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The 20th Century Fashions during the 40s was predominantly influenced by the Big Band era; swing music reflected the way people dressed. But at the same time there was the influence of the World War II. The times revealed a certain difficulty in creation as shortages both economically and socially were present all over the place.  Somehow the designers managed to combine style and practicality to reach the status of elegance and classy.

One can divide the 1940s fashion in two distinguished parts: during the war and after the war.

These distinctive styles are reflected also in the 1940s wedding dresses. In the first period, during the war the style of the dresses was simpler as clothing was rationed across the UK and US. That is why many brides of modest means chose to wear practical dresses. Homemade accessories and curly hairstyle allowed the brides to show their elegance without too much expense or waste. The grooms limited themselves to simply wear the uniform.

1940s wedding dresses 194x300 1940s Wedding DressesThe second period with the war over and materials available again, the French couturiers, gained again suveranity in the fashion realm. Christian Dior was the promoter of the New Look, that featured a nipped waist, fuller skirts with plenty of fabric and a more classical feminine image. His New Look became more popular across the ocean where designers combined several elements in order to get the effects of elegance and stylish. Long sleeves with a point at the end -that made the hands look elongated and brought the wedding ring into attention-, emphasis on waist, often with a “V” shape, made of rayon and sometimes silk, these are few of the elements introduced in the New Look of 1940’s wedding dresses.

Another element not less important is the usange of veil which in time became a trend in wearing it longer and richer reaching almost the fullness of a rich trail.

The 1940’s bride’s hairstyle is still actual and perfect for a formal wedding. The curly style confers a classical and elegant look underlining the features of the face in a delicate manner. Many elements of 1940’s wedding dresses are preserved in nowadays wedding fashion. Designers take interest in creating new looks based on the “old looks” of the 40s.11

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Every bride needs to know that her wedding dress is the sensation of her wedding day therefore she constantly looks to find something that suits her style and personality and that it is at the same time beautiful and special. For you, as a future bride, doing the research takes so much time, that you’ve wished you were Cinderella and the good fairy to come one night and plant the dress in your room. While browsing the websites you see so many models wearing the most elegant wedding dresses in a feast of beauty and shining. You look at yourself in the mirror and realize that with your extra pounds gained it might be difficult to find something that beautiful and elegant for your size.

But you won’t need to worry, since the fashion designers have always something to offer for every type of woman, and especially for the one that has to look gorgeous in the day of her wedding. So you have to browse for plus size wedding dress and you’ll see that the dresses are there for you waiting to be viewed and selected for the big event of your life. Collections of wedding dresses you’ve never expected to open in front of your eyes are offering to you in a wide range of models that you just need to pick up the one that fits your personality and flatters your body curves.

plus size wedding dresses 200x300 Plus Size Wedding DressesFashion houses display a richness of wedding gowns created in a note of style, quality, elegance and sophistication, conveying the essence of glamour and the sense of romance in a way that every plus size bride can find her own expression of beauty and personal charm. Everything seems ok up to this point, you have seen so many that you could have chosen more than one for your wedding day, but there is another aspect to be taken into account: the wedding budget. Plenty of the dresses due to their designer signature seem to cost much more that you could ever afford and you even start considering of borrowing some extra money in order to be able to purchase the dress of your dream.

But again you don’t need to worry; there are sites where affordable wedding dresses are offered even for the plus size wedding dresses and suddenly these sites make your day. You can find in there dedicated websites to display a vast range of larger size stock with gowns to be sourced from best known designers label. The option to even tailor the dress according to your taste and size through their design and alteration services is also an offer that these sites so generously display.

Fashion consultants are there too to give suggestions, to make you decide which is the one to be selected suiting your budget at the same time and of course your style. Thanks to them you don’t have to try to squeeze in some miniscule dress that you like and necessary want, you don’t have to spend hours in your quest for answers to questions like “does it look ok for me?”, “I wonder if this one can be tailored to fit my size?” or “does this curve outlines in a bad way when I bend like this?” and so on. No more with these tiring questions, the fashion consultants are there to help you become princess for a day and this is all that matters!11

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You’re tired of the usual classical gifts you’ve given for years. And the person you’re suppose to give a gift is the kind of impredictable, original, quirky person. She or he stands out from the crowd with her or his crazy ideas.

The kind of person that likes to have a ball needs nothing more. So buy him or her what is officially called “the gift of nothing”, that is a ball full of nothing. Yes, I’m talking about a transparent empty ball. And you might get a birthday card wishing all the best and explaining that person that she or he already has it all.

gadgets unusual odd unique gifts 300x289 Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts

Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts from geardiary.com

As her spectacular personality shines, get her or him a pair of unique glow in the dark gloves. And I think that stripy toe socks would fit the gloves outfit. I forgot to mention the gloves have stripes too. But maybe those toe socks have become rather usual. Try massage socks instead. They are actually Reflexology socks that show us where to press to activate the body centers. It’s a perfect gift for the alternative therapies fans. And for the ecologist a birdseed shoes is an unique pair of shoes. Unique and unusual.

