Designer Orchid Wedding Flower Arrangements

07 March 2014 0 Comments

These stunning orchid wedding flower centerpieces that we’re presenting here were created by Aileen Tran Event Stylist and we must confess that they did an excellent job with these arrangements. This company is actually an extension of Karen Tran Florals – which is the parent company, and they are among the most successful floral designers […]

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Pepe Botella Wedding Dresses III

28 February 2014 0 Comments

We are here to present you with joy and excitement more of the superb bridal dresses made by Pepe Botella for the wonderful White Moon 2011 bridal collection hopefully the models we’ve selected for this article will meet your preferences.   We are happy to see that your reactions and responses to the other Pepe […]

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Designer Wedding Invitations

01 February 2014 0 Comments

Wedding invitations are extremely important, especially due to the fact that they are the means through which couples can decide to let the entire world know that they have finally decided to get married. Furthermore, the wedding invitations also let the guests know about the type of wedding they are going to attend and this […]

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Paola D Onofrio Wedding Dresses

01 February 2014 3 Comments

Are you ready for a round of rich, enchanting and highly extravagant haute couture wedding dresses? If not, you’d better get ready because these dresses here are quite exceptional and they require a lot of attention form you. We are pretty sure that you are going to fall in love with these superb Paola D’Onofrio […]

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Elegant Wedding Cake Toppers

22 January 2014 0 Comments


Wondering how to choose your wedding colors so they match? Here’s a guide to help you create your color palette for a perfect wedding. Besides the dancing couple, there are a lot of important things that deserve special attention, such as wedding cake and the wedding cake topper, invitations and bridal dress. Years ago brides […]

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Jason Grech Wedding Dresses

20 January 2014 0 Comments

Those who are seeking for a visionary designer who can create them a fabulous wedding dress for a fancy wedding should stop at Jason Grech. This couturier works in the bridal industry for 11 years now and it looks like his creations are getting more and more elevated and appreciated all over the world.   […]

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Pretty ruffle wedding dresses

12 January 2014 1 Comment


If you are planning a simple intimate yet chic and stylish wedding and you haven’t found yet the right wedding dress to wear perhaps you should take a look at these pretty ruffle wedding dresses shown in the photos below. Textured wedding dresses are highly in vogue at this moment and we are happy to […]

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Orkid Yaprak Bridal Collection

12 January 2014 0 Comments

We chose another spectacular haute couture bridal collection to present you in this article hopefully the samples you will find here will help you make yourself an overall image and impression on this designer’s original style. Our intuition tells us that many of those who will get in touch with this article and with these […]

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Elio Berhanyer Wedding Dresses

04 January 2014 1 Comment

Contemporary brides looking for a couture wedding dress designer who can speak their language may find the answer to all their prayers in Elio Berhanyer’s bridal collections. This designer is a master in creating fabulous voguish gowns made especially for the modern offbeat bride who wants the easy-going chic and noncomformist look for the wedding […]

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Elizabeth De Varga 2011 Wedding Dresses

31 December 2013 0 Comments

The style promoted by Elizabeth de Varga is a beautiful weave of old and new, classic and modern, feminine and dramatic. This contrasting style is perhaps the key to this designer’s successful collections.    For this article we brought a few more gorgeous designs released for 2011 that we would like to share with those […]

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Pictures of Jan Kish Wedding Cakes

27 December 2013 0 Comments


On the most special day of your life, everything has to be perfect, you selected designer wedding dress, designer bridal shoes now the wedding cake should be made by a famous artist and baker. The wedding cake is not just an ordinary cake, it needs to be the most beautiful cake you will have in […]

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Villais Wedding Dresses IV

21 December 2013 1 Comment

For all brides who are in love with the romantic lace fabric but would like to wear something more modern and chic perhaps these superb Villais wedding dresses here can make stunning choices or great sources of inspiration in this regard.   We are big fans of the elegant and feminine Villais original bridal style […]

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Anna Griffin Sage Wedding Invitations

16 December 2013 0 Comments


So, your wedding day is getting closer and closer. All the plans have been made and you already know the most important details of the day. Now there is only one thing you should be worried about: the wedding invitations. These cards are the last step in the wedding scenario. It is impossible to think […]

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Chic and Dainty Wedding Flower Centerpieces

12 December 2013 0 Comments

We know that when it comes to wedding ideas for the flower decorations the visual information is the most important and useful one so here we are presenting you more fabulous and chic and dainty wedding flower centerpieces that we found on the internet and thought you might want to see here on our website. […]

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Joachim Verdu sleek wedding dress

11 December 2013 0 Comments


Brides who are looking for an ultra elegant and feminine couture wedding dress might want to check out these Joachim Verdu sleek wedding dress pictures presented below in this article. This designer’s style is incredibly artistic, dainty and unique especially because his creations are inspired by the whole wild world of art. In general, Spanish […]

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Francesca Miranda 2011 Evening Dresses

07 December 2013 0 Comments

In this post you will get the chance to find a few stunningly sensual and eye-catchy evening gowns designed by Francesca Miranda for one of her latest 2011 collection. If you are interested to see the beautiful gowns that this designer promotes in her bridal collections we invite you to browse for the articles that […]

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Oh Que Luna Wedding Dresses II

07 December 2013 1 Comment

This is our second article on the gorgeously unique and interesting Oh Que Luna wedding dresses that we post on our website hopefully the styles we’ve selected for this discussion will fit many tastes and preferences.   Due to the positive responses we’ve received from you on our previous article on this subject we’ve decided […]

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Justin Alexander 2011 Wedding Dresses

07 December 2013 0 Comments

These gorgeous haute couture wedding dresses released by Justin Alexander for one of his ultimate 2011 bridal collection are definitely for the destination brides who are lucky to be planning a beach or island wedding. We are happy to see that the beach wedding dresses have become more and more elegant, fancy and stylish, although […]

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