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Turning 50 means reaching the age of fulfillment and the real adulthood. It’s the age when you can enjoy many things you couldn’t enjoy when you were younger, it is time to have fun and to seize each day with your family and friends.

The wisdom you acquire up to this age enables you to take care of your responsibilities but to live a certain degree of freedom,too. So when one of our friends turns 50, it becomes a great challenge to pick up a special, unusual and perfect gift. Utmost attention must be paid in order to make the gift as unique as the birthday itself.

unique 50th birthday gifts 300x264 Unique 50th Birthday Gifts

50th Birthday Gifts from free-graphics.com

As in many other cases, the birthday girl’s/boy’s personality speaks for itself. If you know his/her hobbies, then your gift is almost there. If she’s/he’s a theater fan, then all you have to do is to buy some tickets to an event of this kind. Is she/he music fan? Then take him/her out for a concert or buy an iPod with classic songs from his/her teenage. If they are into sports and physical activities, then give them a yoga class voucher and let them stretch and tone. Show them that you want them to be healthy for the years to come.

Gifts related to their interests are special because they prove that you have listened to them and that you have paid attention to what they like to do. You will enchant their eyes or ears but also their hearts buy showing how well you know them. If you want to put a smile on his/her face, then think of a place she/he would love to visit and make some ticket reservation and give her/him some days off. You can add a camera to your gift, too and you will get to see what the holiday was like. It’s just a click away to save a great moment for your entire life. If you deal with a shopaholic, then a voucher would be more than appropriate as a gift. She/he will buy the things he/she likes and needs and thus, you can be sure you won’t go wrong with your gift.

unique 50th birthday gifts 2 300x300 Unique 50th Birthday Gifts

50th Birthday Gifts from balloonmaniacs.com

You would never go wrong with a personalized gift and you could think of some classic pieces of jewelry with their birthday or initials on it. Make a scrapbook that would include the major events that took place in the last 50 years, add some pictures from her/his first years of life, his/her twenties, thirties or even famous song lyrics from every decade of her/ his life. If it is a birthday girl, try to impress her by sending he flowers all day. Make sure the flowers will also have some personal notes attached to them or why not even some famous lines. Choose a huge bouquet to deliver it yourself in the evening and you will certainly get a smile on her face.

Birthdays bring smiles and happiness, bring families together and many gifts.Celebrate this day with things that are given from the heart and that embody your respect and care for the birthday person.

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You’re tired of the usual classical gifts you’ve given for years. And the person you’re suppose to give a gift is the kind of impredictable, original, quirky person. She or he stands out from the crowd with her or his crazy ideas.

The kind of person that likes to have a ball needs nothing more. So buy him or her what is officially called “the gift of nothing”, that is a ball full of nothing. Yes, I’m talking about a transparent empty ball. And you might get a birthday card wishing all the best and explaining that person that she or he already has it all.

gadgets unusual odd unique gifts 300x289 Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts

Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts from geardiary.com

As her spectacular personality shines, get her or him a pair of unique glow in the dark gloves. And I think that stripy toe socks would fit the gloves outfit. I forgot to mention the gloves have stripes too. But maybe those toe socks have become rather usual. Try massage socks instead. They are actually Reflexology socks that show us where to press to activate the body centers. It’s a perfect gift for the alternative therapies fans. And for the ecologist a birdseed shoes is an unique pair of shoes. Unique and unusual.

Is he into Star Wars and has a real obsession for Science Fiction? Get him a Jedi bath robe or a special laser sword and let the force be with him. Don’t forget to have his name embroidered, or if you think he’d enjoy it, embroider the name of his Jedi hero. As an alternative, a Star Trek talking keychain will teleport him into the SF world.

gadgets unusual odd unique gifts 21 300x240 Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts

Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts from technabob.com

Have you ever heard of a blow-up wall clock? Unique and pretty unusual. What can be so unusual about a clock? Check out the image and think about it as a present for the “time traveler”. Since our time traveler seems to have his or her own perception of time, maybe an Infinity wristwatch is suitable. It is designed with a system to create a virtual infinity of mirrors.

It’s time we got to the electronic gadgets. An mp3 headphone hat is a nice gadget for her, as she is always lost inside the music world. This way she can listen to her favorite tunes and be “undercover”. Or you could help her relax with the Mp3 Messager. Music can be enjoyed with the radio toaster. An item of double use: toasts the bread and helps her burn the calories after breakfast by dancing on her favorite music. Has she got the rhythm in her? Get her the finger drums. Absolutely original, so cute and so fun.

gadgets unusual odd unique gifts 4 283x300 Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts

Unusal, Odd Unique Gifts from thinkgeek.com

Has he got a strange sense of humor? A pair of racing grannies might start a laughter. He might even enjoy drinking from the toilet mug you’ve just bought him. Or he might use the Face Butt towel you’ve given him. Just to help him dry his body properly and then he can try to put on the world’s largest underwear. That’s another unique odd gift. All these are just a few of the odd, unusual unique gifts available.