Is he into Star Wars and has a real obsession for Science Fiction? Get him a Jedi bath robe or a special laser sword and let the force be with him. Don’t forget to have his name embroidered, or if you think he’d enjoy it, embroider the name of his Jedi hero. As an alternative, a Star Trek talking keychain will teleport him into the SF world.

gadgets unusual odd unique gifts 21 300x240 Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts

Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts from technabob.com

Have you ever heard of a blow-up wall clock? Unique and pretty unusual. What can be so unusual about a clock? Check out the image and think about it as a present for the “time traveler”. Since our time traveler seems to have his or her own perception of time, maybe an Infinity wristwatch is suitable. It is designed with a system to create a virtual infinity of mirrors.

It’s time we got to the electronic gadgets. An mp3 headphone hat is a nice gadget for her, as she is always lost inside the music world. This way she can listen to her favorite tunes and be “undercover”. Or you could help her relax with the Mp3 Messager. Music can be enjoyed with the radio toaster. An item of double use: toasts the bread and helps her burn the calories after breakfast by dancing on her favorite music. Has she got the rhythm in her? Get her the finger drums. Absolutely original, so cute and so fun.

gadgets unusual odd unique gifts 4 283x300 Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts

Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts from thinkgeek.com

Has he got a strange sense of humor? A pair of racing grannies might start a laughter. He might even enjoy drinking from the toilet mug you’ve just bought him. Or he might use the Face Butt towel you’ve given him. Just to help him dry his body properly and then he can try to put on the world’s largest underwear. That’s another unique odd gift. All these are just a few of the odd, unusual unique gifts available.

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Barbie is the name of a fashion doll manufactured In America by the businesswoman Ruth Handler and launched for the first time in March 1959. The inspiration in creating this world known doll was the German doll called Bild Lili. Barbie has been an important “piece de resistance” in the toy fashion doll market, she was the subject of innumerable controversies and lawsuits, mainly because of the parodies appeared on the doll’s lifestyle.

The story of conceiving goes like that:

Ruth Handler watched on several occasions her daughter playing with paper dolls and calling them adult names. At that time the most popular children toys were imitations of infants, and Ruth thought that an adult-embodied doll would cover an important segment of the toy market. She shared this idea to her husband who wasn’t very enthusiastic and neither his directors form the Mattel toy company.

 Princess And Barbie Wedding DressesIn one her visits in Europe, Ruth Handler came across Germany where she spotted the German toy doll that existed on the market. It was an adult-figured doll mostly popular among the adults preferences as it came with separate outfits to be dressed. Ruth took the doll back home and redesigned it giving a new name as well: Barbie (named after her daughter’s name – Barbara).

She exhibited the doll at American International Toy Fair on the 9th of March 1959 and this date was known to be the official birth date of the Barbie doll. The doll was released on the market as “Teen Age Fashion Model” and was offered to the buyers together with entire sets of outfits.

Among these outfits, princess and Barbie wedding dresses wore the most astounding gowns made in real silk and tulle and brocades, almost everything that is to be found as fabrics for wedding dresses fitted also for the Barbie dolls wedding gowns. Starting from the dress itself to purses, earrings, shoes, gloves, the sets of wedding outfits were wonderful examples of fashion and inspiration for the future to be bride.

The delicacy of Barbie dolls and the suppleness of her body lines made the wedding gowns to fit perfectly conveying the status of a fashion model to be followed both by designers and by the models to wear their creations.11

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The beauty of the informal style, whatever it comprises, from fashion to behavior and taste, is that it doesn’t require too much money to spend. One may say that this style shouldn’t be approached when it comes to attend big social events, for instance a cocktail party thrown by your boss for your promotion, or a party thrown on the occasion of exhibiting your first art creations, or most important your wedding. Every bride wants to look spectacular while wearing the wedding gown, and most of the brides think that this is possible due to the most expensive wedding dress that fashion designer create with their signature of one-of-a-kind outfit.

But this is wrong; the conception according to which a wedding gown can look gorgeous due to its exquisite price is totally not applicable, as there are these informal wedding dresses that can look wonderful even at a lower price. And anyway, the cost of the bridal gown is not displayed on view, so why make an issue out of it?

informal wedding dresses 150x150 Informal Wedding DressesIf your wedding location is set on the beach, backyard, cruise ship, out in the landscape of a mountain surrounding, then the options for these informal wedding dresses are innumerable; for instance there are other shops which you can visit next to the ones that are strictly bridal, where you can find casual dresses that fit the scope of your wedding day. It is quite a good aspect in this matter since your wedding budget can be considerably saved for other elements that constitute part of your ceremony.

Another aspect that need to be emphasized is that for this informal dress you don’t have to look for heavy adornments to decorate your dress, it has to be plain and simple or perhaps to incorporate some tiny sequins and pearls, but in a delicate almost invisible embellishment. If this is hardly to be seen it doesn’t necessary mean that you won’t look stunning, and besides there is a richness of styles that display elegant dresses even in their simple cut of the design. The variety of styles stretch from dresses made with a slit up one side, strapless, spaghetti straps or sleeves, a shawl worn on one shoulder, to ¾ length of a dress or long trained skirt, everything can be found in order to satisfy your taste and to match your size and desire.

