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Halloween is just knocking at our door and we have a beautiful collection of centerpieces for all the brides planning to get married on the spookiest day of the year. Leaving all ghouls aside, are you ready to create a unique Halloween wedding setting?

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Having a fall inspired wedding can be a very good inspiration for your wedding invitations. The best think you can do is to coordinate your wedding invites with the theme of the wedding. You should incorporate some fall elements into your invites. Let’s take for instance the colorful leaves which are very representatives for the changing season. You could try some interesting pattern leaf designs which are either on the front of the invite or on one side. You could also take pumpkins which are very symbolic for autumn or for Halloween and you could incorporate them into your invites. You could also try some fall flowers or some trees with some falling leaves.

108627 autumn wedding invitations 2 Autumn Wedding Invitations

Autumn Wedding Invitations (Source: thepartyblock.com)

There are plenty of designs and patterns you can choose from. The invites can be any desired shape or size and it all varies from store to store. The prices also vary. The wording part should also be original and should be according to your own taste. You could use some jokes or some funny sayings which will represent you as a couple. You could also try some formal introductions and never forget to include relevant data such as the time , place and the location of your wedding reception.

108627 autumn wedding invitations Autumn Wedding Invitations

Autumn Wedding Invitations (Source: vmjinnovations.com)

An RSVP would be advisable to include so that you can have your guests confirm their attendance. You could also include a card with some menu choices so that the guests can pick out the kind of meal courses they would prefer. And since it is a fall wedding try to serve some traditional fall meals. The final look of the invitations can have orange or silk bows or you can even use some pins or some seals to create a very romantic look. the envelops are usually white and the invites should be sent out at least 4 weeks in advance so the guests have time to give a reply.


Remember to choose the invitations according to what you like and according to your budget. You can order these invitations from craft stores and other sites which are specialized in wedding invitations.


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The pink nuance is definitely one of the most beautiful, inspiring and sumptuous nuances that can fit perfectly the sentimental brides who are planning a more romantic type of wedding ceremony and reception. We are very excited to be able to present you such delightful and superb simple pink wedding flower centerpieces that we are convinced many of you will find attractive and adequate for your own wedding.


Those of your who are interested in seeing more of the fabulous centerpieces and bouquets that are trendy today in the pink theme should definitely browse for more articles on various types of pink wedding bouquets and arrangements that we have on our website. The pink theme is chosen not only by the romantic brides, but also by those who are planning a more refined Halloween themed wedding, an Asian inspired wedding or a punk rock wedding where the pink nuance can make a gorgeous pair with the black color.

sims 2 wedding flowers 300x300 Simple Pink Wedding Flower Centerpieces


For this article we’ve decided to present you these charming pink centerpieces that can fit the causal types of wedding receptions because we know that the majority of the brides or couples today are interested in planning a chic, fancy and elegant informal wedding. The outdoors locations are also the ones that are recommended or suggested for these ravishing simple pink wedding flower centerpieces, but you can also plan the wedding for a cozier location indoors.

sims 2 wedding flowers 2 300x300 Simple Pink Wedding Flower Centerpieces


It all depends on the exact type of wedding you’re planning: formal, causal, vintage, modern, sophisticated, natural, glamorous, chromatic, etc. Those of you who are planning the gorgeous wedding in the middle of the nature can choose from the following locations or venues: gardens, parks, backyards, open fields, forests, mountain tops, beaches, islands, country sides, coasts, greenhouses, etc. The pink theme can look absolutely divine when used by vintage brides in their antique inspired wedding. If you are a fan of the antique themed weddings then you should pink a blush pink or a coral pink nuance for the decor arrangements.

sims 2 wedding flowers 3 300x300 Simple Pink Wedding Flower Centerpieces


Among the most popular or trendy types of pink flowers that are nowadays used for wedding reception arrangements and bridal bouquets we mention the following blooms: ranunculuses, sweet peas, anemones, lilacs, hyacinths, carnations, lavenders, calla lilies, hyacinths, garden roses, cherry blossom, plumerias, zinnias, asters, freesias, tulips, gladiolas, pansies, gerbera daises, chrysanthemums and orchids. You can make beautiful combinations using these superb flowers according to your own preferences.11

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If you simply love Halloween, so you’re planning on having your wedding close to this popular celebration, you should consider ordering a Halloween-inspired wedding cake. To create such a cake you will simply have to use some out-of-the-ordinary decorations. That means the flavors can stay as traditional as you want them to be. To help you come up with the spooky Halloween wedding cake of your interest I actually listed a few interesting ideas that I strongly recommend.