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Nowadays, the number of modern brides who are planning a spectacular old fashion wedding is getting bigger and bigger. More and more couples decide to organize the whole event in a more vibrant, chic and impressive style, just to obtain a more original atmosphere or to celebrate a special date or event in their lives. Going vintage can be a real challenge for brides who are looking for the perfect wedding gown. And we say this because the palette of choices is quite diverse and generous, and not because one won’t be able to find beautiful and unique styles to choose from.


While for some brides a broad range of styles can help them choose easier the best type of outfit for their wedding, for other brides this thing can only get them even more stressed and confused. Selecting a single design from so many original and outstanding styles can be a very overwhelming task for the undecisive bride to accomplish.

kuwait wedding dresses 230x300 Glamorously Vintage Wedding Dresses

However, we think that no matter how difficult it may be to choose a single type of wedding dress from more different style, having a larger palette of styles to choose from can only be good news. This means that more and more bridal fashion designers of today are receptive to the modern bride’s preferences and expectations and acting in consequence means providing with more beautiful and remarkable styles!

kuwait wedding dresses 2 230x300 Glamorously Vintage Wedding Dresses

In this article we are going to present you a few of our favorite types of vintage or old style wedding dresses signed by the famous Novia D’Art bridal couturier. As you can see in the images below, these gowns are anything but standard, plain or predictable. The designs are pretty elevated and fashion-forward despite the fact that the style is old and antiquely vibrant. We think that this is one of the biggest achievements in the industry of wedding dresses: creating wedding gowns which can combine perfectly the old fashion glamour with the modern designs and luxurious fabrics.

kuwait wedding dresses 3 230x300 Glamorously Vintage Wedding Dresses

This mixture between the old and the new style is actually one of the most inspiring ideas that a fashion bridal designer could ever have! We are glad to see that the number of bridal couturiers who are creating splendid classy and glamorously vintage wedding dresses for contemporary brides is constantly growing. We are also impressed that more and more brides of today decide to go for an old charm wedding dress over a vanguardist design. Both the old and the modern styles are able to ensure the bride’s original look, but choosing a vintage wedding dress is always a more intimate and personal choice.

kuwait wedding dresses 4 230x300 Glamorously Vintage Wedding Dresses

These fabulous glamorously vintage wedding dresses belong to one of the most romantic and highly qualitative sensual bridal collection designed by Novia D’art especially for brides who are planning a sophisticated, extravagant and one of a kind wedding ceremony in 2011. From chic and playful tea length wedding dresses to gorgeous antique inspired drooped waist dresses and modified A-line highly embroidered sensual silhouettes, in this collection you will be able to find lots of breath-taking gowns.11

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For this article we’ve chosen a very nice and flattering subject fro many of you, and this is: pastel pink wedding flowers! We know that there are many brides today who still dream of the perfect pink wedding where they can look like real princesses and the wedding like a gorgeous fairy-tale ground! Well, all these wishes can come true if you decide to follow our own examples of beautiful and unique pink wedding flower arrangements. We’ve chosen a few pictures to show you just how splendid, enchanting and romantic this color can look like in a wedding if used in its right shades and in the correct doses.


This beautiful color can be found in lots of sensitive and bold nuances, depending on what you are looking for more precisely for your wedding. Pink can be found in shades of blush, pale pink, coral pink, burgundy, magenta, hot pink, violet, fuchsia or mauve pink. As you can see, there are many different types of derived shades of pink from which you can make your pick, according to the exact type of wedding you’re planning. For this discussion we’ve chosen the pastel type of pink because we think it can match both classy and modern types of wedding ceremonies or brides.

budgeting wedding flowers 229x300 Pastel Pink Wedding Flowers

The dynamic and bold shades of pink are usually chosen by off the beat contemporary brides or couples who wish to plan a more appealing, unconventional and 100% vibrantly cheerful wedding. We know that not all modern brides of today are willing to adopt and assume such a powerful theme for their wedding and this is exactly why we thought to offer you a more delightful, warm and softer to the eye alternative. The pastel shades of pink are more delicate, sensitive and refined. They can make the perfect color choice for antique or vintage inspired weddings, although they can also make the perfect match for nature inspired weddings spent outdoors in gardens, on open fields, on mountain tops, in backyards or in parks.

budgeting wedding flowers 2 300x300 Pastel Pink Wedding Flowers

When we say pastel we refer to those fine and magical shades of blush pink, baby pink, violet, lavender pink or magenta pink. Choosing the right type of pink among these examples can be really difficult especially when the bride is very picky and relatively hard to decide. However, we wish to remind you that selecting the color scheme or the theme for a wedding should always depend on the type of formality, season or location of the big event.

budgeting wedding flowers 3 240x300 Pastel Pink Wedding Flowers

Taking into consideration all these coordinates means narrowing down your search and facilitating the whole process of electing the best types of pastel pink wedding flowers. There are plenty options you can follow when it comes to finding the right types of flowers that come in these gorgeous shades. Here are a few of our favorite examples of pastel pink wedding flowers used today in modern or antique themed wedding ceremonies: sweet peas, peonies, tulips, ranunculuses, hydrangeas, carnations, freesias, hyacinths,11

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Looking for romantic instrumental music for your big event? What about playing wedding harp music? Harp is an instrument that can really add a touch of elegance to a wedding. Harp music doesn’t stop to classical music. It is a versatile instrument being capable of playing various musical styles from classical to jazz and many others.