Beside all the afore mentioned variety of styles you have to look also at the bright sides of your choice: it can save you money, these informal dresses are reported to be up to 90% cheaper than the traditional ones, it can save you time considering that you can take it immediately with you at home, it offers you the possibility to wear it for a second, third time or over and over again, and last but not least it gives you the feeling of coziness, you do not have to worry about carrying its long exhaustive train, or to take care not to make extra wrinkles etc. So, choosing an informal wedding dress it’s not such a bad idea, after all!11

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We believe that this article will make many women happy because we know that many of you are waiting to see more information and pictures of bridesmaids dresses here on our website. Well, here we are again with a beautiful series of bridesmaid gowns created by Allure Bridals for one of their ultimate 2011 collection.


We recommend this wonderful collection especially to those of you want to wear something visually more attractive. We like the colors used by these designers for the entire collections, colors that can fit perfectly an autumn wedding or a hot summer time wedding spent in the afternoon or in the evening.

bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding 200x300 Allure Bridals 2011 Bridesmaid Collection


The oranges, the yellows, the magentas, blushes, peaches, violets, deep reds and black are the tones that set the mood of this collection and invite the bridesmaids to envision themselves wearing one of these gowns to a glamorous wedding. These nuances are perfect for evening receptions as we said because they are very sensual, feminine, soft and luxurious.

bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding 2 200x300 Allure Bridals 2011 Bridesmaid Collection


But we recommend these fabulous Allure Bridals bridesmaid dresses also for spring or summer season weddings that take place in the middle of the nature. The bold theme adopted for this Allure Bridals 2011 bridesmaid collection is definitely one of the most unique, eye-catchy and fashionable that we’ve seen in the collections we’ve explored so far.

bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding 3 200x300 Allure Bridals 2011 Bridesmaid Collection


Chic, refined, diversified and exquisitely cut, these unique gowns can also make wonderful attire selections for the female wedding guests who are looking for something more romantic, flowy and colorful for the wedding they must attend.

bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding 4 200x300 Allure Bridals 2011 Bridesmaid Collection


The variety of silhouettes, fabrics and colors offered by this unique Allure Bridals 2011 bridesmaid collection can fit many expectations and preferences and this is why we believe that these gowns will be chosen by many women.

bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding 5 200x300 Allure Bridals 2011 Bridesmaid Collection


In general, the brides are the ones who decide upon the most adequate types of dresses that their bridesmaids should wear, dresses that must suit the general line of the wedding, the formality, the season, the theme and the venue.

bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding 6 236x300 Allure Bridals 2011 Bridesmaid Collection


Besides this, the bride must also make sure that the dresses she picks for her girls can complement the wedding dress she’s wearing and therefore complete her own beautiful look! We like the fluid simple lines used for these gowns and the empire waist designs that can add more femininity, sensuality and elegance to the silhouettes. Alluring and flirty, these dresses are ideal for both young and mature bridesmaids.11

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Nowadays, the number of modern brides who are planning a spectacular old fashion wedding is getting bigger and bigger. More and more couples decide to organize the whole event in a more vibrant, chic and impressive style, just to obtain a more original atmosphere or to celebrate a special date or event in their lives. Going vintage can be a real challenge for brides who are looking for the perfect wedding gown. And we say this because the palette of choices is quite diverse and generous, and not because one won’t be able to find beautiful and unique styles to choose from.


While for some brides a broad range of styles can help them choose easier the best type of outfit for their wedding, for other brides this thing can only get them even more stressed and confused. Selecting a single design from so many original and outstanding styles can be a very overwhelming task for the undecisive bride to accomplish.

kuwait wedding dresses 230x300 Glamorously Vintage Wedding Dresses

However, we think that no matter how difficult it may be to choose a single type of wedding dress from more different style, having a larger palette of styles to choose from can only be good news. This means that more and more bridal fashion designers of today are receptive to the modern bride’s preferences and expectations and acting in consequence means providing with more beautiful and remarkable styles!

kuwait wedding dresses 2 230x300 Glamorously Vintage Wedding Dresses

In this article we are going to present you a few of our favorite types of vintage or old style wedding dresses signed by the famous Novia D’Art bridal couturier. As you can see in the images below, these gowns are anything but standard, plain or predictable. The designs are pretty elevated and fashion-forward despite the fact that the style is old and antiquely vibrant. We think that this is one of the biggest achievements in the industry of wedding dresses: creating wedding gowns which can combine perfectly the old fashion glamour with the modern designs and luxurious fabrics.

kuwait wedding dresses 3 230x300 Glamorously Vintage Wedding Dresses

This mixture between the old and the new style is actually one of the most inspiring ideas that a fashion bridal designer could ever have! We are glad to see that the number of bridal couturiers who are creating splendid classy and glamorously vintage wedding dresses for contemporary brides is constantly growing. We are also impressed that more and more brides of today decide to go for an old charm wedding dress over a vanguardist design. Both the old and the modern styles are able to ensure the bride’s original look, but choosing a vintage wedding dress is always a more intimate and personal choice.

kuwait wedding dresses 4 230x300 Glamorously Vintage Wedding Dresses

These fabulous glamorously vintage wedding dresses belong to one of the most romantic and highly qualitative sensual bridal collection designed by Novia D’art especially for brides who are planning a sophisticated, extravagant and one of a kind wedding ceremony in 2011. From chic and playful tea length wedding dresses to gorgeous antique inspired drooped waist dresses and modified A-line highly embroidered sensual silhouettes, in this collection you will be able to find lots of breath-taking gowns.11

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We are here to present you with joy and excitement more of the superb bridal dresses made by Pepe Botella for the wonderful White Moon 2011 bridal collection hopefully the models we’ve selected for this article will meet your preferences.