154247 halloween wedding cakes 2 Halloween Wedding Cakes

Halloween Wedding Cakes (Photo by: 1031)

For instance, you should consider shaping your cake like an orange pumpkin. As you know the pumpkin is one of the most popular symbols of Halloween. In addition, it’s a great base for a beautifully decorated wedding cake. That’s because you can easily take it to the next level by adding some leaves and even a few spiders. I also advise you to follow the Halloween theme chosen even when it comes to the cake topper. For instance, you should consider buying a couple made of a ghost bride and groom. You can also choose to create traditional wedding cake tiers and use pumpkin inspiration only for designing the top tier. To make sure the rest of the tiers are as Halloween-inspired as the top one you will just have to add to their exterior a variety of dark flowers, bats and dark butterflies. You should also consider placing miniature orange pumpkins on the tiers’ edges.


If you want the cake to be truly spooky, you should consider getting your inspiration from a graveyard. This is not a cake theme for those who like tradition because it involves decorating the cake with headstones and dead trees. You can decide to even gift the bottom of the cake with a cemetery gate. Not to mention the corpse bride and groom topper that you are expected to place on top of the resulting creation. The same dead trees can also be used for a purple and black multi-tier cake embellished with black ribbon and black bats. On top of such a cake you should place a funny skeleton bride and groom topper.

If you find the above mentioned ideas to grim for a wedding, you should consider creating a so-called Halloween icon cake. This cake is more suitable for the special day in your life because it’s mainly white. The tradition of this cake started at the Claremont Hotel located in Berkley and involves creating a multi-tier white wedding cake and decorating it with Halloween symbols made from chocolate. That means your cake will end up wearing spiders, ghosts, brooms and pumpkin faces. To complete the look you should add a cake topper that displays two pumpkins in love, for instance.

154247 halloween wedding cakes Halloween Wedding Cakes

Halloween Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Dèsirèe Tonus)

These are just a few of the ideas that work for a Halloween wedding cake. The list is much longer because it’s based mainly on your imagination. For instance, by using as inspiration the characters you like to play each Halloween you might be able to come up with an extremely unique and fun alternative. That’s why I recommend you to not be afraid to use your imagination and be unconventional.


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Finding the perfect wedding gown is mandatory, considering that every woman wants to look and feel her best in the most important and beautiful day of her life. Even so, it may require a lot of time and patience to get the perfect wedding dress, as there are numerous types and styles you should check out. Most women tend to make their decision based on the shape of their body, but also relying greatly on their personality and style and this is how some non traditional wedding dresses appeared on the market. Considering that we all have our own style, it is only natural for us to dream about getting a wedding dress that matches that style.

144889 non traditional wedding dresses 6 Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses (Source: dilshil.com)

The traditional white wedding dress is no longer the main attraction for today’s brides. Of course, a white dress is never out of style, but considering that there are so many types of wedding dresses at the moment, it would be kind of old-fashioned to opt for the white wedding dress. There are, of course, some white non traditional wedding dresses out there, but most brides today who decide to get such a dress do not necessarily think about the color of the dress as much as they think about the unique style and shape. Designers have done their best to please every woman and most of them have made collections featuring superb and very unusual wedding dresses.

144889 non traditional wedding dresses 5 Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses (Source: s1.hubimg.com)

Although your local bridal store may not have the non traditional wedding dresses you would expect to see, you should ask the people who work there whether you can place an order for a certain type of dress. There are plenty of stores that do this thing and it should not be too hard to get the dress that you want. Most bridal stores do have the non traditional colored wedding dresses, so you should go around and check out their style, maybe you can find something interesting and you can even buy the dress of your dream. If not, there is always the online world, where you can find… anything. It is not advisable to buy your wedding dress online, but if you are lucky enough, you can find a reliable person who will offer you the chance of returning the dress if it does not fit or if it is not what you were actually looking for.

Colored Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Although it should not be too long until colored wedding dresses lose their non traditional status and turn into traditional ones, there is still some fuss related to women who actually decide to wear a colored wedding dress to their wedding. Even so, there are numerous women who buy such wedding dresses are they look splendid and they feel awesome, because the dress is exactly what they were looking for. That being said, you should know that you can find non traditional wedding dresses in all sorts of colors, including red, purple or black. Vera Wang, one of the most prolific wedding dress designers today, actually has a whole collection of black wedding dresses, so it should not be too hard to find a suitable one.