What makes harp great for a wedding celebration is that it is a solo instrument. Since it plays more than just a melody line, it doesn’t need to be accompanied by another instrument in order to give a full sound. A harp makes a wonderful sound in combination with a flute, violin, or piano, but it’s just not necessary. Harp music is similar to piano music, the printed wedding harp music having a treble and bass clef like piano music. But harp music isn’t exactly the same. The fingering makes a great difference. A harpist only uses 8 fingers, while a piano player uses all 10 fingers; therefore, the music arrangements for the two instruments are different.
songs for a wedding 300x300 Beautiful Harp Music For Wedding
If you have more musicians involved in your wedding, the costs they charge will be higher. If you choose to play harp music for your wedding, the fact harp is a solo instrument may save you some money. If you take the decision to hire a harpist, make sure to talk to him about any specific songs you may want him to play in order to see his opinion.

As I said above, harps are versatile instruments and harp arrangements are available for tons of songs, so usually there shouldn’t be any problem. But, just in case! I say that because even if rarely, a harp arrangement for a particular song may not be available and then the harpist has to create it.

This could be an extra charge, depending on its difficulty. So you may want to discuss this first, especially if you have a low budget at your disposal. Another option, more cheaply, would be to play some harp music available on CDs.

For this, you may listen some Bronn Journey wonderful harp music available on a special CD with songs that have some beautiful orchestrations accompanying the harp. Other good CDs to consider are the following ones which are not just meant for weddings, being any-time music. This is what makes them particularly useful.
songs for a wedding 2 Beautiful Harp Music For Wedding
O perfect Love & Other Wedding Songs is a CD featuring 26 wonderful harp sounds by Nancy Enslin. Check the entire album, listen to every song and decide.

Wedding Magic is another great harp music arrangement, containing 19 songs which are a mix of classical and contemporary sounds.

The third option is Echoes of Love. This CD features nice harp music sung by two harp playing sisters. Even if this one is not strictly a wedding CD, it contains 10 wonderful songs which are suitable for a wedding reception and ceremony. This is not a solo harp compilation. In the arrangements on this CD the harp is accompanied by other instrumentals.

Check these suggestions and find the best choice.11

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Unique 18th birthday gifts
As 18th birthday is a key moment in everybody’s life and the beginning of adulthood, we all think that we should make this day unique, filled with pleasant remembrances. As for the gifts one should give to a teenager on the verge of becoming an adult, it needs a lot of thought and care to choose the right present. Most of us try to associate the gift with the celebrated person’s personality, way of thinking and hobbies. Though having lots of information about the person to be no longer a teenager, sometimes we still cannot find the suitable gift. Every teenager is different so the gift should be unique and special as well.

As we all know, most teenagers are crazy about parties. So why not ask all your friends to organize a surprise party for the teenager and thus, to prepare all of you for the great party that is to come. He/she will definitely appreciate it and you will get to party twice.

Unique 18th Birthday Gifts1 300x300 Unique 18th Birthday Gifts

18th Birthday Photo Albun from bestgiftbox.com

If your friend is a fashion addict, then make her feel special by giving her the chance to be a model for a day or at least for a couple of hours. Hire a professional make-up artist and a photographer to make her photo shooting look professional,too. She will not only remember you but she will have the chance to immortalize her youthful beauty and to live a glamorous experience.

For boys and especially for car fans, surprise them with a 18th birthday unique gift. Rent a super car, give him the key and let him be a super driver for the day since turning eighteen implies your eligibility to drive. You will certainly become one of his favorites friends. For sports fan, think of something that will make their birthday a special day. Buy tickets to a sports event where his favorite team plays. Or make him a personalized football book. Boys would like anything that has to do with gadgets, video games, skates, bikes and if you can afford it, buy a super motorcycle and a leather-jacket. If he’s into music, then add some CDs to his collection or take him out for his favorite band concert.

Another great and unique gift to celebrate their 18th birthday is making a video that contains messages from everybody she knows and their wishes. This will be a gift to remember as she will watch it everytime she wants to live again the happy day of coming of age. If you don’t think any of these gifts is suitable for the birthday girl/boy or for your budget, then buy something useful and personalize it. The list of things that you can personalize is long and it includes: photo frames, wine bottles, calendars, fake street signs with their name on it, wallets, pencils with personal engravings.