We are happy to see that your reactions and responses to the other Pepe Botella wedding dresses posted in our previous articles are positive and this is actually one of the things that encouraged us to present you more of these ample and sumptuous pieces on our website. We must also admit that we are pretty fascinated by these dresses as well and we are convinced in one way or another that many of you will be happy to see these superb gowns on our website.

crow wedding dresses 9 240x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


Pepe Botella is one of our favorite bridal fashion designers who is renowned worldwide for his stunning and impressively fashionable simple and clean wedding gowns of a higher quality and prestige than you can actually expect to see or imagine for your own wedding dress.

crow wedding dresses 2 240x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


The impeccable white silhouettes, the clean lines, the bold cuts and the classy designs are the ones that make these dress masterpieces look so attractive, highly elegant and appropriate for both class and modern brides.

crow wedding dresses 3 225x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


We can also affirm that both young and mature brides can choose one of these charming Pepe Botella wedding dresses for their own wear because these styles are gifted with all the qualities that a perfect wedding gown should have, and these are: comfort, uniqueness, practicality, refinement, elegance, classy designs, vogue, exuberance, exquisiteness, sophistication, simplicity, delicacy, femininity, drama and romanticism.

crow wedding dresses 4 225x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


We are pretty sure that many of you will be able to spot at least one gorgeous design to consider for your own wedding among these splendid models we’re proposing you here. The White Moon collection is definitely a hit and this designer truly managed to reach the expectations of many brides today. Those of you who want to wear something classy, natural and feminine but with a modern twist should definitely opt for one of these delightful Pepe Botella wedding dresses.

crow wedding dresses 5 225x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


Although the majority of the designs are classic and natural constructed, we must admit that the overall image on these dresses screams uniqueness and originality. We think that this designer understood exactly what women of today want for their wedding dress.

crow wedding dresses 7 225x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


And the secret of creating these outstanding, fashionable, remarkable and beautiful wedding dresses that this designer has is totally related to the simplicity of the style. The modern elegance promoted today is based on the simplicity and cleanliness of the designs and this is exactly what Pepe Botella tried for hid dresses and succeeded eventually.

crow wedding dresses 8 225x300 Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III


In this one of a kid collection you can find lots of spectacular and dramatic A-line wedding dresses made especially for the brides who want to obtain a dreamy romantic princess like look but in a more contemporary, chic, fresh and voguish way. We find the entire collection extremely romantic and simply ravishing. Browse for our previous articles on Pepe Botella wedding dresses on our website!11

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The bets part of being a modern bride and acting like a real one is the privilege of choosing from so many gorgeous and phenomenal types of romantic wedding dresses. Brides of today who are planning a their dream magical wedding in a very sensational and yet delicate playful manner might be truly interested in these romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses shown in a few pictures below. We think that these wedding dress designers can speak right through the heart of every romantic woman.

These styles are bale to make any bride – even the most pretentious one scream with joy and pleasure. As you can see in these images, romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses are totally outstanding, refined, glamorous, soft and unique in all their clever artistic details. The amount of work used towards creating these dresses is enormous! We can only imagine how many details and tiny embroideries wedding dress manufacturers had to handle and take care of.
designers pink wedding dresses shows 225x300 Romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses
The ultra-beauty and the smooth romanticism of these types of dresses transpire outside through these splendid designs, fine lines and cuts, sweet girlish embellishments and embroideries. You can choose from different types of romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses (of the newest 2010 dress collection) according to exact style that you’re looking for. But you should know that the general line of these styles screams youth, innocence, sweetness, femininity, playfulness and sensuality. You can even find colorful romantic wedding dresses made in soft pastel shades of blush pink, coral pink or delicate ivory and cream.
designers pink wedding dresses shows 2 214x300 Romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses
Off the beat brides who are planning a romantic wedding in nature (perhaps in a beautiful garden or in a park) should definitely opt for a colored Jill Stuart wedding dress. These enchanting and mesmerizing shades will make you doubt again and again that the perfect ideal wedding dress should really be white and only white! The main features of most romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses are: delicate soft lines and cuts, subtle asymmetrical designs, artistic vibes, playful ruffles, frills and soft pleats or ruches, smooth and touchy textures and layers of light-weight materials like chiffon, lace, tulle, feathers and crochet, flower inspired ruffles and patterns or girlish fairy-tale designs and colors.
designers pink wedding dresses shows 3 225x300 Romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses
The fairy tale wedding still makes the perfect dream for many modern brides of today. And with these romantic Jill Stuart wedding dresses any dream or wish can fulfill. We are sure that you had already fallen in love with these gorgeous one of a kind ravishing art pieces. The biggest challenge that you must face now is actually choosing a single type of dress for your wedding. The collection features incredibly outstanding breath-taking wedding dresses that you have to make your pick from so we think that is going to be a hard decision.

