Spanish Wedding Dresses

19 November 2012 0 Comments

The Spanish wedding dresses impress with glamorous and exquisite designs and gorgeous embellishments which will definitely make you look like a princess on your wedding day. Made of the finest fabrics, these Spain-inspired gowns are fashionable and can be worn by any bride who is interested in having a memorable appearance on her special day. […]

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Victorian Wedding Dresses

05 November 2012 0 Comments

The brides who are interested in organizing a Victorian style wedding should make sure that besides the right decorations they also buy the right wedding dress. On the market you have the chance to find exquisite Victorian style bridal gowns which impress with their fashionable design and beautiful details. Here are only a few of […]

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Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

17 October 2012 0 Comments

Nowadays, planning a vintage themed wedding isn’t too difficult because you can find a wide variety of vintage decorations and accessories suitable for recreating a vintage atmosphere. If you are looking for a vintage wedding dress you should know that on the market you will find plenty of stylish options. Here are only a few […]

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Winter Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

16 October 2012 0 Comments

With winter knocking on our doors, many brides who’ve decided to get married during this winter season are interested in finding suitable wedding dresses. Fortunately, on the market you have the opportunity to find both traditional and winter inspired wedding dresses designed to remind you about the holidays and the beauty of winter. Check out […]

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Modest Wedding Dresses Lds

15 October 2012 0 Comments

The brides who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints need to make sure the wedding dress they buy meets all the requirements. That means it should have knee-length or longer skirt, sleeves that cover the shoulder, no cleavage and a covered back. If you are looking for such a modest […]

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Short Informal Wedding Dresses

13 October 2012 0 Comments

The market is full of various wedding dresses suitable for certain wedding themes. If you are looking for an informal short bridal gown you should definitely visit the website. On this website you will find stunning short and informal gowns suitable for any bride and any budget. Here are only a few of the […]

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Halter Style Wedding Dresses

05 October 2012 0 Comments

The halter style wedding dresses are usually stunning and flattering gowns that you should definitely consider when choosing your dream wedding dress. You will have the opportunity to find halter bridal gowns designed by well known designers from all around the world which catch your attention with different styles and beautiful embellishments. Here are only […]

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Modest Wedding Dresses

28 December 2011 0 Comments

If you want to find out more information about the modest wedding dresses you have to read this article. The wedding dress styles are different and the bride can choose her gown based on her wedding ceremony’s theme. In case that you prefer to protect the wedding’s traditional feature and you don’t want to personalize […]

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Lace Wedding Invitations

22 December 2011 0 Comments

Lace is a very elegant fabric which you can use on almost anything. It goes well with a dress, a pair of shoes and why not a wedding invitation? This might be the final touch that your invite needs. The lace can be white or it can be colored. It can be all over the […]

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Franc Sarabia 2012 Wedding Dresses

12 August 2011 0 Comments

For 2012 brides who are searching for something totally unique, elegant and utterly romantic, perhaps the new bridal collection signed by Franc Sarabia can make an exceptional inspiration.   We are huge fans of this designer’s creations and we must admit that we’ve been curious to see how the new pieces will look for the […]

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Carriage Wedding Cake Topper

08 February 2011 0 Comments


Vintage Fashions come more and more in their rights, and in the wedding domain was not late to appear, bringing with it a special charm. If you are thinking to organize a wedding story then is mandatory to use a means of locomotion that will carry from the local to church and from church to […]

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Humorous wedding cake topper

08 January 2011 0 Comments


It was an earlier period, when at all weddings is was used only the white color. If it was a wedding, had to use white. In our time everything is colorful. As I mentioned above, the color of the wedding is varied. Any shade of color you like, offers a variety of shapes and shadows, […]

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Elegant Lace Wedding Dresses

09 December 2010 2 Comments

Lace is one of those fabrics very appreciated by a certain category of brides, and pretty hated by other brides. However, we must admit that this fabric is simply extraordinary, 100% elegant and classy. Perhaps those who don’t want to hear about lace have the wrong impression that that this fabric will only make them […]

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Elaborated wedding dresses Chicago

15 October 2010 0 Comments


Not all the brides are happy with the simple stylish look for the big day and want something more provocative, easily remarkable and fully elaborated. In this article we are going to discuss about elaborated wedding dresses hopping that these pictures will help you envision more correctly the ideal wedding dress for you. Wearing a […]

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Lace up back wedding dresses Chicago

05 October 2010 1 Comment


If you’re more into the corset style or if you want to wear a wedding dress that can both slim and lift for the wedding perhaps you should give it a try with a sensual lace up back wedding dress. These types of wedding dresses are coming back into fashion now that new designs more […]

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Lace back wedding dresses Washington Dc

05 October 2010 1 Comment


Lace wedding dresses are more fashionable, chic, romantic, feminine and elegant looking than ever. More and more brides of today who are planning either a modern or a more antique inspired wedding seem to choose a sensual elegant lace wedding dress for the big day. The reasons differ from case to case, from one type […]

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Lace short sleeve wedding dresses New York

05 October 2010 10 Comments


If you’ve always wanted to look elegant, refined, feminine and delicate on the wedding day perhaps you should consider wearing a splendid lace short sleeve wedding dress. Take a look at these photos with amazingly beautiful lace short sleeve wedding dresses and tell us what you think. Don’t they seem quite dainty, classy, chic and […]

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Crochet wedding dresses New York

04 October 2010 1 Comment


For the nontraditional bride who is planning a hippie or a bohemian old style like look perhaps a timeless crochet wedding dress can make a truly inspiring choice. If you love the look and the touch of lace but you’re not quite attracted or fully convinced that a lace wedding dress will suit your body […]

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