Unique 18th Birthday Gifts 262x300 Unique 18th Birthday Gifts

18th Birthday Gifts from markart3.com

Take pictures of all her/his friends, put the pictures in a photo album and write under every photo some personal lines. Thus, she/he will have a photo album with all her/his friends and their wishes,too. As long as these gifts embody all your love and friendship, they will be successfully offered and received.

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Nowadays more and more famous fashion designers are trying to create visually more attractive wedding dresses that can still feel comfy and look sexy on the brides. There is no other muse or better source of inspiration for these wedding dress designers than the modern woman or bride herself!

The new preferences of the contemporary bride are now more refined and highly pretentious, and this is exactly what fashion designers are trying to consider when creating their marvelous dress masterpieces. In this article we are going to talk about Patrizia Ferrera wedding dresses and present you a few samples of her recent wonderful sparkling 2011 bridal collection.
linen wedding dresses 202x300 Patrizia Ferrera wedding dresses
All the gowns featured in this collection are beautifully adorned with crystals and glowing embellishments, and they make a fabulous choice for all brides-to-be who want the glamorous extravagant look for the big day. We find these elegant brides totally eccentric and exuberant and we have to admit that they might not make the best outfit for all modern brides. There are plenty reasons why a bride may not prefer a dazzling highly sophisticated and exquisite couture wedding dress. One of them – and perhaps the most important one is the money. Not all modern brides of today have enough money to spend on an exclusive designer wedding dress, although there are brides who think that purchasing a wedding dress of thousands of dollars may not be the most ethical thing that they should do.
linen wedding dresses 2 209x300 Patrizia Ferrera wedding dresses
Nevertheless, we think that choosing a couture wedding dress is always a personal selection that is meant to bring more satisfaction to the bride’s ego or to make her look at her best on the big day. If for some brides the wedding dress and their look for the big day is very important, for others a simple natural and innocent look is enough to fulfill their wishes. The expectations of a bride will always depend on their cultural or social background and on how fabulous, remarkable or outstanding they want to feel and look like on the wedding day.

We must admit though that nothing can compare to a high class couture wedding dress signed by a fashion designer like Patrizia Ferrera for example. You can find lots of amazingly glamorous and extraordinary wedding dresses in her collections, dresses that can both fit and flatter even the most pretentious bride. The silhouettes manage to reveal more curves and provide the body with a more sleek, sensual and feminine appearance.
linen wedding dresses 3 202x300 Patrizia Ferrera wedding dresses
The designs, the lines and cuts are unpredictable, bold and dynamic, while the embroideries and the innovative elements are totally magical, flirty and one of a kind. Browse for more Patrizia Ferrera wedding dresses on her personal website in order to see whether you resonate or not with her style.11

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Not as a strict rule or applying concept at all weddings but lately more and more pairs of grooms and also guests would like to hear modern music.

Traditionalism loses ground and mostly because in transforms the event into a common one, something that everybody already knows, something that will not come as a surprise to anyone.

contemporary wedding reception songs 300x150 Contemporary Wedding Dance Songs for the Reception Party

Contemporary Wedding Dance Songs from royaltyfreeclassicalmusic.co.uk

The problem about choosing contemporary music instead of the traditional to be followed path is about a constant fear: not many know this kind of music, not many will like it, what if no one will dance, what if boredom will stand upon your party. Nothing to be afraid of when you mix various genres is that it is not obligatory to have all the wedding music with a modern touch, as how not all the wedding has to be about traditional facts and elements. Contemporary wedding dance songs for the reception party cannot be a totally and easily defined category. It all depends on the purpose you need them and on the wedding style. Many agree with the fact that it doesn’t matter the type of wedding- formal or not- as at the party everybody dances and forgets about this etiquette. It may be so but take into consideration the fact that at a classy wedding you cannot or should not have rock music for example. Each style with its path.

contemporary wedding reception songs 2 300x300 Contemporary Wedding Dance Songs for the Reception Party

Contemporary Wedding Dance Songs from soleagroup.com

In concrete examples given as options as contemporary wedding dance songs for reception party one has to think about the grooms’ first dance in the first place. And here some of the options may be about Bruno Mars “Just the way you are”, some of the Celine Dion’s repertory or Mariah Carey. For others moments of the reception another love song can be Anastacia and Eros Ramazotti “I belong to you”, Ronan Keating and Janette Biedermann “We’ve got tonight”.11

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A wedding it’s an emotional event not only for the bride or the groom, but also for their parents. How boys have a special connection with their mothers, the same type of relation a girl has with her father. When a girl hears the word “father”, she instantly thinks about unconditional love, protection, safety and spoil. But when a father hears the word “daughter”, he thinks about the most precious person in his life, the person he would risk his life for. But when a father thinks about his daughter as a bride-to-be, he will realize that it’s time for his little girl to become a woman and to start a family.