144889 non traditional wedding dresses 4 Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses (Source: black-wedding-dress.com)

Regarding colored wedding dresses, you should know that most of them are made out of high quality fabrics, so you may end up spending a little more on them than you would on a white wedding dress, but that does not mean that the colored wedding dress is not worth spending every cent on it. Actually, if you are bold and you have a unique style, you might want to get such a dress, because I am pretty sure it will advantage you greatly.

144889 non traditional wedding dresses 3 Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses (Source: worldoffemale.com)

The thing is that most women who decide to buy a colored wedding dress do it because they actually know that the dress will suit them perfectly. If you are not sure that you look good in a certain color, you should not buy a dress in that color. Try to find a dress that matches you style and personality and forget about those dresses that look amazing but… not on you. Making the right choice is mandatory, especially when it comes to colored non traditional wedding dresses.

Odd Choices in Matters of Wedding Dresses

While colored wedding dresses are no longer frowned upon, it seems that there are plenty women who find it unique to wear odd wedding dresses. When I say non traditional, I do not necessarily refer to wearing a Hello Kitty motif wedding dress. That is utterly weird and believe it or not, there have been women who wanted such a dress for their wedding and they got it. I know that we all have different personalities, styles, pleasures and hobbies, but wearing a Hello Kitty motif wedding dress may not be the best choice for a grown woman, who is getting married and not going to a Halloween party.

144889 non traditional wedding dresses 2 Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

It would be amazingly non traditional to transpose the theme of your wedding on your wedding dress as well. There are plenty women who have done it and who were absolutely amaze to see how beautiful their wedding dresses turned out to be. There are plenty odd wedding dresses out there, but not all of them are ugly; there are, actually, some models which are simply breath-taking. Choosing the right dress, however, can be a little more complicated than expected, because there are numerous non traditional wedding dresses out there and it may be quite hard to choose only one, because most of them are beautiful.

144889 non traditional wedding dresses Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses (Source: robotvsbadger.com)

The most important thing you need to know is that your wedding dress is supposed to make you look absolutely divine, because you only get married once (hopefully!) and you want to impress all your wedding guests with your stunning looks. Therefore, instead of wasting any more time, go out there and start looking for the perfect dress, because the clock is ticking and it is going to pass quickly and you have to make sure you get your hands on the perfect non traditional wedding dress at least two, three months before the most important and beautiful event of your life.


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For a fall wedding you need to prepare and find the proper wedding invitations. This means that you should find a theme and then purchase some samples online which will also reflect the theme of your wedding. Since fall is a season of changes you could go for some interesting invitations with some leaf models. The leaves can be multicolored and they can be arranged in the middle of the invite and so on. You could also choose some colored pumpkin designs. They can be white, orange or you can go for both color combinations. The pumpkins can also have some funny designs on them like funny faces or even some scary ones. These models will be perfect for a Halloween inspired concept. Try some other scary images like spider webs or some bat designs as well.

121998 wedding invitations fall 2 Wedding Invitations Fall

Wedding Invitations Fall (Source: tinytidings.com)

Witches are also a creepy image which you can use for your wedding invitations. Another ideal for a lovely fall wedding concept would be to choose some fall sceneries which will look lovely on the invitations. You can look online and check out different types of models to see what you like. Decide if you want the paper to be a matte one or if you want it to be a more shinny one. There are also different types of patterns on the invite such as floral ones or some elegant leaf ones.

121998 wedding invitations fall Wedding Invitations Fall

Wedding Invitations Fall (Source: 4mybrides.com)

You may also opt for some interesting fall florals on the invitations if you want something a bit more classical and elegant. Make sure to opt for colors that are best suited for a fall wedding invitation. Go for some borders or some bows to embellish the invite even more and make it look special. You may also find lots of jeweled clips or some other accessories which are used for these kinds of invitations. The prices depend , but if you want to save up some money then you should be on the lookout for some discounts that might be happening online.


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There are lots of option when it comes to your wedding invites. You can do so many amazing things if you decide to create the invitation yourself. There are lots of samples that can help guide you and you can see how it’s done. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little before your wedding day and see what you can achieve. Imagination and computer skills is all that you need. These invites should of course represent the theme of your wedding. It can be a Halloween inspired one in which case you should go for some scary pumpkin figurines or some witch images. Another theme you can go for is a rustic inspired one, then you should choose some images with some wildflowers or some old barn pictures. The paper should also be in a brown shade which will fully represent your rustic theme.

