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The couples who are looking for fall wedding invitation kits should know that on the market they can find a wide variety of styles and colors suitable for a fall event. I’ve selected only a few of the most attractive fall wedding invitation kits that you should check out.

150328 fall wedding invitation kits 2 Fall Wedding Invitation Kits

Fall Wedding Invitation Kits (Photo by: Alpha)

My first suggestion is the DIY autumn wedding invitation kit which is available in a three or a 10-piece template set. The smaller set includes a wedding invitation, a response and a thank you card. All the cards are made of quality paper and impress with a gorgeous falling leaves design which perfectly captures the beauty of autumn. The invitation measures 5 x 7 inches and comes with a white background adorned with a three branch with gold and brown falling leaves printed on the left side of the card while the wording is wrote on the other side using an elegant font and brown ink. Both the response and thank you cards follow the same pattern, but are smaller than the wedding invitation. You will pay for this smaller wedding invitation kit only $15 while for the larger kit you will spend $29.


Another suitable fall wedding invitation kit that you should check out is the Tapestry of Fall Colors invitation kit which is also available in two versions (small and large). The wedding invitation measures 5 x 7 inches and is made of quality paper with a smooth finish. The front side of the invitation impresses with a cream background decorated with top and bottom leaves printed using specific fall colors like yellow, brown and deep red. In the middle you will notice the wording which is written using a stylish font and deep red ink. You will also get, along with the wedding invitation, matching response and thank you cards. The price of this wedding invitation kit varies between $15 and $29 depending on the size of the kit you choose.

150328 fall wedding invitation kits Fall Wedding Invitation Kits

Fall Wedding Invitation Kits (Photo by: Nick Webb)

The Fall Wedding Invitation kit 1 should also be on your list. This kit impresses with a simple, but elegant design which is suitable for a fall or Thanksgiving themed wedding. If you buy the smaller invitation kit you will receive a wedding invitation template and a response and thank you card template. Measuring 5 x 7 inches, the invitation stands out with an ecru background adorned with a left side brown border which holds a gorgeous tree with falling leaves. On the right side of the card you will find the wedding details printed using an elegant font and brown ink. The same pattern is used for the response and thank you cards. If you are interested in ordering the larger kit you will have to pay around $30, but you will receive besides the items included in the smaller kit, a save the date card, a reception card and a wedding program as well as place cards, wine labels and table numbers.

You should also take a closer look at the other fall wedding invitation kits listed on the printableweddinginvitations website.


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Unique chocolate gifts
If you celebrate Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween or Thanksgiving, then your gift must be entirely made of chocolate or must have at least one chocolate item. For chocolate lovers, the occasions mentioned above are perfect moments to receive chocolate gifts.

Chocolate is a girl’s best friend as they say, so if Valentine’s Day is coming, spoil your beloved wife or girlfriend with a heart shaped chocolate box or some luxurious champagne truffles which will delight not only her but all those who will taste her gift. Wrap the chocolate into a beautiful paper, add a red ribbon and a personal note telling her that not even chocolate is sweeter than her.

unique chocolate gifts 300x224 Unique Chocolate Gifts

Gift Basket from yourgiftbasketsupplier.com

Gather different chocolate candies, some luxury hot chocolate, caramel sweethearts and even a book of chocolate recipes, put it in a basket and give it to her with all your love and consideration. Surprise your beloved with some chocolate roses. She will enjoy her senses with a sweet chocolate and she will know once again what she means to you. If it’s Easter then you will have to choose the perfect chocolate egg for your nephew/niece, your own child or your friend. You must take into account the recipient’ s tastes and preferences in matter of chocolate. The market offers a great variety of chocolate products, so you don’t have to worry about a certain flavor. You can choose from Strawberry chocolate eggs, caramel creamed egg sandwiches, dark chocolate eggs, white chocolate eggs, etc. You can fill a plush bunny with many little chocolate eggs and thus, get the right Easter gift for a child.

There are special chocolate products for mothers that can be offered on Mother’s Day. Mom will be truly pampered on this special occasion which will be her official day off, too. The market offers chocolate gifts for any occasion (wedding anniversaries, Thank you gifts, Christmas, new baby gifts, dinner party gifts, birthday gifts etc.). Kids and teens will get a big smile on their faces if chocolate gifts are given to them. While teenagers would like heart-shaped chocolate or pink chocolate, kids would love to get their favorite cartoon characters or action idols made of chocolate. Since you can find this kind of chocolate items, why not buying them and give the kids something tasty and nice?

unique chocolate gifts 2 234x300 Unique Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate from countryliving.com

If you are more of a funny person, then you can order chocolate in funny shapes that imitate household things or any other thing that seems funny to you or that symbolizes a part of your friend’s personality.A funny Valentine’s Day gift is a “kiss me frog” chocolate. It’s both comic and tasty. You can even write a message with chocolate letters and give up the classic greeting card. Another way to make a chocolate lover happy is to give him/her a book of chocolate recipes and the ingredients to do that. Give him/her an apron personalized with some words like “I love chocolate” and you have the best gift.

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If you are one of those couples growing up in the Protestant Christian denomination, you will probably choose to have a Lutheran wedding ceremony. Lutheranism is a denomination of Christianity, but there are some branches of the Lutheran church that share big disagreements and differences.

Due to these disagreements, the service and the stages of the wedding ceremony may differ, but it’s for sure that they all agree on one thing: the wedding is most of all a worship service. Lutheran services praise God and honor the marital union. Lutheran wedding ceremonies usually start with a prelude.