All these thoughts, feelings and emotions should be celebrated on a wedding event, and what better way to do that than to dance on a father – bride wedding song. This song should be chosen by both the bride and her father, and it should please them both. Although, I don’t think there is a father that would object to her daughter’s choice.

father bride wedding songs 300x199 Father Bride Wedding Songs

Father Bride Wedding Songs from razvanphotography.com

The song “Butterfly Kisses” performed by Bob Carlisle it’s very easy to dance on, the rhythm it’s very slow and pleasant and the lyrics talk about parental love. This combination makes the song an all-time favorite. If you are looking for an inspiring song that will make your father feel emotional, you should choose “When Angels Fly” by Tony Ransom & The Heavenly Light Orchestra. This song was composed based on the idea of “leaving the nest”. If you want a country song with a love theme, you should check out a song called “I Loved Her First” performed by Heartland. I believe the title answers any of your questions. If you want to please your dad’s preferences more than yours, you should choose the “Trough The Years” song by Kenny Rogers.

Although the rhythm it’s country, the song it’s a favorite of many people. If you’re not afraid of spoiling your makeup, you should choose the “Always Be Your Baby” song by Natalie Grant. This song will surly bring tears on your face. If you’re not an emotional type of person and you want to keep your feelings more intimate, you should choose Frank Sinatra’s tune called “The Way You Look Tonight”. This it’s a romantic song with a joyful beat that will allow you to make some swings on the dance floor.

father bride wedding songs 3 300x224 Father Bride Wedding Songs

Father Bride Wedding Songs from mywedding.com

If you want the father bride wedding song to sound more as a dedication to your father, you should choose the “My Father’s Eyes” song performed by Amy Grant. This sweet song will surly be appreciated by your father. No matter what song you will end up choosing, make sure you enjoy that moment when you will dance with your father, and you will always keep it in your heart.


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All the weddings find their common ground into the essence of facts.

Like no other way to do the things to get married will include, even though in a traditional or modern way, to have the religious ceremony and then the reception party with all the well known and key moments: the bridal time to make its appearance at the church so walking down the aisle, the grooms’ first dance, the time to dance with parents, cut the cake time and so on. What will differ and can be taken as one point to make the modern touch be sensed is the wedding music.

contemporary alternative wedding songs 199x300 Contemporary Alternative Wedding Songs

Contemporary Alternative Wedding Songs from buzzle.com

But if you do not want to have neither the religious songs, nor the traditional ones then contemporary alternative wedding songs must be what you are looking for. Indeed not to think at extreme facts as to include rock music for example or just for the reception party but for the every key moment slow love songs can be the replacement. Contemporary alternative wedding songs for the religious ceremony time. When the bride makes its appearance, its marching down the aisle until the altar, then during the wedding readings, the exchange of vows and rings, the time to leave the church as well music is need. But as to follow your requests in genre one can select “Gymnopedie no. 1” by Eric Satie or “At last” by Etta James.

contemporary alternative wedding songs 2 199x300 Contemporary Alternative Wedding Songs

Contemporary Alternative Wedding Songs from phreshact.com

Contemporary alternative wedding songs for the reception party
Instead of the waltz at the beginning of the party, instead of any of the traditional songs for the groom to dance with its mother and the bride with its father one can select Enya’s “China roses”, Bruno Mars “Just the way you are”, Darren Hayes “Insatiable” or Savage Garden “To the moon and back”. Many others more can be taken as options but only for the proper party.

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After the wedding the grooms remain only with memories. Of course that nothing will equal with what they carry in their souls but photos or videos from the wedding day are the living or reliving time for the moment. Thinking about this the grooms plan for long terms a short variant of their wedding recording.

If it is to make it on your own or even ask a professional help to find a proper music for the background is essential. Which are some good songs for wedding DVD slideshow?

good songs for wedding dvd slideshow Good Songs for a Wedding DVD Slideshow

Good Songs for a Wedding DVD Slideshow from shoeboxmemories.net

First of all, the need for such a music aim is related to the idea to make a resume of the event. In other words, with the full long tapes a short version will be about excerpts of the whole event. And in this case one doesn’t have to be preoccupied that the music will cover people talking and speeches and so on. In some cases even those ruin the beauty of the event as whispering get one to the idea of backbite. Now that the aim is clear it is time to start the search for good songs for wedding DVD slideshow. And as prime notice here one has to think at the exact time to be correlated with what the song chosen expresses. It is not a randomly choice so pay attention: for example love songs in general, specific songs related to the “I do” time, to the walk out of the church time and so on.

Good Songs for a Wedding DVD Slideshow 300x168 Good Songs for a Wedding DVD Slideshow

Good Songs for a Wedding DVD Slideshow from memoriesinc.com.au

In concrete examples, the songs for this task can be about the same ones one had at the wedding. After all how can be preserved everything as a memory of that day? And apart from these one can choose slow songs, non vocal ones. It is a way to make it all with a solemn touch in view.

