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While people normally associate the term “drone” (also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) with war equipment, drones are now helping photographers and videographers to take amazing, unique wedding shots from new heights.

In order to avoid the habit of associating drones with something negative, professionals have started referring to them as “quad-copters” with a small camera attached, which makes it a tad more personal and something that couples can relate to.

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Vintage has struck! The old 20’s, 30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s characteristic styles of high-class and glamor have picked up since 2013 and are being embraced widely throughout Europe, America and Australia. Vintage comes along with that rustic feel that completes the ambiance, invokes the past and transposes a wedding setting into the pre-millennium world. As we know, old is gold. The vintage and rustic theme also seems not to be in a hurry to go away. So it’s better to mark it and give it its rightful place among the debonaire trends of the 2014 wedding season.

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Wedding invitations basically touch on the cards sent out. The presentation of the wedding cards you come up with will hint or give the invited guests a clear indication of the theme style, theme colors, and the decor. The year 2014 brings with it more personalization. People are going for more personalized card looks therefore we see experimentation with colors and bright ones are use much more too. We are talking here about modern colors such as tropical, aqua, fuchsia, pink, gold and grey. This trend is contrasted to the more conservative white and grey colors frantically scrambled for in keeping with hot 2013 trends.

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The traditional and classic white and green flower corsage is gracefully bowing out. Strutting right in with elegance to take their rightful place in this year’s halls of the season are the elegant, bright, lush and euphoric sorts of flowers such as the garden roses, the peony and the hydrangeas. This is a risk leap for brides into more colorful wedding endeavors, gracefully twisting tradition as they walk smiling down the aisle.

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Food and drink define an important aspect of the wedding. The choice of food and drink will tell guests a lot about the thought and planning put into the wedding, so the right choice is important to entertain guests to the maximum and leave them with the impression of a remarkable wedding event. This season you should look out for the wow factor that makes each wedding unique in its own right and you will realize the gist of the season.

The wedding photography trends will always rely on naturalness and the wedding itself which means for those two emotions and intense feelings with grimacing and a shaking smile. Just imagine how the whole details will look like when put in place for taking perfect pictures at the great event.

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Each season of the year has its charm and unique splendor when it comes to shooting in such a framework. The same goes when it comes to trends, every year there are new trends, new styles to delight the bride and cause the photo again. Of course adapted to couple style trends of 2014 in photography and not only invites you to feast and be fashionable. As each couple wants something unique it is not surprising that the new preferences are warm hugs.

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Weddings are great events and they need to be well planned in order to become an achievement for the bride and groom. Newlyweds need to have fun on their wedding day and they can only do so if their wedding guests have fun at their wedding.

Jumpsuits are all the storm on the red carpet, and they’re even a latest trend staple in the wardrobe of reality TV stars the Kardashian sisters.   But this year, they’ll be seen in an entire new way: on women strolling down the aisle. “We are seeing a lot of distance brides contemplating the jumpsuit, a lot of brides who are getting wed for the second time,” said Keijia secondary, editor-in-chief of Brides publication.

image009 Unusual New Wedding Trends

Some wedding specialists have also said that the marriage jumpsuit will flatter numerous figures and will be the key elements for those interested in a variety of allowances. Designers of wedding jumpsuits encompass J.Crew, Lanvin, Rivini and Victoria Kyriakides. So just who would wear a jumpsuit to walk down the aisle? Alex Arechiga likes the concept. “I really believe they’re actually cute and it’s actually awesome. Brides are taking a rotate on the classic bridal silhouette,” she said. But Cheryl Shapiro contradicts. Strongly. “When I believe of a jumpsuit I believe of flying out of an airplane or something,” she said. If you like the idea of the jumpsuit but are too traditional to wear it down the aisle on your wedding day, Minor said the garment may be considered for another wedding-related occasions, such as the wedding he rehearsal dinner or brunch the day after the wedding.


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Finding the perfect wedding dress is certainly not something easy to be done. This is especially true nowadays when the offer range is so wide that sometimes it seems impossible to actually pick only one dress that can be considered as the perfect one for your special wedding day.Today we have decided to present you an alternative when it comes to wedding dresses considered in trend in 2014, namely Vovobridal creations.