During the prelude, are played Lutheran hymns on different musical instruments. After the prelude comes the wedding processional. But this is not a cliché. The order of service may vary from church to church.

Lutheran priests are called pastors. After the wedding processional, the pastor blesses the bridal party and guests to the worship service. Often, it is included here an opening prayer, appropriate for the wedding ceremony. Lutheran weddings also include scripture readings which are wedding Bible verses that tell about God’s view of marriage. The scripture verses might include: John 2: 1-10, depicting the wedding at Cana, Song of Solomon 8:7, speaking about unquenchable love, Colossians 3:12-17, about living in love and thanksgiving or Matthew 19: 4-6, which speaks about marriage faithfulness.

best lutherean wedding songs Lutheran Wedding Songs


As for the vows, they are usually those from the worship book in the order of marriage service. If couples wish to write their own original wedding vows it’s recommended for them to talk in advance with their pastor to find out if he will allow that. In some churches, after the pronunciation of marriage, the couple is invited to seal their union with a kiss.

Music is an integral part of any Lutheran wedding. Lutheran churches usually have a list of recommended Christian wedding songs for couples to play. The use of non-Christian songs during the wedding service is often discouraged. Lutheran songs are about worshiping God and Jesus. Here are some recommended Lutheran hymns:

Come Holy Spirit, Lord of Grace by C. Coffin

God beyond glory, gracious and holy by JL Bell

Gracious heavenly Father by AER Brauer

As Man and Woman We Were Made by BA Wren

Hear us now, our God and Father by HN Huxhold

I to the hills will lift my eyes- Scottish Psalter

Happy the home that welcomes you, Lord Jesus by JP Spitta

Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us by J. Edmeston

Lord Jesus who didst consecrate by B. Boyce

Lord Who at Cana’s Wedding Feast by A. Thrupp

Love Divine All Lovers Excelling

best lutherean wedding songs 300x208 Lutheran Wedding Songs


May we be one by R. Mann

Morning has broken by E. Farjeon

O Perfect Love, all human thought transcending Our Father, by whose name by FB Tucker

Our God be gracious unto us by PC Blake

Praise to the Lord, the almighty, the King of creation by J. Neander

Take thou my hand and lead me by J Haussmann

The Lord blesses you and keeps you – Aaronic Blessing

The Lord’s my shepherd I’ll not want – Scottish Psalter

The King of love my shepherd is by W Baker

The voice that breathed over Eden

When love is found and hope comes home by BA Wren

When the light of first creation by SF Ludgater

Where’er I go, whate’er my task by P. Fleming

Your love, O God has called us here by Schulz11

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Do you want something out of ordinary for your wedding day? Try something exotic such as Yoruba wedding music.

Yoruba is one of the largest ethnic groups in West Africa speaking the Yoruba language. Yoruba people are found predominantly in Nigeria representing around 21% of its total population.

Music and dance have an important place in worship in Yoruba Religion. The Yoruba’s singing consists of songs, lyrics and minstrels, old stories of past, lyrics about the circumstances of the present and the hopes of the future. Yoruba music is a combination of American music and traditional music such as JUJU music, one of the best known style of Yoruba music, FUJI Music and Afro-Beat.
yoruba wedding songs Traditional Yoruba Wedding Songs
Songs are employed in almost every event of their lives, in ceremonies, in wedding, in funeral, in wrestling, in cultivating the farm, in working, in going to war and in many other activities. Yoruba songs usually express people’s feeling of joy, sorrow or thanksgiving. Music is also closely linked to agriculture. Songs also enhance emotional and physical participation in the act of worship.

When it comes to music style, the Yoruba people have an old drumming tradition, with a characteristic use of the dundun hourglass tension drums that remind of the old tribal music. This type of music it’s also called dundun and imply using various tension drums with kettledrums also called gudugudu. The leader of an ensemble is called the iyalu and he uses the drum to speak by imitating the tonality of Yoruba. Much of Yoruba music is devoted to the Orisas of Yoruba mythology.
yoruba wedding songs 2 300x199 Traditional Yoruba Wedding Songs
Work songs are predominant in traditional Nigerian music. They help workers to keep the rhythm in fields, river canoes and other activities. The most common pattern of music is the call-and-response choir, sometimes accompanied by different instruments.

In what concerns wedding, this is a social affair, with many rituals and ceremonies. The lyrics of Yoruba wedding songs differ because Yoruba has its own independency as a language. The lyrics are inspired by proverbs, praises and poetry. When it comes to dancing, Bata is one of the most practiced Yoruba traditional dances. The dance changed a lot lately depending on the influences of the areas.
Bata is a ritual form of dance for Sango, a deity in Yoruba culture. It’s kind of a communication dance between the worshipers and the worshiped deity. Other traditional wedding dances are Gbamu, Kutelu and Alujo. In the past, these dances used to be strictly sacred dances, but they are now performed at weddings, birthdays, worship rituals, naming and coronation ceremonies.

Another Yoruba dance is called Eja meaning Break and it’s played on the master drum known as Iya ilu. The dancers react to it with sharp and jerky movement of the shoulders. The feet and head are also used.

Here are some famous Yoruba Fuji and Juju songs:

Eniyan Ti Mo Feran Ju


Lola Oluwa

Ko Seni To Le Di Lowo

Ere Loloja Nje

Ope Mi Koi To

Emi Orun Sokale

Oghene Me

Although the language is difficult, check the Internet, listen to samples and peak what you like best.11