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Not every married couple gets to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary. This happens because of the fact that people nowadays die younger than they used to do in the past. In this case, life took their chance of enjoying such a beautiful moment. But there are other cases when couples get divorced because they simply can’t spend the rest of their lives together any more

But if you don’t find yourself in one of the above mentioned cases, then you should know you are very lucky. Why? Because you are one of those fortunate people who can say to their friends: “I want to invite you to my 50th wedding anniversary”. 50 years of marriage means almost an entire life spent with a person. The man or the woman sitting next to you and calling you husband or wife, it’s the one who stood with you trough good and trough bad no matter what. And because of that, you both deserve a celebration of your love, and why not, a vows renewal. What day would be more proper then the day you celebrate 50 years from the moment you first said “I do”.

songs for a 50th wedding anniversary Songs for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary from gstatic.com

This type of event should take place according to you preferences. Maybe you want to spend that day with your family, kids and nephews in the comfort of you house, the place where you keep most of your memories. Or maybe you want to spend it at a restaurant with all your friends and colleagues and have a big fancy party. Or maybe you just want to spend it alone with your beloved one. No matter what type of celebration you will choose, you will have to play some songs because we all know how music can be a healing to our heart. You should choose the number of songs according to how long you estimate the event will last. But the number is not that important as the quality is. I advice you to choose any type of songs you want: gospel, country, romantic, rock, pop, r&b.

Their gender does not matter as long as they are meaningful to you and they have sentimental value. It would be nice to make a list with the songs that you and your beloved one have listened over the years in the most memorable moments of your lives. For example, the song that you played at you first wedding dance, or maybe you remember an old song that was playing when you first met or you first got together.

songs for a 50th wedding anniversary 2 300x210 Songs for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary from freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com

You should think about moments like when you baptized your first child, when he made his first steps, when you two bought your first house, when you visited beautiful places, when your children got married, when you had you first grandson or many other important moments that I’m sure are well kept in both you mind and your heart. You should think about all these moments and try to associate them with specific songs. Taking in consideration the fact that two persons have shared so many moments, and so many feelings, it would be a shame not to celebrate them with some beautiful songs for their 50th anniversary.


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For all brides who are in love with the romantic lace fabric but would like to wear something more modern and chic perhaps these superb Villais wedding dresses here can make stunning choices or great sources of inspiration in this regard.


We are big fans of the elegant and feminine Villais original bridal style and we usually recommend these hate couture wedding dresses to both classic and modern brides who are planning on wearing something simply sophisticated, refined and highly qualitative on their wedding day. We must admit that we are pleasantly surprised to see that the entire collection released by this designer is rich and abundant in precious and unique styles that can meet many preferences and expectations.

cheap beautiful custom wedding dresses 300x200 Villais Wedding Dresses IV


We love generous bridal collections that contain more different styles and designs from which many brides can make their pick. And this 2011 bridal collection promoted by Villais this year is no exception in this regard! We have other articles on our website written on Villais wedding dresses that you can browse for in case you wish to see more of these majestic and adorable designs.

cheap beautiful custom wedding dresses 2 300x200 Villais Wedding Dresses IV


We are convinced that you will be able to choose something adequate and totally flattering for your own wear among all the styles we’ve presented you so far on our website. The good news is that both young and mature brides can find appropriate designs in this collection and we think that this is one of the most notable qualities or advantages that this designer has in relation to other couturier’s dresses and collections.

cheap beautiful custom wedding dresses 3 300x200 Villais Wedding Dresses IV


We think that the bolero designs, as well as the high sheer neck and the short-long sleeved styles are absolutely amazing and 100% suitable for older brides or for those who are planning a second time wedding ceremony.

cheap beautiful custom wedding dresses 4 300x200 Villais Wedding Dresses IV


Besides this, we also think that all modern brides who wish to wear something more decent and “strict” or classically rigorous will be able to find something adequate among all these precious lace made and embroidered Villais wedding dresses.

cheap beautiful custom wedding dresses 5 300x200 Villais Wedding Dresses IV


On the other hand, younger brides who wish to wear something more playful, youthful, discreetly vibrant, fun and cheerful can always opt for one of these fluid silhouette styles beautified with delicate ruffles, frills and flounces. The palette of choices is quite wide and generous with many preferences and we are positively sure that you won’t walk away with empty hands from this collection.11

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Some parts of a wedding are not the same expressive and emotional loaded enough if there is not something behind to support the effect and boost it. But at the same time the attention should not be refocused. I mean if you choose to have background music even at the religious ceremony this doesn’t mean that what happens to be less important than the song.