120388 handmade wedding invitations 2 Handmade Wedding Invitations

Handmade Wedding Invitations (Source: greenweddingshoes.com)

For a Disney theme go for some images of princesses and castles. You can find a lot of these inspiring images online and all you have to do is download these pictures , modify them in any program that you have and then print them onto your invites. Pretty easy right? Another solution would be to paint or draw the invites yourself. if you wish to go for a more comical theme go for some bride and groom portraits or some other images that you think will make the guests laugh.

120388 handmade wedding invitations Handmade Wedding Invitations

Handmade Wedding Invitations (Source: weddinginvitations21.com)

The invites can also be decorated with some beads or some elegant pearls. You can glue them onto the invite or simple use some glitter and some bows and arrange the invites any way you see fit. Your imagination is the key in this entire process. However if you are not skilled and you don’t have the time to make these invites you can still buy handmade wedding invites at online shops and stores. There are professional who make a living out of this job and they are very skillful and talented. You can come up with your own vision or simply give them some pointers and let them do their magic.


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When  hosting a wedding shower the first thing that you should consider are the wedding invites. You should also include a certain shower theme such as fall one. This might give you some ideas on the design and style of the invitations. Get inspired form nature itself and obtain some lovely shower invitations. Leaves can be a great part of the entire invite designs or some scary pumpkins. A Halloween theme would also go perfectly for such an invite. Go fro some scary images that you like and that you think will go with the invitations.They can be embellished with some bows and ribbons to make them look elegant and very sophisticated. Then you will have to find a proper wording for your invite. Come up with some funny phrases if the shower is a bit more causal or choose something elegant.

120091 fall wedding shower invitations 2 Fall Wedding Shower Invitations

Fall Wedding Shower Invitations (Source: uniquefallwedding.com)

Go for ” You are all invites to..” or “ The honor of your presence is requested” or even funny ones. There are also some fall inspired verses that you can find online and that might inspire you. The script styles can also be very unique and you can hire a calligrapher to do the writing part. This will make it even more special. These shower invites can be done at home and you can come up with your own ideas to find images and pictures.

120091 fall wedding shower invitations Fall Wedding Shower Invitations

Fall Wedding Shower Invitations (Source: rlv.zcache.com)

If you are talented and you like to work with computer programs you can try and see what you can achieve. It would be a nice surprise for the bride to know that her shower invites are hand-made. Or you can also place an order at any stationary shop or craft stores and order some very elegant models. Have a talk with a professional and see what else you can do with these invites. You can browse many stores and models before you decide and see what you like best. Just try to use fall inspired elements so that you respect the concept of the shower.


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Most couples opt for the traditional wording invites, but if you really want every single detail to be remembered about your wedding, you need to try something different. It can be the invite or it can be the wording. Your inspiration might come front any small things. You can come up with the verses yourself or you can read some samples online. This might give you an idea of what you wish to use. You can choose a very comical instruction such as “ The time has come for us to get married” or “You all should come to this event” “ Jane and Mark Sittin' inna tree, K-I-S-S-IN-G ,First came love, Now comes marriage”  and so on. There is nothing wrong with using a bit of humor for the wording of your invites. You can also find some formal ones if your wedding has a more elegant tone to it.

119742 creative wedding invitation wording 2 Creative Wedding Invitation Wording

Creative Wedding Invitation Wording (Source: justforinvites.com)

You can introduce some poems about happiness and love and how these feelings bought you two together or go for some wise sayings. Your wording can also be inspired based on your theme. If you are having a fall theme you can find some lovely poems and verses about this season, same goes for a winter concept. For a spooky Halloween wedding idea try some scary verses but which are also comical for the guests. For a more casual and romantic approach try something like “ When we met we knew there and then that this day will come” etc.

119742 creative wedding invitation wording Creative Wedding Invitation Wording

Creative Wedding Invitation Wording (Source: 4thewedding.com)

You can simply use your own words and put them in some simple verses to achieve creative wording for your wedding invitations. What can be more original than expressing your true feelings? Play around with words and look at more samples to see what you can come up with. Either you opt for a more elegant or a more comical touch, you need to be sincere and make sure that the wording part represents you. There are no right or wrong choices, each couple is free to choose whatever they think is more appropriate for their special event.