The bets part of being a modern bride and acting like a real one is the privilege of choosing from so many gorgeous and phenomenal types of romantic wedding dresses. Brides of today who are planning a their dream magical wedding in a very sensational and yet delicate playful manner might be truly interested in these romantic

The bets part of being a modern bride and acting like a real one is the privilege of choosing from so many gorgeous and phenomenal types of romantic wedding dresses. Brides of today who are planning a their dream magical wedding in a very sensational and yet delicate playful manner might be truly interested in these romantic11

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Brides interested in carrying a more appealing and special type of bouquet perhaps will enjoy feasting their eyes on these lovely pictures posted on this page below. In terms of wedding flowers and arrangements, original means crafty, alternative, creative, unconventional, eye-catchy, glamorous, one of a kind, artistic, exquisite, noncomformist or untraditional. The modern bride is not free to compose her own original wedding bouquet the way she wants, following, of course, the very aspects or features of the wedding, such as the theme, the venue, the formality or the season.


It’s almost crucial for a contemporary bride to plan a unique wedding bouquet that can add more glamour, sophistication and glow to her wedding day look. Now that so many accessories and decorative items that are usually artificial are “permitted” in weddings, more and more modern brides of today are barely considering a flower wedding bouquet. The real fresh flowers that used to be the top priority for wedding bouquets are now ignored and replaced with more interesting, funky and wild artificial alternatives.

bluebell wedding bouquet1 199x300 Original Wedding Bouquets

We should not generalize though and say that all the contemporary brides are only interested in everything that is fresh, innovative, voguish and crafted. We are trying to say that the natural innocent and pure bridal look is not being promoted that often as the cosmopolitan vanguardist artificial look! In this article we tried to show you only original wedding bouquets composed of real natural flowers and not fully crafted bouquets made of all kinds of bling-blings and dazzling accessories. We have nothing against the idea of dressing up a simple flower wedding bouquet and make it a more extravagant and eye-catchy accessory that the bride can wear on the wedding day.

bluebell wedding bouquet 21 200x300 Original Wedding Bouquets

In fact, we recommend all brides – both conservative and modern to free their imagination and try different types of arrangements and decorative items that can beauty their wedding flower bouquet in order to make it look more inviting, more sophisticated and exquisite. There are plenty decorations that you can use to accessorize a plain and unattractive wedding bouquet, but it all depends on the season, formality and theme of the big event. For example, if your wedding is to be held on a sandy beach or on an exotic island then you can always use a few seashells – natural or fake, corals, starfishes and pearls to make the whole arrangement more sensual and thematic.

bluebell wedding bouquet1 300x300 Original Wedding Bouquets

For vintage brides who want to go a little bit old stylish, we recommend the feathers. Funky brides can use buttons, origami or paper made flowers to decorate the bouquet, while glamorous brides can use sparkling wires, monograms, beaded symbols, brooches, rhinestones, gemstones or swags and crystals to obtain a more astonishing sparkling look.11

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Nowadays, among the most popular types of wedding dresses are destination wedding dresses for brides who are planning a beach or an island wedding. It seems that more and more modern brides are electing a more exotic and tropical natural location for their wedding to take place instead of the traditional usual conventional city.

That is how we end up seeing so many beach themed wedding dresses on the market, such as Caribbean wedding dresses, Hawaiian wedding dresses or island wedding dresses in general.

These outfits are usually made from woolly light weight fabrics that can provide the bride with more comfort and a more relaxing mood. But besides the fact that these dresses are meant to suit the practical busy relaxed bride, the designs are definitely romantic, unique, sensual and one of a kind.
caribbean wedding dresses 300x300 Flower one shoulder wedding dresses
For example, we love the way those flower one shoulder wedding dresses look like and how the make the bride look like a goddess. Incorporating flowers or bows in the wedding dress is a very inspired technique or way to take the dress to the next level of beauty, naturalness and sophistication.

Although beach or destination wedding dresses are in general designed with simple cuts and lines, these sort of embroideries or embellishments are able to make up for the lack of complexity, volume, extravagance and formality of a standard dramatic wedding dress.

So, if you plan on decorating the whole wedding ceremony and reception with flowers, why not choose a floral motif for your own wedding dress embroidery? In case you haven’t got the chance to see flower one shoulder wedding dresses just take a look at these pictures presentment on the site. As you can easily observe, the one shoulder neck cut has the main purpose of making the dress look more attractive, chic, feminine, intriguing, seductive and sexy.
caribbean wedding dresses 2 300x300 Flower one shoulder wedding dresses
Attaching flowers on the shoulder strap changes completely the look of the dress and of the bride too. The flowers can be applied on the strap in different ways, depending on how strident, eye-catching or dramatic you want your wedding dress to be. If you wish for something more subtle, refined, simple and discreet, you can opt for those flower one shoulder wedding dresses that feature three little flowers placed in a diagonal, circular or another whimsical pattern.

For the off the beat brides there are those one shoulder wedding dresses with lavish flower blooms on the strap. A big single flower can transform completely the wedding dress and give it more exquisiteness, sophistication, naturalness, daintiness, class and style. Not only as a Caribbean beach wedding dress but also as a garden, park or nature inspired wedding dress you can wear the flower one shoulder wedding dress on the day.11

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Nowadays more and more famous fashion designers are trying to create visually more attractive wedding dresses that can still feel comfy and look sexy on the brides. There is no other muse or better source of inspiration for these wedding dress designers than the modern woman or bride herself!

