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For this article we‘ve prepared a few gorgeous floral arrangements created especially for those who are planning a tropical wedding outside the doors, in a more simplistic and soft way. There are so many creative ideas and themes to follow for planning a successful and fashionable destination wedding nowadays, that the modern bride or couple can get easily overwhelmed.




Making the final decision regarding the most adequate theme, colors, flowers and accessories for the wedding décor arrangements is definitely one of the hardest things to do for a bride. It is a challenging choice and this is why you need to pay attention to all important aspects of your wedding. The formality, the venue, the season and the amplitude of the event are the principal aspects that you must take into consideration when planning the decorations for the reception.

98389 rustic beach wedding centerpieces 3 Rustic Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Rustic Beach Wedding Centerpieces (Source: ruffledblog.com)

This article is for those who have decided to plan the wedding on a beach. The style adopted by the designers for these centerpieces is the rustic style. The vast majority of the brides and grooms today are willing to adopt a more simplistic and natural style for their wedding, whether the repletion takes place outdoors or indoors. The natural themes are the trendiest ones among both classic and modern couples and we are happy to offer you a few great examples of this kind.

98389 rustic beach wedding centerpieces 2 Rustic Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Rustic Beach Wedding Centerpieces (Source: ruffledblog.com)

In fact, we recommend these rustic beach wedding centerpieces to all brides and grooms who are planning a simple or intimate reception outdoors and wish to recreate the tropical vibe of the ocean or beach. You can choose any wedding venue in the middle of the nature and used these types of centerpieces. You can go for a simple backyard wedding or for a country-side wedding and adopt this rustic style that is phenomenal! We also recommend these fresh-cut flower arrangements for open field weddings, garden, park or mountain top receptions.

98389 rustic beach wedding centerpieces Rustic Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Rustic Beach Wedding Centerpieces (Source: ruffledblog.com)

You are free to use any other type of flower or recipients for your centerpieces, according to the theme you picked for the wedding. But these decorations here look extremely elegant and classy although they are simple and clean. This is why we wouldn’t change anything about them. They are fashionable, modern, fresh and highly inspiring. The dainty white vases make a stunning contrast and team with the white simple flower blooms and the basket recipients used as decorative elements that can reflect the rustic theme.


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We are happy to present you a few divine wedding tabletops that a bride can choose for a nature inspired reception planned in or outdoors. These decorations look so romantic and expressive because they contain two of the most sensual colors: purple and red. We finally found a design that incorporates both these colors that are so trendy nowadays in weddings. Red is the official color of romantic weddings, while purple is viewed as the most sensual and flattering tone for modern weddings.


We can only imagine and now see how seductive a purple and red wedding flower arrangement can actually be! Among all color-schemes we’ve promoted until now, this one is definitely one our favorite. It is bold, dramatic and powerful, and besides this it is also very romantic and elegant. The designers who created these tabletops are really talented and ingenious. We can see they have experience in working with the colors because they picked the most appropriate flowers for this theme. The peonies, the roses, the sweet peas and the gladiolas are the blooms used in these arrangements.

101237 purple and red wedding flowers 2 Purple And Red Wedding Flowers

Purple and Red Wedding Flowers (Source: studioblush.com)

The combination between purple and red hue is breathtakingly beautiful and charming. Who would have thought these two bold and contrasting colors can work so well together? We recommend this color palette to those who are planning a beautiful wedding in summer or fall. There is something dramatic about this palette that makes us also think of winter time weddings. But it’s your choice regarding the best season you should choose for your wedding. Among other types of purple flowers you can incorporate in your arrangements, we mention a few more that are trendy nowadays: lavenders, ranunculuses, orchids, violets, lilacs, hyacinths, freesias and hydrangeas. As for the red part of the arrangement, we advise you to use also ruffled or lavish blooms available in season, such as: gladiolas, garden roses, tulips, dahlias, carnations, gerbera daises or asters.

101237 purple and red wedding flowers Purple And Red Wedding Flowers

Purple and Red Wedding Flowers (Source: studioblush.com)

These centerpieces also contain a few green hydrangeas that add a natural touch to the entire arrangements, making the atmosphere a bit more refreshing, inviting and warm. The metal petite vases used as the recipients for these flowers are elegant and stylish, and they add a classical touch to the reception. The white tablecloths and the green chairs complete the theme and make it more versatile and complementary. As we said before, these floral arrangements can fit both in and outdoors weddings!


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Those who are planning a beautiful wedding in summer or in spring and wish to use a more cheerful theme can opt for a pink and yellow color-scheme. This combination is ideal for outdoors wedding ceremonies and receptions because it is fresh, warm and inviting. The brides who decide to use this color palette will surely obtain a charming décor for the guests.