Looking for wedding songs that are no vocal comes as a need after all for several wedding parts. And here are included the bride’s entrance at the church, the readings time, the moment of the rings and vows exchange, the end of the religious ceremony.

looking for wedding songs that are no vocal 300x203 Looking for Wedding Songs that Are No Vocal

Wedding Songs from diz-sinema.net

After this it comes the reception party and here looking for wedding songs that are no vocal may be needed for the time when the guests serve the menu and not to interrupt totally the music program. Since establishing why do you need and when do you need no vocal songs it is time to search for your options. So, music but no voice is what you can gain from “Gladiator-symphonic suite”, “Driving miss daisy”,” True romance-You’re so cool”, “Batman begins- eptesicus”, “Thelma & Louise”, “Regarding Henry- walking talking man”, “Green card – restless elephants” all from “The city of Prague philharmonic orchestra & the crouch end festival chorus”. Another list you can have from Vangelis: “L`opera Sauvage”, “Metallic rain”, “Mouettes”, “Spiral”, “To the unknown man”, “Elswhere”.

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Wedding Songs from my-biggestday.com

What you can also do is to take any song you like and want and remove all the lyrics, all the vocal parts. There are special programs helping you with this; it is just like wanting the soundtrack. Hans Zimmer’s music for example which helps you already to have the no vocal songs, part of them being so and fewer to need to remove anything or Enya as well.11

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Thinking about choosing a rock wedding song for your first wedding dance? You must know there are many rock wedding songs to choose from. Below you have a list of the best modern rock songs to take into consideration.

I Could Not Ask For More by Edwin McCain

McCain is good at making great wedding songs. His song could be the ideal choice for a first dance song for many couples. Listen to it and if you decide you like this song, you might want to consider the country version covered by singer Sara Evans.

I’ll Be by Edwin McCain

Like I said above, McCain is really good in producing rock wedding songs. This is a beautiful choice for a wedding song. “And I’ll be your cryin’ shoulder / I’ll be love’s suicide / And I’ll be better when I’m older / I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.”
modern rock wedding songs 300x225 The Best Modern Rock Wedding Songs

Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk

Feels like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk is an excellent choice being a softer modern rock wedding song. This song was played as a soundtrack in the comedy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. This can make a really beautiful first dance wedding choice.

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

This song is one of the most classic rock wedding songs. The lyrics are about not wanting to lose any moment with the person you love. Aerosmith can make a first great dance for almost any couple.

Look After You by the Fray

If you are a fan of Fray, then this song is the perfect choice for your wedding. The music in this song is perfect for a first dance song. “You’ve begun to feel like home / What’s mine is yours to leave or take / What’s mine is yours to make your own / Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh / Be my baby / I’ll look after you”. This makes a great declaration for your loved one.
modern rock wedding songs 2 300x191 The Best Modern Rock Wedding Songs
Far Away by Nickelback

Nickelback are masters in creating perfect wedding songs. If you are a couple that realized later that you are meant to be together or if you had a distance relationship, this can be the perfect wedding song for a first dance.
Never Gonna Be Alone by Nickelback

This is another Nickleback’s song for your rocking wedding. The melody also fits to the profile of a wedding.

Life After You by Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry was an American Idol contestant with one of the nicest and most unmistakable voices in the music industry nowadays. Therefore, his recent song Life After You is perfect for a wedding song for the right couple.

All I Want by Staind

All I Want makes a really beautiful wedding song for any couple who likes Staind.

You and Me by Lifehouse

This is one of the most classic modern rock wedding songs. The melody of the song is very beautiful, making it a wonderful choice for a first wedding dance. Some lyrics are “Cause it’s you and me / And all of the people with nothing to do and nothing to lose / And it’s you and me and all of the people / And I don’t know why, I can’t keep my eyes off of you.”

Rock your wedding with a modern rock song!11

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After properly getting married its time to celebrate the love, the unity, the start of a new life beginning with the couple’s happiest day. As how the whole event is about the bride and groom at the reception party there are special moments exclusively for them. But it all starts with the first dance.

Even though having a traditional wedding or not is their choice the grooms’ first dance is not to be skipped. Again an emotional time in this case is on the one hand the first dance as wife and husband but moreover and on the other hand, as it all should be about a spectacular presentation made, there must be a choreography. To dance on the rhythm is the impressive move for the guests but the song chosen has its effect too. What songs for the first wedding dance should you select?

songs for first wedding dance 209x300 Songs for the First Wedding Dance

Songs for the First Wedding Dance from ourloveoursong.com

To start with, there are no limits impose. But considering that this is not just a party but with higher pretences of the event style, a society dance, a waltz is required. So are the traditional weddings but as alternative the couple can choose anything part of the love songs category. Secondly after this it comes the need for a song that has a rhythmic sound. Like I mentioned above there must be a choreography as not to bore the guests and the couple to present itself in a magnificent way. A simple blues, a slow song is not enough.

songs for first wedding dance 2 Songs for the First Wedding Dance


Now with names and artists mentioned under the category of songs for the first wedding dance to choose consider as option Leonard Cohen “Take this waltz” or from his repertory “Dance me to the end of love”. And as to give some examples for the not so appropriate songs are the ones part of Enya’s repertory. In the same consent are the songs from the repertory of Enigma, Era or Vangelis.11

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Brides who are looking for an ultra elegant and feminine couture wedding dress might want to check out these Joachim Verdu sleek wedding dress pictures presented below in this article. This designer’s style is incredibly artistic, dainty and unique especially because his creations are inspired by the whole wild world of art.