The new preferences of the contemporary bride are now more refined and highly pretentious, and this is exactly what fashion designers are trying to consider when creating their marvelous dress masterpieces. In this article we are going to talk about Patrizia Ferrera wedding dresses and present you a few samples of her recent wonderful sparkling 2011 bridal collection.
linen wedding dresses 202x300 Patrizia Ferrera wedding dresses
All the gowns featured in this collection are beautifully adorned with crystals and glowing embellishments, and they make a fabulous choice for all brides-to-be who want the glamorous extravagant look for the big day. We find these elegant brides totally eccentric and exuberant and we have to admit that they might not make the best outfit for all modern brides. There are plenty reasons why a bride may not prefer a dazzling highly sophisticated and exquisite couture wedding dress. One of them – and perhaps the most important one is the money. Not all modern brides of today have enough money to spend on an exclusive designer wedding dress, although there are brides who think that purchasing a wedding dress of thousands of dollars may not be the most ethical thing that they should do.
linen wedding dresses 2 209x300 Patrizia Ferrera wedding dresses
Nevertheless, we think that choosing a couture wedding dress is always a personal selection that is meant to bring more satisfaction to the bride’s ego or to make her look at her best on the big day. If for some brides the wedding dress and their look for the big day is very important, for others a simple natural and innocent look is enough to fulfill their wishes. The expectations of a bride will always depend on their cultural or social background and on how fabulous, remarkable or outstanding they want to feel and look like on the wedding day.

We must admit though that nothing can compare to a high class couture wedding dress signed by a fashion designer like Patrizia Ferrera for example. You can find lots of amazingly glamorous and extraordinary wedding dresses in her collections, dresses that can both fit and flatter even the most pretentious bride. The silhouettes manage to reveal more curves and provide the body with a more sleek, sensual and feminine appearance.
linen wedding dresses 3 202x300 Patrizia Ferrera wedding dresses
The designs, the lines and cuts are unpredictable, bold and dynamic, while the embroideries and the innovative elements are totally magical, flirty and one of a kind. Browse for more Patrizia Ferrera wedding dresses on her personal website in order to see whether you resonate or not with her style.11

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For those of you who are planning a bicolor themed wedding these examples of flower bouquets and arrangements might make a wonderful source of inspiration. We think that every bride is free to choose her own color scheme or theme for her wedding according to her vision of the ideal wedding or to her personality and individual style, sense of aesthetics and elegance.


Every bride is different and unique in her own way and this is what we all must understand when making assumptions on what can be generally adopted by all brides or couples. We also expect brides to understand the fact that there are no more rules, etiquettes or codes that can hold them back from planning their own perfect wedding. We don’t believe in a recipe of a successful wedding that anyone can reach or plan if she follows a certain pattern.

christmas themed wedding boquets 300x290 White and Purple Wedding Bouquets

Freedom is the most important starting point that every couple should assume when planning the big wedding. We’ve chosen the white and purple wedding bouquet for this article because we think that this theme is a very elegant, charming, unique and impressive one. It can help a bride or a couple to plan a very unique and distinctive type of wedding, and it seems that this is one of the most popular purposes that one has when it comes to weddings: looking original and one of a kind no matter what. Well, the white and purple theme is definitely more than original and versatile in helping a bride obtaining an enchanting look for the big day. It is also very sensual, feminine, romantic, outstanding and meaningful.

christmas themed wedding boquets 2 300x199 White and Purple Wedding Bouquets

The white nuance can look amazingly inspiring and attractive next to almost any other color. But when it comes to purple, things can look even more eye-catchy, seductive, elegant and exquisite. Purple is the color of mystery, magic, mysticism, faith, fidelity and commitment, sensuality, drama, contrast, innocence, inspiration, creativity and artistry, innovation, energy, fire, flame, trust, fertility, divinity, spirituality, introspection, refinement, sensitivity, subtlety and cheerfulness. With all these meanings listed here, we are sure that now you can feel more convinced that opting for a white and purple wedding bouquet is actually a very good idea.

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There are lots of adorable types of flowers that can be found in the charming purple nuance. Here are a few of our favorite examples of purple blooms that brides are using today in weddings: sweet peas, gerbera daises, lilacs, carnations, lavenders, irises, anemones, peonies, tulips, ranunculuses, roses, calla lilies, pansies, orchids, plumerias, dahlias, chrysanthemums or asters. As for the white palette, we can say that the majority of the flowers can be found in the white shade – some more creamy, others more crystal clear-like. The most popular types of white and purple wedding bouquets that we can find out there are composed of orchids, roses and calla lilies. We invite you to browse for more types of unique and inspiring purple wedding flower arrangements and bouquets on our website in order to see whether you can choose something even more provocative, appealing and flattering for your own wedding.11

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A wedding it’s an emotional event not only for the bride or the groom, but also for their parents. How boys have a special connection with their mothers, the same type of relation a girl has with her father. When a girl hears the word “father”, she instantly thinks about unconditional love, protection, safety and spoil. But when a father hears the word “daughter”, he thinks about the most precious person in his life, the person he would risk his life for. But when a father thinks about his daughter as a bride-to-be, he will realize that it’s time for his little girl to become a woman and to start a family.