The images we’re showing here are meant to satisfy the curiosity of how these two colors look like when you join them. We should mention that the designers who created these magical pieces used hot pink and bright yellow shades. So the theme is really vibrant and outstanding. If you don’t want anything too strident or flashy, you can use a softer type of pink or yellow, like coral pink, salmon pink, violet or buttercup yellow. It’s up to you and your wedding formality.

101913 summery wedding flowers yellow and pink 3 Summery Wedding Flowers: Yellow And Pink

Summery Wedding Flowers: Yellow and Pink (Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com)

The season and the venue are however the coordinates of the wedding that can influence the colouring and the theme of the event. If you’re going for a spring wedding, we suggest you use a pastel palette. On the other hand, if the wedding is in summer and you want something more festive and joyful, use bolder tones. These superb floral arrangements were created for outdoors weddings on open fields, near a lake, on the beach or anywhere else in the middle of the nature.

101913 summery wedding flowers yellow and pink 2 Summery Wedding Flowers: Yellow And Pink

Summery Wedding Flowers: Yellow and Pink (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

The pink and yellow color theme can also fit a vineyard type of wedding, especially the arrangement that features a magenta type of pink. The designers used pink peonies, yellow freesias and green viburnum. As you can see, the theme also features a nice splash of lime green that adds even more freshness and naturalness to the design. These flowers are all sublimely perfumed which can seduce the wedding attendants in an irremediable way! We invite you to browse for more pink and yellow wedding flower arrangements on our website because we have a myriad of other interesting articles on this subject written for you.

101913 summery wedding flowers yellow and pink Summery Wedding Flowers: Yellow And Pink

Summery Wedding Flowers: Yellow and Pink (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

We love the bouquet that’s wrapped with a striped white-and-black ribbon. This is a daring element that makes the arrangement even more eye-catchy, impressive and intriguing. Unique, invigorating, feminine and fun, these centerpieces and bouquets can be chosen or used as inspiration for many brides of today, we’re sure of it! Their precious beauty made us bring these pictures on our website and leave you to examine them closely.


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There is no other nuance that can make a wedding look as elegant, classy, pure and immaculate as the color can. The truth is that this theme is timeless and it will never fade out of fashion, contrary to what many might think or say. This color is sublime natural and feminine and it fits perfectly the meaning of a wedding or a marriage.


The white décor is the perfect symbol and expression of the holy commitment made between a man and a woman and the floral arrangements are meant to strengthen this bound. We found a few more beautiful white wedding flower arrangements to show here to those who are decided to go for this theme. These pictures show us three different types of bouquets and arrangements that a bride can choose or get inspired from for her wedding.

101715 white wedding floral arrangements 3 White Wedding Floral Arrangements

White Wedding Floral Arrangements (Source: studioblush.com)

We love the first bridal bouquet showed in the first picture and also the combination between different types of white blooms and green accents. This floral arrangement can fit perfectly the brides who are planning the wedding in the countryside or anywhere else in the middle of the nature. White is pure, soft and classy, but it can also fit a natural type of wedding planned outdoors. This arrangement has a rustic vibe that can fit perfectly the rural ceremonies or those booked for farmhouses, vineyards or open fields. The bouquet contains lavish peony and chrysanthemum blooms and a few freesia accents.

101715 white wedding floral arrangements 2 White Wedding Floral Arrangements

White Wedding Floral Arrangements (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

The bouquet can be worn on a spring wedding, but it can also fit an early summer time wedding. The floral ruffles made for the bride’s dress fit perfectly the flower arrangement in her hand and this is exactly what we recommend you guys: choose a wedding bouquet that can fit somehow the design, the color, the formality or the theme of your wedding dress. This way you will obtain a coherent and highly thematic look that everyone will admire and compliment you on.

101715 white wedding floral arrangements White Wedding Floral ArrangementsWhite Wedding Floral Arrangements (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

The second bridal bouquet in the second picture is also a great choice for a nature inspired wedding. The arrangement contains white peonies, gerbera daises and sweet peas and a few green viburnum blooms. This bouquet can make a beautiful accessory for those who are planning a white and green themed wedding. Expressive, innocent, lush and feminine, this bouquet is ideal for outdoors weddings – of any kind. In the third picture we have two wreaths composed of white flowers with buttercup accents that the bride can use for the front doors of the church or of the wedding local.