Vovobridal is a skilled designer and manufacturer of wedding dresses, night dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses and party dresses,can be  embroidered manually or automatically according to your own choices and preferences. Thanks to their firm output method, their wedding dresses are habitually well liked by visitors and purchasers worldwide .They have a great team of professionals such as specialized designers,  tailors and various output employees, dedicating to supply you with better and more satisfactory service.

AIWD 0002 Amazing New 2014 Wedding Dresses

Source: vivobridal.com

They are always greeting you to arrive and talk about cooperation with them, as well as to select your dream marriage dress and accessories. They do not only  supply brides with their very popular marriage dresses which are tailor-made, but furthermore make dresses according to samples or drawings from worldwide customers. A persuaded dress is every significant to a woman. Their aim is to make all the clients joyous, to help every purchaser to become unique, attractive and elegant. They consider it inevitable you will find the dress you want because of diverse methods, high value and favorable service they have become accustomed to offer. Their dresses will add the necessary glamor to your charming event. It is really one of those great bridal-shops who can offer you a great price, high value and great service.

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A wedding is a very important event in the life of those planning everything related to it as well as in the life of those who wish to be close to them on their special day. The newlyweds are those who decide how the wedding will be according to what they desire and how they want to commemorate that day.

There are numerous details that they should address when planning their wedding and one of the foremost important elements involved in the wedding scenario concerns wedding flower arrangements.

wedding flower arrangement ideas 51 Trends In Wedding Flower Arrangements For 2014

Flowers have an exceptional way in which they conceive an outstanding atmosphere when an outstanding event such as a wedding reception is planned. They can change the entire wedding atmosphere through the way in which such important elements are coordinated, blended and personalized and they can have a large effect on the guests through the way in which they decide to design the floral arrangements. Floral arrangements are crucial and for those who are interested in creating something special for their wedding day there are numerous ways in which they can become well informed and get tips from in order to do the best they can.

Innovation is the key word in the case of modern weddings. If you want to be in trend at your wedding in 2014 consider doing something special, colorful, something to set you apart from the classic elements used in weddings. This is especially true in the case of flower arrangements which need to be totally unique to attract attention.

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Nowadays finding a flawless wedding dress can either be considered very simple due to the great variety of marriage dress collections offered by designers worldwide or it can be considered almost unrealistic if we were to address just how hard it is to make a decision when you are faced with thousands of various dresses of distinct forms, with distinct textures and in different colors that you might all like and which might all fit you great.

It is hard to make a decision when it comes to selecting a wedding dress because you want to gaze flawless that day and this is why we have decided to continue our presentation of well known new marriage collections in alignment to offer you a couple of more ideas in relation to tendencies and what you can find accessible for you to choose for your exceptional day. Today we will investigate some of Claire Pettibone’s new concepts and see what special components she has determined to encompass in her new collection.

Claire Pettibone SS2011 BS 111 New Tendencies For 2014 Wedding Gowns

Claire Pettibone has created various models of wedding gowns for all silhouette types and she hasopted for utilising various kinds of fabrics when designing and manufacturing these fabulous marriage gowns, namely beading, lace, silk and embroidery. What will you glimpse in the new assemblage? Well, covered ivory kind of embroidery with certain jeweled type of embellishments accessible in both ivory and shiny colors will attract your attention for sure.

The marriage gowns conceived by Claire Pettibone are amazing and you might easily fall in love with them as well if they are what you glimpse yourself wearing on your exceptional marriage day!

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Weddings have habitually been, still are and will habitually be very important events in the life of those organizing them and for those chosen to be witnesses that day because the persons getting married are significant persons in their lives, either friends or family members. This is why strong feelings are easily observed in the case of weddings and why planning a flawless wedding is what all future newlyweds are interested in and endeavoring to do.

A very significant component to consider when beginning to plan a wedding reception is the theme. It is very important to choose a topic before reaching any wedding conclusions because all of these conclusions have to be taken according to the selected theme. This is why we have considered helpful to present a couple of the hottest marriage topics for 2014 in alignment to help those in search of new concepts to consider for their special event.