All these thoughts, feelings and emotions should be celebrated on a wedding event, and what better way to do that than to dance on a father – bride wedding song. This song should be chosen by both the bride and her father, and it should please them both. Although, I don’t think there is a father that would object to her daughter’s choice.

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Father Bride Wedding Songs from razvanphotography.com

The song “Butterfly Kisses” performed by Bob Carlisle it’s very easy to dance on, the rhythm it’s very slow and pleasant and the lyrics talk about parental love. This combination makes the song an all-time favorite. If you are looking for an inspiring song that will make your father feel emotional, you should choose “When Angels Fly” by Tony Ransom & The Heavenly Light Orchestra. This song was composed based on the idea of “leaving the nest”. If you want a country song with a love theme, you should check out a song called “I Loved Her First” performed by Heartland. I believe the title answers any of your questions. If you want to please your dad’s preferences more than yours, you should choose the “Trough The Years” song by Kenny Rogers.

Although the rhythm it’s country, the song it’s a favorite of many people. If you’re not afraid of spoiling your makeup, you should choose the “Always Be Your Baby” song by Natalie Grant. This song will surly bring tears on your face. If you’re not an emotional type of person and you want to keep your feelings more intimate, you should choose Frank Sinatra’s tune called “The Way You Look Tonight”. This it’s a romantic song with a joyful beat that will allow you to make some swings on the dance floor.

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Father Bride Wedding Songs from mywedding.com

If you want the father bride wedding song to sound more as a dedication to your father, you should choose the “My Father’s Eyes” song performed by Amy Grant. This sweet song will surly be appreciated by your father. No matter what song you will end up choosing, make sure you enjoy that moment when you will dance with your father, and you will always keep it in your heart.


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Are you ready for a round of rich, enchanting and highly extravagant haute couture wedding dresses? If not, you’d better get ready because these dresses here are quite exceptional and they require a lot of attention form you. We are pretty sure that you are going to fall in love with these superb Paola D’Onofrio wedding dresses that we’re presenting here from the first moment you will lay your eyes on them!


These gorgeous gowns here can make any bride – regardless of her age, wedding formality or physical condition – believe in love at first sight! We feel privileged to have these stunning dress masterpieces on our website and this is why we are so excited in presenting you here. So we look forward to hear your opinions on these precious and magnificent Paola D’Onofrio wedding dresses here hopefully you will be able to spot something that can fit the type of wedding you’re planning.

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If not, we are convinced that you will at least find these gowns highly inspiring and divine! They were made for a glamorous 2011 bridal collection dedicated to all brides who are into the bling-bling mood and style. But besides the fact that this designer’s dresses look so glowing and dazzling, they are also very sexy and sensual!

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They can make the perfect attire selection for contemporary brides who wish to wear something exquisite, extravagant, outstanding and also very provocative. The plunging necklines, the highly sparkling details and the sexy see-through bodices are definitely the elements that make these dresses look so spectacular and ravishing!

cheap wedding dresses for sale 3 240x300 Paola D Onofrio Wedding Dresses


The types of fabrics used by this couturier in creating and adorning her dresses are also refined and expensive, where the romantic lace, the lovely charmeuse, themodern chiffon, the luscious silk, the seductive satin and the light-weight tulle and organza are only a few examples in this regard. All these sensational fabrics have the main purpose of providing the bride with a splendid enviable silhouette and a luxurious sophisticated appearance.

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Those of you who decide to purchase and wear one of these breath-taking Paola D’Onofrio wedding dresses on your wedding day will surely obtain the look of the century! These gowns are more than a bride can dare to dream or expect in a wedding dress! We love both the ample classy A-line styles and the empire waist Greek or Egyptian like spaghetti strap and one shoulder silhouettes promoted by this designer in her one of a kind collection.11

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Wondering how to choose your wedding colors so they match? Here’s a guide to help you create your color palette for a perfect wedding. Besides the dancing couple, there are a lot of important things that deserve special attention, such as wedding cake and the wedding cake topper, invitations and bridal dress. Years ago brides used a contrasting color to accentuate the white wedding decor. Now, color is used a lot and in a large amount. We offer a guide that gives you all necessary information, from choosing colors to decorate the wedding so that you have a dream wedding.

The most important thing: location of the wedding. When you have decided on the plan of colors, must necessarily be aware of the space where the wedding will take place: if it has a decorative or simple. Then, pay attention to the color combination you choose, to match each other, you can take inspiration from magazines, websites, profile sites, etc.. For a lighter choice of colors, you can call a local shop or a textile dye shop, where you can get most colors. Thus it will be much easier when you decide on the color of the decor elements, for example, if you choose green, you know if it’s lime green, sage green or forest green.

elegant wedding cake toppers Elegant Wedding Cake Toppers


You can not decide if you choose a color or more? Many weddings have a really great variety of colors in the decor, some up to five shades. It is very important, the colors, to match each other. Location and use of color is highly dependent on the atmosphere that you want to create. The best way to start is to figure out what kind of emotions you want to be given off during the wedding. Do you want a quiet wedding, peaceful? Or maybe a royal romance? An energetic wedding? For example, a vibrant summer yellow mixed with chocolate is perfect for a rustic-chic style, adding a touch of gold, this combination will remind you of Italy. Depending on the chosen colors you can have a great elegant wedding cake topper too.