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Those who are thinking of planning their wedding in a more cheerful and festive way, should definitely use yellow for the flower arrangement. Yellow is the color of freshness, vitality, happiness and vibrancy. It is natural, invigorating and strident and it is easy to remark from afar. It can help a bride plan a vibrant wedding and obtain a remarkable décor and an inviting reception that everyone will appreciate and remember.


It’s not easy to organize a colored wedding, but there’s nothing easier than to flatter and seduce your wedding guests with a vibrantly colored décor. They will adore your yellow decorations and dance all day and night long! Yellow is also energizing and dynamic and it can set a fun cheerful atmosphere that won’t let your wedding attendants sit at their tables and sleep in their shoes!

101250 yellow wedding flower tabletops 3 Yellow Wedding Flower Tabletops

Yellow Wedding Flower Tabletops (Source: studioblush.com)

Yellow can lift up the atmosphere and bring the best in a wedding. There are many qualities this color has, as you can see, but perhaps designers love this color so many because it can remind the couple that their wedding is supposed to be cheerful, fun and festive. There is no other day that’s more important in your life and this is why you should celebrate more properly. And what other color to use for obtaining a successful festive wedding than yellow?

101250 yellow wedding flower tabletops 2 Yellow Wedding Flower Tabletops

Yellow Wedding Flower Tabletops (Source: studioblush.com)

We brought these superb yellow wedding flower arrangements here because we also wanted to show you that this nuance can also look elegant and classy in a wedding if used in the correct shades and doses. Besides its vividness, yellow can also make a wonderful color choice for glamorous weddings. It is the expression of brightness, sensuality and sunlight and this is why it can be used with confidence in elegant high class weddings. Extravagant and luxurious, yellow can help a bride obtain even an eccentric effect, if the wedding is planned for a beach or a tropical location.

101250 yellow wedding flower tabletops Yellow Wedding Flower Tabletops

Yellow Wedding Flower Tabletops (Source: studioblush.com)

If you’re going for the bold yellow shades, make sure that you won’t obtain a strident flashy effect that can be disturbing and annoying. Use buttercup yellow nuances if you are afraid of obtaining an ostentatious effect. They are softer to the eye and also more elegant and feminine. The designers made these yellow wedding flower arrangements look lush and lavish. And this is because they used ruffled blooms like ranunculuses garden roses, peonies and dahlias. The last design contains a few citric lemons that can work for fresh weddings outdoors.


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Fall can be a great season for a wedding if the couple knows how to explore its beauty. Each season has its own palette of colors and flowers that the bride can follow in order to obtain a fresh, invigorating and warm atmosphere for her groom and her wedding guests. The autumn is the time of harvest, festivity and opulence.


The colors are rich, bold, dark and intense, while the flowers are lavish and strong. We brought a few gorgeous wedding flower arrangements created by talented designers especially for the couples who have decided to spend the wedding day in fall. These designs are fashionable, elegant and innovative. There is something unique, exquisite and appealing about these centerpieces that can attract or wake up even the most bored or insensitive guests. The colors are vivid, impressive and visually stimulating. The oranges and the purples are perhaps the trendiest colors used today for autumn weddings.

101246 lush fall wedding flowers 2 Lush Fall Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers In Lexington Ky (Source: studioblush.com)

The orange nuance can be found in both soft (peach) and darker tones (burnt orange), as well as the purple, which is richer and more generous in derived shades: plums, violets, lavenders, mauves, aubergines and lilacs. You can use a pastel shade against a darker tone if you want to obtain a contrasting effect. Dramatic and intense, these fall wedding flower arrangements are also romantic and highly elegant. The branches used for these tabletops also add a touch of whimsicality, dynamism, power and naturalness. In the first picture we can see that the designers used a few pumpkins and candles in orange and cream to add more intimacy, warmth and sensuality to the atmosphere. These tabletops are rich, sophisticated, seasonal and highly thematic. They can fit especially the weddings that take place in the countryside or in rustic locations, like farmhouses, barns or open fields. They can be used for indoors and for outdoors receptions.

101246 lush fall wedding flowers Lush Fall Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers In Lexington Ky (Source: studioblush.com)

The second picture shows us that even the pastel nuances can work for the dramatic autumnal season. The designers used cream and green flowers, branches and mini trees to add a strong statement to the atmosphere. This centerpiece is softer and it can fit the high class types of weddings planned especially indoors, in fancy locals. You can also adopt this style for a garden inspired wedding décor, if the weather is sunny and warm. We invite you to browse for more articles on autumnal and fall wedding flower bouquets and centerpieces on our website!