Gold Wedding Inspiration Fabulous New Wedding Trends In 2014

Five of the modern wedding topics in 2014 are : the dramatic, the symbolic, the quirky, the organic and the romance topic. The spectacular topic is for brides and grooms who favour bold colors and desire to make a statement and have a completely personalized wedding. The symbolic theme comes from the bride and groom’s wish to bring a symbolic twist to the most important event in their life.The quirky topic is for those who desire something odd for their marriage, certain thing that has not been done before and which will be recalled by those assisting their wedding.

Organic weddings or green weddings as they have become well known to most people are furthermore a large alternative for those involved in having a natural topic for their wedding. The romanticism is present in all weddings but a romance marriage topic can make it become all about romance. Now that you understand what is in trend next year, what wedding topic will you choose?

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As you have shown your interest in bridal dress trends for 2014 we have made our research and we are here to present you what we have discovered once again.

Bridal gown trends for 2014 convey innovative concepts in amazing new collections presented by well known designers who have conceived various dresses of different kinds, in various textures and dimensions for all of you out there involved in being in trend at your wedding next year.

Good quality princess wedding dress with sweet bow and rhinestones Aiweiyi Wedding Gown Trends For Next YearHigh-necks have been in trend this year as we have seen them in numerous wedding dress collections and the tendency is that they will gain even more appeal next year. Materials used in creating wedding dresses such as lace or sheer, when used in the case of high neck designs are the ones mostly favored by women worldwide and new forms of this type will absolutely be sold fast at the beginning of next year. Fabulous embellishments have also profited in popularity and will be very often glimpsed in new collections of marriage dresses. Lace will always be well ranked among clients’ preferences and by supplementing it with sparkly embellishments the outcomes are simply amazing. Crystal bands or bodices are the key points in new collections.

short+wedding+dress+2013+(6) Wedding Gown Trends For Next Year

Shorter wedding gowns have also been considered a valid choice for next year. Short dresses have very strongly gained their special place among clients’ preferences and this is the cause why all wedding dress designers have chosen to include such gowns into their brand new collections. Which of these marriage trends do you mostly prefer?

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In the case of weddings and their planning process there is certainly a lot of important elements and details to consider in order to make sure that the final results will be as desired. For brides, finding the perfect dress and choosing the perfect wedding ring as well as looking perfect on her special wedding day are certainly her main focus but other elements are also of great importance for the overall atmosphere of the wedding.

Every decision a bride and groom take during the wedding planning process will highly influence the way in which they will feel on their special day and how their guest will remember their great event.

3121709424 2c14a6b8f9 z Special Innovative Wedding Decor Ideas For 2014

One of the important elements to consider when planning it is the wedding reception decor. The first thing guests will notice when they arrive at the wedding location will be the overall decor of the place. Every detail will attract their attention and so all details need to be carefully planned. A great idea for innovative wedding decors considered in trend for 2014 refers to ways in which natural, rustic decors can attract everyone’s attention. Not everyone is interested in a luxurious, extravagant wedding and in this case going back to nature and using your imagination for creating a unique decor is the best choice. Take advantage of animal print rugs as well as fur throws which can create special visual effects. Also consider adding eccentric accents to your wedding decor and using wooden furniture that can add to this theme. Unusual elements of nature can also be used to create special visual effects and amaze everyone attending your wedding!

Use your imagination! This is the latest trend in wedding decors in 2014!

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When it comes to planning an important event such as a wedding there is certainly a lot to consider, all sorts of important elements and details which are very important for the overall result. Important elements such as the wedding dress as well as the wedding ring and other similar ones usually get a lot of attention but we should neither forget about important elements such as the wedding decor which is just as important as all the other elements.

In the case of weddings, things have highly evolved in the last few years: trends have continually evolved and many couples have felt the need to break tradition more when it comes to their wedding reception decor. Wanting something new is certainly not bad in a world in which innovation and development are very well received. The important thing is to keep in mind that an optimal ambiance always depends on how the right furnishings and decorative elements are combined.

