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One of the most vivid and eye-catchy color combinations for a wedding is the orange and green theme. Vibrant, highly sophisticated and easy to remark from afar, these orange and green theme wedding centerpieces are surely for those who want something that cheerful and dynamic for their wedding.



In our opinion, a wedding is successful when the wedding guests are having a good time, a good laugh and a good dancing mood during the entire day and night. And the best way to provide this cheerful and fun atmosphere for the wedding attendants is to use a more energizing and revitalizing color scheme. Both the orange and green are bold colors, available in the vibrant color palettes. They form a stunning pair that is simply irresistible.

97955 orange and green theme wedding centerpieces 2 Orange And Green Theme Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Cake Designs With Ivy Flowers (Source: ruffledblog.com)

Now, it all depends on the exact type of orange and green shades you’re using. Both these color palettes are rich in derived shades and tones and this is why you have to choose the most adequate nuances with more care and attention. For instance, if you want something soft and refined, you should consult the pastel palettes. There you will find gorgeous shades of peach, coral pink, lime green, meadow green or emerald green. On the other hand, if you prefer something more dramatic and outstanding, browse through the bold palettes. The mint, sage and greens are the trendiest ones for vibrant themed weddings, as well as the bright and burnt oranges.

97955 orange and green theme wedding centerpieces Orange And Green Theme Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Cake Designs With Ivy Flowers (Source: ruffledblog.com)

However, if you want something balanced and complementary, you should combine a soft shade with a bolder tone and obtain a coherent and diversified effect! The orange theme is used with more confidence and pathos in exotic weddings, such as for beach, coast, island or desert weddings. When we say eccentric and wild, we think of an orange and green theme wedding centerpiece. This color scheme is not only strident, eye-popping and remarkable, but also cheerful, jovial and festive.

It can easily lift and light up the wedding atmosphere and offer the guest a warm, inviting and joyful mood. They will surely appreciate and compliment you on your color choice and remember your wedding for many years! If you want your decorations to look even more sophisticated and lavish, use ruffled flower blooms, such as ranunculuses, orchids, peonies, carnations, garden roses, gerbera daises or dahlias. They will form an ampler and larger arrangement and add more opulence to the natural design.