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These stunning orchid wedding flower centerpieces that we’re presenting here were created by Aileen Tran Event Stylist and we must confess that they did an excellent job with these arrangements. This company is actually an extension of Karen Tran Florals – which is the parent company, and they are among the most successful floral designers who create exclusive wedding arrangements for the modern brides.


These super centerpieces look divine and charming, and this is because they were created especially for the contemporary brides who want something unique, detailed, exquisite and original. These couturier’s creations and arrangements are sometimes unconventional and this is because their principal muse or source of inspiration for their creations is the modern woman and her unique preferences.

how to grow flowers for summer wedding 300x193 Designer Orchid Wedding Flower Arrangements


The brides or couples who appreciate the designs promoted by these couturiers are called eclectic and for good reason! The refinement of the details, the boldness and eccentricity of the designs, the artistry and the innovative schemes used for their arrangements make a wonderful contrast that lead to a dramatic type of wedding that modern couples appreciate today. We recommend these stylists to all brides who want to transform their simple, standard and predictable wedding day into a more fascinating, spectacular and fashionable event that everyone will remember!

how to grow flowers for summer wedding 2 300x209 Designer Orchid Wedding Flower Arrangements


These designer orchid wedding flower arrangements that we’re showing here are breath-taking and it looks like they were created especially for destination weddings or for romantic weddings booked for outdoors venues. Fancy, utterly romantic, feminine and sensual, the lovely orchids look at their best when used in detailed and luxurious arrangements. We like the hot pink accents used for the glasses and napkins, accents that manage to create a stunning contrast with the pure crystal white orchids and green leaves of the calla lilies. These arrangements express simplicity, elegance, refinement, gracefulness and finesse – a few of the most important qualities or principles that make a wedding look remarkable and successful!

how to grow flowers for summer wedding 4 300x199 Designer Orchid Wedding Flower Arrangements


You don’t have to plan the wedding on a beach, island or coats to use the orchid centerpieces. These designer orchid wedding flower arrangements can help you recreate the luxury and natural vibe of the seaside anywhere else! You can plan the wedding in a backyard, in a park, on an open field or even in the country-side and use these orchid arrangements that will make everything get the feeling that they are on a beach! We promise to be back with more flower arrangements signed by these designers.11

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In case you are planning an elegant modern wedding and you’re looking for a fabulous theme to get it all started, we recommend you the brown and yellow color theme. We invite you to take a look at these gorgeous brown and yellow wedding flower bouquets and arrangements posted on this page hopefully you will be able to find something adequate for your own wedding, or at least inspiring.


This color scheme is a bit more original, eye-catchy and stylish because it is less popular. This is perhaps why so many brides are interested in adopting it for composing the beautiful table centerpieces and the rest of the décor arrangements. Perhaps this theme can work gorgeously not only for autumnal weddings, but also for spring time weddings, depending on the exact formality and style or amplitude of the event. In general, these color combination can give birth to a very dramatic, sophisticated and dainty wedding which can be planned for both an indoor and outdoor location.

columbus ohio wedding flowers 300x223 Brown and Yellow Wedding Flowers

In case you are choosing it for a spring season wedding we suggest you to plan the wedding outdoors, in a more natural venue where the softness and the complementary elegance of the yellow and brown can add even more exquisiteness, refinement, softness and high class. Brown is the most popular type of color used in general for fall time weddings, in all kind of color combinations including orange, cream or purple. However, this strong and powerful nuance is also used as a dark accent to elegant wedding flower arrangements chosen by brides who are planning a classy wedding. Brown stands for equilibrium, comfort, resistance, strength, affection, warmth, balance, motivation, security, refinement, elegance, drama, contrast, power, emancipation, challenge, exquisiteness and manifestation.

columbus ohio wedding flowers 2 300x214 Brown and Yellow Wedding Flowers

On the other hand, the yellow nuance is there to add more glamour, splendor, sensitivity, charm, delight, youthfulness, energy, sensuality, brilliance, grandeur, inspiration, femininity, love and affection. There is absolutely no doubt that these two complementary colors can give birth to a very nice and flattering original theme that can help any bride make a statement on the day and differentiate her look from other brides. There is no need to ply it safe and standard by opting for a white classic wedding when there are so many themes and color schemes which are visually more attractive and fascinating out there to choose from! However, each bride is free to decide by herself which type of color can work best for the wedding she’s planning. Nevertheless, a brown and yellow wedding flower décor can look just as classy, refined, dainty and chic as any other white wedding, and even more original and outstanding!

columbus ohio wedding flowers 3 221x300 Brown and Yellow Wedding Flowers

There are many types of natural yellow flowers that you can find out there, so here are a few examples: sunflowers, narcissuses, yarrows, marigolds, hyacinths, freesias, gladiolas, gerbera daises, tulips, hydrangeas, orchids, calla lilies, carnations, irises or pansies. As for the brown part of the brown and yellow wedding flower arrangement, look for roses, gerbera daises, chrysanthemums, asters, freesias, calla lilies, orchids, dahlias, tulips or carnations.11

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This article is for the brides or couples who are planning a vintage inspired wedding and are still looking for inspiration for creating their wedding décor arrangements. These superb vintage wedding floral arrangements that we’re showing here can make fabulous choices for any other type of wedding, as long as the ceremony and reception are planned outside the doors in a more natural location.