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In this article you will find the tips that you have to follow in case that you want to design a wedding dress for your kids. One of the best costumes for a Carnival or for Halloween is the bride’s costume. In most of the cases, the kids transform themselves into anything as they have the opportunity. You have the possibility to design a cobweb covered zombie or a living bride. After you have designed the wedding dress for your kid you have to go to the store from where you can purchase a discount material and you have to sew it together.

119696 kids wedding dresses 2 Kids Wedding Dresses

Kids Wedding Dresses (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

In order to get ideas for the wedding dress, you can gather fashion magazines which contain wedding dresses. You have the possibility to exaggerate the dress’s elements in order to define the type of bride that your child wants to be. For example, you have to use tulle in case that your child wants to be a ghost bride. After you have selected the dress that you want to sew, all you have to do is to draw it on a paper in order to familiarize with the shapes. You can choose between different dress shapes which can be princess style, mermaid style and many others.

119696 kids wedding dresses Kids Wedding Dresses

Kids Wedding Dresses (Source: image.dhgate.com)

Firstly, you have to draw with the pencil the neckline and the bodice. Don’t forget that you have to take in consideration if you want the bodice to fit loosely or snugly. Then you have to draw the dress’s sleeves and don’t forget about the details such as the beading. In case that you find this process hard and you don’t have experience in sewing, my advice for you is to ask a tailor’s help because you might damage the fabric and the whole wedding costume dress. You can also inspire from different websites and you have to know that some of them offer to design a dress online. Try the Wedding Dress Creator’s official website.   


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Halloween is a very old tradition which represented the ending of the harvest period. This festivity has become quite an inspiration for many wedding themes. You can cerate  very unique and spooky wedding theme with lots of fun items and decorations. But before planning this Halloween wedding you need to start with your wedding invitations. You can use some pumpkin images or design to create that Halloween look. Don’t forget to use typical Halloween colors which are orange and black. Opt for some interesting scrip styles and combine them with some scary and ghostly silhouettes. You can use the characters Morticia and Gomez from the “Adam’s family” and achieve a very interesting look for your invites. Instead of their faces you can add yours.

115337 halloween wedding invitations 2 Halloween Wedding Invitations

Halloween Wedding Invitations (Source: weddinginvitationdatabase.com)

This will add a bit of humor to the invites. You could also choose some images of scary bride figurines like the one from the movie “Corpse bride”. Images of spider webs and scary castles are also a good choice. If you wish to add a more elegant and feminine touch you can opt for some flower images. But make sure to use some deep red and black tones for the flowers. The invites can be either scrolled, boxed or have many other interesting shapes.

115337 halloween wedding invitations Halloween Wedding Invitations

Halloween Wedding Invitations (Source: wedding-invitations-plus.com)

You can have a pumpkin shaped invite if you wish. Choose a representative text for the invites as well. You can either go with some creepy verses or some formal ones if you like. Look online and pick your favorite Halloween invites. After you have decided on one place the order. Don’t forget to include an RSVP which will be of great help.


This way the guests can decline or accept your wedding invite. Remember that the invites set the tone for the wedding. So go for anything that you like. It’s your wedding and you have the right to decide. You can get good deals online and maybe save up some money if you buy the invites in advance. This way you will have the perfect invites at a perfect price.


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A fall wedding requires attention to details and planning. Everything needs to be based on your fall concept. The wedding invitations are included as well.  You can choose the models and style that you like if you browse some online stationery. The invites need to be very colorful and have red, brown, orange and gold tones. The colors should reflect the fall season. Combine these shades in order to achieve a lovely fall inspired wedding invites. Choose elements which will make the guests think of a fall wedding. Halloween is the perfect holiday to use as an inspiration for your invites. Opt for big or small pumpkin designs. The pumpkins can be centered to they can adorn the sides of the invites. They can be white pumpkins or orange ones.

114782 fall wedding invitations 2 Fall Wedding Invitations

Fall Wedding Invitations (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

If you wish to choose some playful and scary designs then go with some creepy silhouettes. Opt for funny ghost pictures or even witches riding their broom. You can also customize your invite and add your picture on it. Add a witch’s hat on top of your heads and you will have created a very comical picture wedding invite. There are ideas and ideas. Just talk to a professional to see what can be done and add a personal touch to your invites.

114782 fall wedding invitations Fall Wedding Invitations

Fall Wedding Invitations (Source: wedding-invitations-plus.com)

Add spider web deigns and other scary items to reflect the Halloween spirit. For a more classical approach just choose some leaf designs. They can be tied with some colors ilk bows or they can be shaped as a leaf. Use any kind of sticklers which will make the guests embrace your fall concept. Use your imagination to achieve these lovely invites and impress your guests.


