bodice adorned with heavy embellishments made of sparkling beads, delicate embroidery and organza flowers. The skirt flows nicely down on the floor and is made of Point d’Esprit fabric enriched by corded lace. This rich skirt also catches your attention with scallop edging and a chapel train. To complete your bridal appearance you should purchase the beautiful veil with scallop edging and beautiful lace details. Available in various sizes and white and diamond white, this breathtaking dress will definitely impress your groom and guests. To purchase this gown you will have to spend only $386.

149949 cheap maggie sottero wedding dresses Cheap Maggie Sottero Wedding Dresses

Cheap Maggie Sottero Wedding Dresses (Photo by: saritarobinson)

Cassia is another Maggie Sottero wedding dress suitable for a beach or a casual wedding. It provides a romantic allure and is made of billowing Gossamer Chiffon. This stunning dress has a sweetheart neckline with an illusion sparkling insert, two beaded straps and a natural waist which is accentuated by a beaded embellishment. The floor length skirt nicely flows on your body highlighting your silhouette and ends with a chapel train. For this dress you have the possibility to order embellished cap sleeves and choose for the waist embellishment Swarovski crystals, sequins or bugle beads. This beautiful dress is available in sizes that vary between 0 and 28 and costs no more and no less than $419.


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Food is a subject loved by all and there are many occasions in the year when a normal gift can be transformed into a culinary experience. Gifts that are food related are of a lot of types. You can choose something like tools and accessories or books and advice related to cooking. Another great idea for a culinary gift is providing your recipient with the actual service of cooking: you can hire a cook or provide culinary trip with a certain theme. A very important detail before getting this kind of a gift is to make sure that the person receiving it is not allergic to any of the food included in the gift.

unique culinary gifts 300x300 Unique Culinary Gifts

Unique Culinary Gifts


The first idea for culinary gifts is the Personal Chef for an Evening. This service can be obtained with no effort; you can pay a cook to come by just entering Cloud9Living and inputting some information. This service can be provided for 4, 6, 8 or 10 people, with prices ranging between $480 and $1030. This will surely make the perfect gift for a Birthday or for a Christmas dinner between friends. There is something that you have to take in consideration: before hiring a cook through this sort of service, check if the offers are destined for your city or are available for your city.

The next idea is a beautiful set of kitchen must haves. The Silverstone Culinary Colors 13-pc. Cookware Set from Kohls is perfect to give someone as a housewarming gift. The set consists of:

  • 3 covered saucepan
  • covered Dutch oven
  • 2  open skillet
  • 3 nylon utensils

With the help of this set, anyone can cook whatever they wish for without any effort. The price for it is very affordable for the quality it offers, being only $99.

unique culinary gifts 300x300 Unique Culinary Gifts

Unique Culinary Gifts


The last culinary gift idea is the Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook, the Hardcover edition. This cookbook can be bought from Amazon. Its reviews claim that this book is perfect for beginners and professionals in the art of baking and is very easy and entertaining to read. Everybody has watched more than once a TV Martha Stewart show and saw how many delicious things she can make with no effort, now is the time to learn how to do the same under her directions. The number of pages is 416 and is released under the publishing of Clarkson Potter on the 1st of November 2005, now having a price of $26,40.