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The roses are back in trend, or at least this is what we can see in the latest wedding arrangements created nowadays by designers. There are always disparate opinions regarding the trends and the tendencies, and this is because each designer has his own vision of the ideal wedding. Each bride has her own image of how the perfect wedding should look like and this is why there are never general rules or stoned trends that we can recommend to everybody.


There are also conflicts between the designer’s advices and the expectations of the couples. But as we said in other articles, everyone is free to set his/her own wedding formality, theme and design for the décor arrangement according to their own preferences. Those who want to obtain a unique reception but are not satisfied or pleased with the designs that are available on the market can always follow the DIY method.

100655 pink rose wedding flower arrangements 3 Pink Rose Wedding Flower Arrangements

Pink Rose Wedding Flower Arrangements (Source: mytorontoflowers.ca)

If you consider yourself an imaginative person and you do know how to handle the flowers and the colors, you can create the centerpieces yourself. You don’t have to be very skilful or learned to be able to compose a few wedding flower arrangements as long as you have the essential: a sharp sense of creativity and a visionary mind. There are many articles in which we talk about the DIY methods and about creative ideas you can follow that you can browse our website for.

100655 pink rose wedding flower arrangements 2 Pink Rose Wedding Flower Arrangements

Pink Rose Wedding Flower Arrangements (Source: s3.amazonaws.com)

The samples, the themes and the color-combinations we feature on our website are definitely capable to teach or help you create your own fancy decorations. These pink wedding flower arrangements we’re showing here are sweet, feminine and romantic, and they can be chosen by both traditional and modern brides. There is always something classy and elegant about the roses (especially the white, the red and the pink ones) that can help the bride plan a fanciful, high class and stylish wedding even outdoors, in a simple, relaxed natural location. The first arrangement we’re showing in this article is lavish and opulent.

100655 pink rose wedding flower arrangements Pink Rose Wedding Flower Arrangements

Pink Rose Wedding Flower Arrangements (Source: countryliving.com)

The designers used roses, hydrangeas, gerbera daises and peonies in various shades of pink: fuchsia, blush and violet. The glass vase adds elegance and novelty to the entire arrangement. The second picture on this page show us a few lush pink rose centerpieces intercalated with lots of candles. The last design is relatively a more simplistic and natural one. It contains peach and pink large roses.


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We found a few beautiful pictures of natural wedding flower arrangements that we want to show to those who are decided to plan an outdoors reception. The trend with nature inspired wedding ceremonies is extremely widespread and adopted by more and more contemporary brides and grooms. The weddings today are more relaxed and relaxing and also more simplistic.



The themes chosen by the brides are also more vibrant and vivacious. When you’re planning an outdoors wedding everything has to fit the location and the natural environment. This is why every single item, decoration, accessory or container has to be simple, clean and natural. Starting with the tablecloths and flower recipients and ending up with the flowers and the decorative elements, the wedding centerpieces have to be arranged in a soft loose style.

96431 wild flower wedding centerpieces 3 Wild Flower Wedding Centerpieces

She Wants The Wedding Flowers For Free (Source: ruffledblog.com)

These wild flower wedding centerpieces we’re presenting here can make beautiful examples of this kind. The designers used a multitude of seasonal flowers that can be found especially during the spring or the early months of summer. These are cheap flowers that are “recommended” or suggested by the seasonal palette. The tiny blooms, the vivid colors, the fragile stems and the soft petals are signs of simple and discreet flowers that can fit perfectly a wild flower themed wedding.

96431 wild flower wedding centerpieces 2 Wild Flower Wedding Centerpieces

She Wants The Wedding Flowers For Free (Source: ruffledblog.com)

Among the flowers used in these table centerpieces we recognize the frilly ranunculuses, the fragrant bedstraws, the perfumed lavenders, the playful Billy balls and the wild delphiniums. You can use any other flower assortment that is available in the season of your wedding. You can find these types of flowers at any local store. However, we suggest you consult with a specialist on this theme because it’s not easy to obtain an elegant, stylish and classy design using such simple and fragile flowers. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a generous wedding budget that can allow you to hire someone who can do all the work for you, these wild flower wedding centerpieces can surely help you get inspired.

96431 wild flower wedding centerpieces Wild Flower Wedding Centerpieces

She Wants The Wedding Flowers For Free (Source: ruffledblog.com)

The DIY method is very popular and adopted by many brides – both the wealthy and the economical ones. This method encourages you to develop your sense of creativity and use your imagination. You can take these arrangements as inspirational designs and compose your own centerpieces according to your own vision. We are sure that you will obtain a successful decoration! Use rustic decorative items and accessories that can enrich the look of your floral arrangements.