To find out more about prices and costs go online and browse though shops and craft stores and see what offer they have. If you are not satisfied with the prices, you can be your own designer. Create the invites yourself and save up money. Read some helpful tips and watch videos to help you in your creation process. Remember that the invitations need to be fall inspired. So use anything around that can be a true inspiration.


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There are a lot of inspiring things you could incorporate into you fall wedding invites. If the wedding is near Halloween then use these motifs for your advantage. Opt for some casual and funny wedding invites. Choose skeleton faces and witch figurines to add to your invites. You can even order some invites with small pumpkins deigns on them or spider webs. This will surely add a unique touch to the invites. The text for the invites can also be comical. However if you are looking for a more classical approach you could simply go with some flower fall inspired models or leaf designs.

114566 fall themed wedding invitations 2 Fall Themed Wedding Invitations

Fall Themed Wedding Invitations (Source: lake-arrowhead-weddings.com)

The invites can even be shaped as a big leaf. Or choose abstract leaf designs instead. Take into account the lovely color pallet which you can use. Opt for deep browns, red , burn orange shades and pastel undertones. You can combine these colors to achieve that fall palette. You can even sue some pictures of trees and scattered leaves or some fall scenery pictures. The style of your invites can be boxed, scroll or simple models. You can use bows as an extra embellishments and tie up the invites at the middle or on the side. The ribbon can be silk and it can be either red, brown, orange and other nuances.

114566 fall themed wedding invitations Fall Themed Wedding Invitations

Fall Themed Wedding Invitations (Source: invitationconsultants.com)

These fall inspired invites can be purchased online or from craft stores near your area. Talk to a professional if you want to have your own personalized invite. This will cost you more but you will also create an impression on the guests.There is also the possibility to make your own wedding invites. If you are interested in finding out how, just browse some helpful tutorials and start your creation.


Make sure to experiment first and see what turns out. Remember that the invites you choose to make ort buy need to reflect the style of your wedding and your own style. Choose script styles that are easy to understand and choose a representative introduction. The invites must have your personal mark on them.


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Wedding invites can be inspired from a lot of themes and ideas. Just use something that you think goes with your wedding. Since the invites usually set the tone for your wedding you need to be very attentive when choosing them. The themes chosen for the wedding vary from one couple to another. Some like to use some comical themes or some creepy ones like Halloween. Others go with the mode traditional and classical concepts. If you are one of these couples then the invites you choose should also have a classical mark. The design can be inspired from various things you like as a couple, like a hobby or a country you visited and you loved. However the images can also be simple and traditional floral models or some other designs.

113841 classic wedding invitations 2 Classic Wedding Invitations

Classic Wedding Invitations (Source: cdn.rusticweddingchic.com)

You can choose some abstract images if you want to spicy things up. Choose a type of paper that you like bets, either glassine one , marbled, matte and many other styles. Look online to see various styles and models so that you can decide easily. Talk to a professional and see what he has to offer. If you wish you can even have your own custom-made wedding invites. But be prepared to pay a little extra money. Choose a writing style to state the information. You can choose from embossing, engraving or offset printing style. Again this is something that only you can decide upon.

113841 classic wedding invitations Classic Wedding Invitations

Classic Wedding Invitations (Source: rlv.zcache.com)

The designs or drawings that you choose for your invite need to be very elaborate and draw the attention of the guests. This can be done either by the design of the invite or by the colors you use. Colors and shades are also very important and they can really brighten up your invites. Remember that you need to choose something that you like and it suits your style. Look online and see various models to get inspired. The invites can be bought at stationary shops online or you can buy them from your local craft store.


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The wedding cake toppers became the element of surprise, but sometime the wedding cake topper is not a nice surprise. What you might consider original, your guests will find your wedding cake weird. After years in which all the wedding cake toppers were the same, now there is an ”explosion” of wedding cake toppers. Today it is more easy to find a weird wedding cake topper than finding a classical wedding cake topper. In their attempt of being different and original some people end up by choosing the wrong things for their wedding.

