New trend alert: Wedding Drones

29 September 2014 0 Comments

While people normally associate the term “drone” (also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) with war equipment, drones are now helping photographers and videographers to take amazing, unique wedding shots from new heights. In order to avoid the habit of associating drones with something negative, professionals have started referring to them as “quad-copters” with a small […]

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Vintage Style Weddings Are In Trend

28 June 2014 0 Comments

Vintage has struck! The old 20’s, 30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s characteristic styles of high-class and glamor have picked up since 2013 and are being embraced widely throughout Europe, America and Australia. Vintage comes along with that rustic feel that completes the ambiance, invokes the past and transposes a wedding setting into the pre-millennium world. […]

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Wedding Invitation Trends In 2014

26 June 2014 0 Comments

Wedding invitations basically touch on the cards sent out. The presentation of the wedding cards you come up with will hint or give the invited guests a clear indication of the theme style, theme colors, and the decor. The year 2014 brings with it more personalization. People are going for more personalized card looks therefore […]

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What About Wedding Flower Trends This Year?

25 June 2014 0 Comments

The traditional and classic white and green flower corsage is gracefully bowing out. Strutting right in with elegance to take their rightful place in this year’s halls of the season are the elegant, bright, lush and euphoric sorts of flowers such as the garden roses, the peony and the hydrangeas. This is a risk leap […]

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Wedding Food And Beverage Trends In 2014

25 June 2014 0 Comments

Food and drink define an important aspect of the wedding. The choice of food and drink will tell guests a lot about the thought and planning put into the wedding, so the right choice is important to entertain guests to the maximum and leave them with the impression of a remarkable wedding event. This season […]

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Wedding Trends And The Art Of Wedding Photography In 2014

22 June 2014 0 Comments

Each season of the year has its charm and unique splendor when it comes to shooting in such a framework. The same goes when it comes to trends, every year there are new trends, new styles to delight the bride and cause the photo again. Of course adapted to couple style trends of 2014 in […]

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Trends In Wedding Flower Arrangements For 2014

05 January 2014 0 Comments

A wedding is a very important event in the life of those planning everything related to it as well as in the life of those who wish to be close to them on their special day. The newlyweds are those who decide how the wedding will be according to what they desire and how they […]

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Wedding Gown Trends For Next Year

30 December 2013 0 Comments

As you have shown your interest in bridal dress trends for 2014 we have made our research and we are here to present you what we have discovered once again. Bridal gown trends for 2014 convey innovative concepts in amazing new collections presented by well known designers who have conceived various dresses of different kinds, […]

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Amazing Wedding Invitations In Trend In 2014

11 December 2013 0 Comments

Wedding trends in 2014 are amazing in what concerns all important wedding elements: dresses, hairdos, invitations, shoes, decoration, etc. Weddings in general will have a different feel than they used to and the key element for this will be considered to be INNOVATION which we will easily get a sense of when analyzing all important […]

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Unique Bridal Gown Trends For 2014

07 December 2013 0 Comments

 As you have shown your interest in bridal dress trends for 2014 we have made our research and we are here to present you what we have found. Bridal gown trends for2014 bring innovative ideas to surface in collections presented by famous designers who have created great dresses of different types, in various textures and […]

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Fabulous Wedding Color Trends In 2014

05 December 2013 0 Comments

 New wedding trends are highly important for everyone planning to get married next year. A well planned wedding always combines tradition and modern trends in order to become an event remembered by everyone present there that day. This is why we have considered useful to present today a few famous color trends in 2014. Are […]

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