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wedding cakes pricing 150x150 Wedding cakes prices and some cheap ideasAll of us know that a wedding reception includes a lot of money and savings given on all kinds of things which make a wedding memorable. First, you must write the list of guests and then looking for the location and the wedding cake. Yes, the number of guests you have counts a lot when choosing the dimension and the price of your wedding cake.
The price of a wedding cake includes the type of icing you want, the cake decoration, the size that the tiers of the cake have, and the number of servings you will need. It is very important to take into account the fact that a wedding cake is expensive because cooking and decorating it is a form of art that takes hours. So, concerning the wedding cake icing, you should know that rolled fondant and marzipan are the most expensive. The other icings you can choose are: real white or chocolate icing, royal icing chocolate ganache or flavored butter cream. If you choose a wedding cake with a lot of tiers and layers, you must be aware of the fact that it will cost you a lot. Think twice and take into account the budget you have for your wedding reception.

If you have up to 30 guests and choose a round 2 tier cake, you will pay only 165 dollars. The prices increase if you have more guests and choose a cake with more than 2 tiers. So, the most expensive wedding cake for up to 350 guests and 5 tiers will cost you 2.450 dollars.

Now, after you have an idea about the cost of a wedding cake, I am sure that reading some cheap wedding cake ideas will make you feel better. The cheapest wedding cake is that which has a single tier. Of course, many brides refuse to have a single tiered wedding cake because this type seems more like a birthday cake. But, if you are clever and open minded person, you will think at something beautiful and special for your single tiered wedding cake that will impress all your guests. Try to be special and to spend your savings on something more appropriate such as your honeymoon. If you have a low wedding cake budget, I advice you to choose a small wedding cake for your reception and for the wedding cake cutting photos. And, for your guests, have a sheet cake with the same flavour and icing, without special decorations because it will be used only for cutting and serving. The only persons will see this sheet cake will be you and the reception staff.

wedding cakes pricing 2 150x150 Wedding cakes prices and some cheap ideas

Another advice that should be taken into consideration by all the brides that have a small wedding cake budget is to prepare your own wedding cake. Now, you can find on internet all kinds of articles and videos with recipes and ideas of decoration that you can use as inspiration. As you can see, a wedding does not mean only spending a lot of money. It also means to be creative and to take the decisions which help us to save some money for other important things, such as, the first holiday as a married couple.11