Now depends on what type of wedding you want. All the elements and details from your wedding should match together. For example if you selected classical elements for your wedding, don’t ruin your event by choosing a weird wedding cake topper. Because that won’t make any sense. Buy if you are planning for a Halloween wedding, or a thematic wedding your wedding cake topper can be original and even weird. Because that will make sense, your guests will aspect to see a weird wedding cake topper at a Halloween or thematic wedding but not at the classical wedding.

wierd wedding cake toppers Wierd Wedding Cake Toppers

Maybe you consider choosing a weird wedding cake toppers now, if that seem a good idea now, you need to ask yourself if you will regret this decision in a few years because the wedding cake topper is the detail that will remain with you for years. What you consider original others might consider it weird. There are many wedding cake toppers I can place in the category of weird but I guess that depends on personal taste and common sense. Lots of wedding cake toppers I can place in the category of weird wedding cake toppers maybe because I am a more ”conservative” person. While I try to keep an ”open mind” I really can’t accept some cake toppers. Your wedding day should be the most romantic and happy day of your life so I really can’t understand horror wedding cake toppers, lets not exaggerate with the ”goth” style. Headless bride and groom toppers, ”bloody” toppers, horror toppers, skull toppers, zombie toppers, day of the death toppers. I just can not find any justification to this type of toppers.

wierd wedding cake toppers 3 263x300 Wierd Wedding Cake Toppers

Wierd Wedding Cake Topper from chilloutpoint.com

On my list of weird wedding cake toppers I pace horror wedding cake toppers. No matter how ”out of the box” your style is horror wedding cake toppers are the most weird. Other toppers I will place on the weird list are the ones that have no relation to the theme of the wedding, or wedding cake toppers that have no sense for the theme and the style of the wedding. I also consider computer game toppers weird for wedding cake. That is the type of topper for a birthday cake of an 8 years old kid not for your wedding no matter how passionate you are or your partner is about video games. Weird wedding cake toppers you can find anywhere, the wedding cake topper industry ”impress” us with a lot of weird wedding cake toppers.11

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The wedding cake industry didn’t had too much attention in the past and was not surprise because everyone knew what to expect. But now the wedding cake topper is one of the most awaited detail at the wedding and one of the key elements in every wedding. Now you don’t know what to expect, some wedding cakes can surprise you, amuse you, amaze you, while some wedding cake toppers are just weird and you can’t even imagine why will anyone such a topper for their wedding cake.

The wedding cake topper is the last element of surprise and some people think that if their choose a weird wedding cake topper that will be even more surprising. Some wedding cake toppers don’t even match with the theme of the wedding and they are totally out of place. You don’t want to make that mistake for the most special day of your life, your wedding day. But if a traditional wedding cake topper is not an option to you and it doesn’t characterize you, then an original wedding cake topper might be perfect for you. It is risky if you choose an original wedding cake topper because your guests might consider it weird, you may regret this decision later, a bad wedding cake topper can even ruin your wedding cake.

bride with headless groom wedding cake topper1 225x300 Bride with Headless Groom Wedding Cake Toppers

Bride with Headless Groom Wedding Cake Topper from 3.bp.blogspot.com

We don’t know why some people choose weird wedding cake toppers, why they need to prove to everyone that they are weird cake toppers. For example the headless cake toppers. I understand that love can make you loose your head and this cake topper is funny but I don’t believe all your guests will be impress by that. Why will anyone choose headless wedding cake toppers? Because they want to show to everyone that they lost their heads being totally in love with each other. Or maybe the topper broke just before the event and you don’t have time to replace it. Who knows. If you want a cake topper like that for your wedding cake you can choose from different toppers, you can choose bride and groom headless topper showing that both of them lost their head, a bride and a headless groom, in this case only the groom lost his head.

bride with headless groom wedding cake topper 2 240x300 Bride with Headless Groom Wedding Cake Toppers

Bride with Headless Groom Wedding Cake Topper from 3.bp.blogspot.com

For a Halloween wedding or bachelor party the headless cake topper will match with the theme. A bride and a headless groom topper is perfect for a divorce cake but I can’t imagine why will anyone will choose this topper for the day that supposed to be the happiest day of their life. If you really want this cake topper, which I don’t recommend for your wedding, but maybe for a bachelor party, a Halloween party, you can buy classical bride and groom wedding cake topper and break the the head of the groom figurine. Or maybe the head of the figurine broke by accident and you don’t have time to replace it, you can leave it like that. You can buy this topper from eBay, amazon, the find, etsy, mysticunicorn.11

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Unique is the word of the day when it comes to modern weddings and this is exactly what the brides and grooms are looking for today. They all want to plan an original wedding reception that can impress and win the hearts of the guests. Opting for a different and perhaps unusual type of wedding is also a sign of competition that takes place between the modern couples today.