1797765092 e845c3c735 z Unique Wedding Decor Ideas For 2014

A great tip for wedding decors considered in trend for 2014 refers to light which has become a key element of the environment. This is mainly because it plays a great role in setting the mood for the wedding party. Creating unique visual effects with the help of special elements such as chandelier pendants will have a great impact on the overall atmosphere at your wedding. Opting for bistro lighting is another great option because such little bulbs used can make everything look charming at your wedding and impress your guests.

Consider new trends for your wedding in 2014! Everyone will be amazed at your wedding!

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Wedding trends in 2014 are amazing in what concerns all important wedding elements: dresses, hairdos, invitations, shoes, decoration, etc. Weddings in general will have a different feel than they used to and the key element for this will be considered to be INNOVATION which we will easily get a sense of when analyzing all important wedding elements that are in trend.

Today we present here a few important details concerning styles used in wedding invitations that will be in trend next year. Wedding invitation manufacturers have amazed us with their wide offer of vintage and modern wedding invitations created for next year and everyone has where to choose from in the case of this category of wedding elements.

3956444636 1f70747568 z Amazing Wedding Invitations In Trend In 2014

No matter what your wedding style might be you have a wide variety of amazing wedding invitation offers to consider in order to accent the glamorous and luxurious atmosphere of your wedding. You can choose a chic stationary wedding invitation or a vintage one following trends which say that modern wedding invitations can be tailored to your own style, customized according to your own taste and delivered to you accordingly. Another trend in wedding invitations for 2014 is to use pocket folds and layered cards in order to add an extra special touch to your wedding invites and make them totally unique.

Wedding invitation specialists also say that 2014 will be the year when most wedding planners will choose customized wedding invites for special weddings. Personalized colors and fonts will be used when designing unique 2014 invitations and elegant raised printing techniques will also be highly appreciated.

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For those interested in what famous wedding dress designers have to say concerning new trends in wedding dresses for 2014 we have gathered in this article a few important results from our research.

Famous wedding dress designers have competed against each other and have overcome our expectations in bringing innovative new collections for the Spring/Summer of 2014. Three heavy names in this field of activity are Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier and Jenny Packham. They presented gorgeous wedding gowns to suit all brides worldwide planning to have their wedding in 2014, either in Spring or in Summer. These famous designers presented various models of wedding dresses that will be in trend next year including short skirts, dramatic backs, various gorgeous appliques, peplums, capes and wraps.

9192543064 f2534b0f5e z Wedding Trends For 2014 From Famous Designers

Short skirts have become a must among new wedding dress trends and they attract attention because they are considered far from traditional and everyone expected something different in these new collections presented by these famous designers and short skirts used in these collections have managed to amaze us. You have a wide variety of dresses in sizes from tea length to way above the knee from which you can choose the one that suits you best. Flirty styles have been considered the main attraction in these new collections.

Whenever a bride walks down the isle her presence must be a memorable one and in order to achieve this both her entrance and exit are considered important this season. Dresses with breathtaking backs have been considered the way in which this will be achieved next year. The amazing feeling is given by this design used in combination with lace detailing and various other amazing accoutrements.

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 As you have shown your interest in bridal dress trends for 2014 we have made our research and we are here to present you what we have found. Bridal gown trends for2014 bring innovative ideas to surface in collections presented by famous designers who have created great dresses of different types, in various textures and sizes for all of you out there interested in being in trend at your wedding next year.

High-necks have been in trend this year as we have seen them in many wedding dress collections and the trend is that they will gain even more popularity next year. Sheer and lace high necks are the ones mostly preferred by women worldwide and new models of this type will certainly be sold fast at the beginning of next year. Sparkly embellishments have also gained in popularity and will be very often seen in new collections of wedding dresses. Lace will always remain popular but by adding sparkly embellishments the results are amazing. Crystal belts or bodices are the key points in new collections.

9197964626 d2837ba641 z Unique Bridal Gown Trends For 2014
Photo source: brides.com

Shorter styles have also been considered a valid option for next year. Short dresses have heavily gained in popularity and this is the reason why all wedding dress designers have chosen to include such models of gowns into their brand new collections. Floaty layers are a must next year as they create a magical image of brides wearing them while walking down the isle.

Which of these wedding trends do you mostly prefer?