In general, Spanish couture style is gorgeous and original compared to other fashion designer’s style, and this quality transpires through many couture creations signed by designers from Barcelona or Spain in general. These magnificent wedding dresses presented in these images are part of a splendid and remarkable 2010 bridal collection.
jordan wedding dresses 232x300 Joachim Verdu sleek wedding dress
Fashion-forward brides who want the chic distinctive look for the big day should definitely consider a sleek wedding dress made by Joachim. We personally are madly in love with these refined, feminine and yet dramatic gowns and we find them very attractive and sensual. The mermaid or the empire style silhouettes are romantic, supple and discreet, while the lines and cuts are both delicate and contrasting. Each wedding dress from this collection embodies a unique design which is meant to provide the bride with a more eye-catchy and glamorous original look. You won’t be able to pass unnoticed in one of these charming dresses, but who wants that for her wedding day after all?
jordan wedding dresses 2 232x300 Joachim Verdu sleek wedding dress
There is a special clever combination made between the classy style and the vanguardist style that manages to offer these dresses such a dandy, coquette and gallant touch and look. First of all, we must say that almost all Joachim’s dresses feature an interesting and more unique type of neckline. Whether it’s a high neck with criss-cross back spaghetti straps, whether a gorgeous and fabulous double off the shoulders neck, these gowns are absolutely phenomenal!
jordan wedding dresses 3 232x300 Joachim Verdu sleek wedding dress
Other examples in this regard are: sheer high neck with one shoulder flower-strap necklines, sheer lace top over a sweetheart neckline or simply stunning asymmetrical one shoulder strap highly embroidered with flower-frills. We recommend these one-of-a-kind gowns to all brides who want a more refined, chic and flowing seductive silhouette, as well as for those who are planning a casual voguish look. These superb dresses can be worn both on dramatic formal wedding ceremonies and on casual chic and flirty weddings. It all depends on the season and the venue you’re planning for the big event.

The modern draped style can be observed incorporated in the skirts. The pleats are delicate and soft, and they can be also observed on the bodice. You can also find enchanting elegant simple Joachim Verdu sleek wedding dresses in case the clean style is what you’re interested in for the special day. Browse for more unique and breath-taking articles and pictures with couture wedding dresses made by Joachim Verdu or other fashion designers on our website.11

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Brides who are planning on going exuberant, bold and vibrant on the wedding might be interested in seeing these exceptional pink and red wedding flower bouquets posted below in the images. We must mention that the red and pink theme is not for everybody, but more for off the beat brides who willing and ready to adopt a more unconventional, unusual and perhaps strident look for the wedding.


This color combination is definitely not one of the most gentle, successful or softer to the eye that exist out there for weddings, but we are convinced that as long as you use the right types of red and pink shades everything is going to look absolutely amazing and impressive. The trick is to use both the red and the pink nuances in the right shades and doses just to make sure that you will not obtain a too pompous or grating and heavy on the eye flower arrangement. Specialists in field recommend this theme to modern brides who are planning a whimsically romantic type of wedding, as well as to all brides of today who are interested in obtaining a more provocative, sensual and unique type of wedding reception or look.

bulk wedding flowers nj 300x214 Pink and Red Wedding Flowers

You can use this color palette for composing your own bridal bouquet too if you feel comfortable with these vibrant colors. We suggest you to consult a specialist, a florist or a color chart before making any hasty decision in which types of red and pink shades to use. Both these colors can be found in lots of derived nuances – one more pastel and softer than the other before. We are going to list here all the shades that you can find in pink in order to help you compose the most adequate and refined pink and red wedding flower bouquets or décor arrangements.

bulk wedding flowers nj 2 224x300 Pink and Red Wedding Flowers

Starting with the pastel soft shades of pink we mention the pale pink, the blush and the coal pink, the baby pink and the magenta pink. Among the bolder ones we mention the whimsical burgundy, plum, aubergine, hot pink or fuchsia. In red you can look for tomato red, scarlet red or dark red. Perhaps a bright red and hot pink color palette does not make the best type of combination that you can make using these tow colors. Ask for a specialist’s advice if you feel lost or have no idea how to use these two nuances in order to obtain a successful mix.

bulk wedding flowers nj 3 190x300 Pink and Red Wedding Flowers

The vats majority of the flowers available in nature can be found in pink and red hues. We are going to give you a few examples of each type of nuance in part. For the red part of the bouquet look for the following types of fresh flowers: roses, sweet peas, carnations, orchids, gerbera daises, calla lilies, tulips, gladiolas, chrysanthemums, dahlias, anemones, hibiscuses, cherry blossoms, peonies or ranunculuses. As for the pink part of the sensational pink and red wedding flower arrangement you can choose from: sweet peas, lilacs, magnolias, lavenders, peonies, freesias or gingers.11