Since its beginnings, lace was the most elegant choice to make a wedding dress. It was the first choice of queens and princesses, is a precious symbol, the majestic and women of royalty. The very demanding couples – with refined tastes and so the wedding guests – can choose from dozens of luxury invitations that are provided by specialized companies in this field. Characterized by a lot of good taste, elegance, versatility and minimalism, the invitations generally keeps a semi-official air, providing only the information strictly necessary. Elegance is given by the refined and balanced colors, stylized graphics, without wasting items. Whether color tones are closed, or on the contrary, are pastel colors, the balance is kept at assorted shades or colors, no colors and contrasts violent otherwise.

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Of course, if tastes and pockets will allow, and if you own ideas about how to look the invitations, you can ask an artist or a designer to conceive a model which will then multiply in ail the desired number of copies.

Certainly it will completely avoid the risk of having a common pattern of invitation and you can avoid patterns. Let your invitation to wander and decided together with the artist how you show your invitations. Such elegant invitations will be unique, original and representative for you, as grooms but for your wedding too. To complete this idea you can choose also to have an elegant wedding cake topper which has similar elements to that founded on the invitations.11

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In this article we are going to present you a few exceptional haute couture wedding gowns designed by the famous and talented Ana Torres couturier that we recommend to both modern and classic brides who want to wear something more refined, ultra dainty and feminine on the big day.


Ana Torres is one of our favorite fashion bridal designers who create exclusive and fabulous wedding dresses for the modern brides who are planning a high class and sophisticated wedding. We believe that her creations look like real works of art, and this is because she pays so much attention and care to the details, cuts and lines of the dresses she makes.

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And we are convinced that after a few closer looks you will be able to see that these remarkable gowns look very exquisite, attractive and impressive. You can zoom in a little bit on the pictures so that you can examine closely these charming Ana Torres wedding dresses that we’ve posted here.

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We have many other articles written on this subject that we would like you to browse for on our website. This way you will get the chance to explore different styles, compare and choose the ones that can really fit and flatter your personality, your individual style, your expectations and the type of wedding you’re planning.

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Choosing the best or the right and the most appropriate type of wedding dress can also be regarded as a process that is related to your physical condition. The dress you’re selecting must fit perfectly the figure or the type of silhouette you have.

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Otherwise, the dress might not look at its best on you. And besides finding a figure-flattering wedding dress that can suit your body shape, you must also make sure that the dress you’re choosing is adequate for your personality or for your individuality.

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A more sophisticated, bold and elevated wedding dress must be worn properly, with the right attitude. These enchanting Ana Torres wedding dresses look very exquisite, creative, feminine and dainty, and this is why we recommend them especially to those of you who are planning a classy expensive or highly qualitative wedding. We love the rich drapes, the romantic bows, the subtle details, the bold and elegant necklines and the lace applications thought for the majority of these ravishing Ana Torres wedding dresses. Tell us now which of these dress masterpieces you would choose for your own wedding!11

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Bright and vibrant as a sunny summer day, these orange flower wedding bouquets that we’re presenting here can make gorgeous selections or sources of inspiration for those who are planning a hot summer time wedding. Anyway, the orange theme can also fit the fall season weddings for instance, as well as any other type of exotic or wild and eccentric ceremony and reception.


It all depends on the vision that each one of you has on the ideal orange wedding. We recommend this color to those who are planning a destination wedding on a luxurious beach or island, as well as to those who are going for a wild desert wedding. Nevertheless, the truth is that this color can fit any type of wedding that takes place outside the doors, in the middle of the nature.

hydrangeal wedding boquet pictures 300x219 Orange Wedding Flower Bouquets


Exuberant, vivacious, fresh and refreshing, this color is ideal for cheerful weddings. In general, the younger couples are the ones interested in planning a fun and youthful wedding, and this color is among the most adequate ones that can fit these preferences. These orange flower wedding bouquets are gorgeous and highly inspiring and they look just like a sunshiny day! These arrangements are surely able to brighten up the bride’s day and light up her face with happiness!

hydrangeal wedding boquet pictures 2 300x199 Orange Wedding Flower Bouquets


This color can also lift up the wedding atmosphere and bring more joyfulness, cheerfulness and joviality to the party. If you want to flatter your wedding guests, and offer them an unforgettable experience at your wedding, go for the orange theme! The orange décor arrangements will look divine, warm and inviting and the attendants will also get “contaminated” by the energizing, vibrant and cheerful tone and take it for their mood! These orange flower wedding bouquets that we’re showing here are composed of parrot tulips and garden roses, so if you want to obtain a similar bouquet for your own wedding, now you know what to use!

hydrangeal wedding boquet pictures 3 300x204 Orange Wedding Flower Bouquets


Among other orange fresh-cut types of flowers that we recommend for modern weddings we mention the following assortments: ranunculuses, sweet peas, proteas, zinnias, gerbera daises, narcissuses, oriental poppies, mango calla lilies, orchids, dahlias, chrysanthemums, asters, pansies, carnations, tulips, freesias, English roses, gladiolas and plumerias. You can use these flowers in various combinations according to the type of wedding and bridal look you’re planning. Browse for the other post that we feature on orange flower wedding bouquets and table centerpieces on our website.11