The brides want to wear fabulous wedding dresses that can differentiate them among other brides, and the same thing happens for wedding reception too. Now that so many unique themes are available for weddings a modern bride has the chance to plan any type of wedding she wants: dramatic, whimsical, unconventional, vintage, bohemian, Victorian, Disney inspired, Halloween, Old Hollywood themed, western, etc. It all depends on the vision or image that each one of you has in part when it comes to the ideal wedding that you should plan.

wedding flowers calla lilies 198x300 Unique Wedding Table Centerpieces


These unique wedding table centerpieces that we’re presenting here are only a few examples of how you can plan the flower arrangements for the reception. The wedding décor should be created according to the formality, season, location, theme and amplitude of the wedding. This way you can be sure that the arrangements will look coherent, unified, appropriate and relevant for the type of wedding you’re proposing to the guests. Anything wild, funky, extreme, eccentric, unusual, creative and twisted is welcomed. In terms of wedding flower arrangements, “unique” means artistic, creative, fashionable, fancy, distinctive, glamorous, rich, sophisticated, extravagant, detailed, highly accessorized and eye-catchy.

wedding flowers calla lilies 2 197x300 Unique Wedding Table Centerpieces


Anyway, the unique style can sometimes be more elaborated or simplistic, depending on the case and on the preferences of each one of you in part. There are many themes that belong to the unique style and are relatively refined, exquisite, graceful and delicate. The natural theme is one of the trendiest themes that can be classified as unique and original for weddings today.

wedding flowers calla lilies 3 193x300 Unique Wedding Table Centerpieces


The whimsical themes, the wild and exotic themes are still in vogue and it seems that the colors used for unique wedding table centerpieces today are even more intense, vibrant, sensual and provocative. Here are a few examples of colors and derived nuances that are in vogue today for original weddings: chocolate browns, maroons, beiges, ivories, creams, blush pinks, hot pinks, coral pinks, mauves, plums, aubergines, burgundies, magentas, violets, lavenders, burnt oranges, peaches, lime greens, emerald greens, meadow, sage and mint greens, navy blues, teals, scarlet and tomato reds, buttercup yellows, blacks, golds and other metallic hues.11

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If you’re one of those brides who think that romantic means dark, bold and provocative, then you will surely like these gorgeous whimsy wedding flower arrangements that we’re presenting on this page. The whimsical style is one of the many alternatives or variants of the romantic theme and it is usually chosen by contemporary couples who are into the powerful, imposing and daring colors.


In terms of flower arrangements and color schemes, “whimsy” means dynamic, bold, vibrant, dark, extravagant, sophisticated, glamorous, high class, exquisite, elaborated, pompous, dramatic and intricate. But there are many versions of the whimsical style that you can adopt for your wedding, depending on your personal vision as well as on the exact type of wedding you’re planning: formal, casual, in or outdoors, classic, modern or vintage, summery, ample, natural, etc.

how to dying flowers for wedding 197x300 Whimsy Wedding Flower Arrangements


We have a few other articles written on various whimsically romantic wedding flower arrangements that you should look for on our website in case you are curious to see more. The designs that we post on these pages are all unique and fancy, because they are created by really talented designers who know exactly what the modern bride of today wants for her wedding. She wants something spectacular, charming, sensual, eye-catchy and romantic. She wants something glamorous, original, artistic, creative and less popular.

how to dying flowers for wedding 2 300x222 Whimsy Wedding Flower Arrangements


And these are only a few of the most common desires or requirements that a modern bride has when it comes to wedding flowers and arrangements. The whimsical style can be adopted by those of you who are planning a Halloween themed weddings and wish to go for a more dramatic, unusual and perhaps quirky reception that will impress everybody! The whimsical style can also be chosen by brides who are planning an antique inspired wedding – such as a Victorian themed wedding and wish to use a darker color palette.

how to dying flowers for wedding 3 224x300 Whimsy Wedding Flower Arrangements


The deep reds, the purples, the browns and the blacks remain the most adequate or charming color choices for whimsy wedding flower arrangements. Here are a few concrete examples of colors and derived nuances that you can use for composing your arrangements: plums, aubergines, mauves, burgundies, violets, dark purples, hot pinks, lilacs, scarlet reds, fuchsias, navy blues, chocolate browns, maroons, mocha browns, emerald or hunter greens, yellow mustards, burnt oranges and blacks. You can also use a few gold, bronze, silver or any other metallic hue accents to make the arrangements more dazzling, sparkling, glamorous and eye-catchy!11