These gorgeous arrangements look so highly inspiring, romantic, charming and refined because they are composed of soft petal simple types of flowers in vibrant and bold colors. The fresh-cut appearance of these flowers is the one that makes these arrangements so attractive and suitable for nature inspired weddings, in or outdoors. We have many other articles written on vintage bridal bouquets and wedding décor arrangements that you should look for on our website.

wedding flowers calgary 200x300 Vintage Wedding Floral Arrangements


We are convinced that you guys will be able to find something appropriate and unique for your own vintage inspired weddings among all the designs that we’ve posted so far on our website. In terms of wedding flowers, “vintage” means chic, vibrantly colored, bold, artistic, daring, creative, rich, sumptuous, feminine, ultra elegant, romantic, glamorous, fancy, versatile, natural touch and nonchalant.

wedding flowers calgary 2 199x300 Vintage Wedding Floral Arrangements


These vintage wedding floral arrangements can also be chosen by those of you who are planning a bohemian themed wedding, a rustic, rural, country-side or antique inspired wedding. As you can see from these images, these arrangements also look very fresh, warm, vivacious and festive. The fun, the joyfulness, chicness, boldness and simplicity of the design are other elements specific to the vintage style. We like the bold and dynamic colors used for these vintage wedding floral arrangements that look so whimsically romantic and sensual. The purple, pink, green and red color palettes are by far the most adequate or trendy for vintage wedding receptions.

wedding flowers calgary 3 202x300 Vintage Wedding Floral Arrangements


The violets, the lavenders, the mauves, the blush pinks, the coral pinks, the plums and the aubergines are great examples in this regard. If you want something more romantic, mysterious, magical and sensual you should definitely combine shades of pink, purple and deep red. As for the flowers, here are our own recommendations that you can follow for composing your special vintage wedding floral arrangements: gerbera daises, dahlias, narcissuses, irises, chrysanthemums, tuberoses, asters, pansies, gardenias, plumerias, hydrangeas, lilacs, carnations, sunflowers, anemones, Billy Balls, cherry blossoms, delphiniums, marigolds, hyacinths, chamomiles, wildflowers, hibiscuses, lotuses, peonies, gardenias, amaryllises, magnolias, orchids, lavenders and ranunculuses.11

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For brides who are dreaming of having a perfect ample and diverse colorful wedding perhaps a multi flower or a multi tone wedding bouquet can help her though. We think that incorporating more colors into the bridal bouquet is a very inspiring way of transforming your simple predictable and perhaps plain white bridal look into a more eye-catching, revitalizing and dynamic vibrant apparition.

The bridal bouquet is capable of changing completely your face and aspect during the day and that is very important for you to stay focused and pick the flowers and the colors that can do you justice.

Don’t compromise your personal style and your preferences by choosing a white wedding bouquet. The vast majority of the brides today are trying to stray from the stones rules that once lead us to all white weddings and opt for something more vivacious, alive, fresh, dynamic and bold.
pink beach wedding bouquets 300x222 Pink, yellow and green wedding bouquets
A colorful wedding flower bouquet will always be visually more attractive, more remarkable, one of a kind and different from the wedding bouquets crowd. A pink, yellow and green wedding bouquet could be your ideal color scheme that you can consider for your own wedding.

All the color palettes, themes and color schemes that are available today for weddings can help you make the right decision. You just need to think well whether this type of bouquet is going to fit or suit the formality, the season and location of the wedding you’re planning.

Make sure that you use the same color scheme in the whole wedding, starting with the décor and ending up with the wedding cake and table arrangements. For brides who are organizing the wedding for a destination location perhaps a simple soft pink beach wedding bouquet is just not enough.

The flowers and the colors must be as radiant, provocative, remarkable and eye catching as the wedding location or the natural exotic environment of the beach is. Multi toned wedding flower bouquets are in vogue this year and you’d better take advantage of the fact that you can design your own wedding bouquet using any color or type of flower your heart wishes.

A pink, yellow and green wedding bouquet can also be chosen for a hot summer wedding day booked for any kind of nature outdoors location. Whether you’re planning the wedding for a park, a garden, a back yard, a mountain, an island, an open field or a country side, the pink, yellow and green wedding bouquet can make a very inspiring and stunning apparition.
pink beach wedding bouquets 2 300x246 Pink, yellow and green wedding bouquets
Here is a short list of pink, yellow and green wedding flowers that you can choose for composing the bouquet:

Pink flowers: sweet peas, peonies, roses, tulips, carnations, calla lilies, orchids, ranunculus, anemones, freesias, gladiolas, hydrangeas, gerbera daises, chrysanthemums, hyacinths, lilacs or tuberoses.

Yellow flowers: marigolds, sunflowers, gerbera daises, narcissuses, irises, pansies, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, hydrangeas, tulips, zinnias, calla lilies or orchids.

Green flowers: mums, roses, tulips, carnations, cymbidium orchids, gerbera daises, dahlias or hypericum berries.11

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When it comes to planning the flowers for the big wedding day, the happy bride must make a checklist with all the blooms that are necessary for decorating the wedding, for composing the wedding bouquets and for adorning her beautiful hairstyle arrangement. Perhaps not all brides are thinking of wearing flowers in their hair on the wedding day, but this article is meant to offer those who are planning on using a flower headpiece more ideas on how to decorate their head and also convince the skeptical brides to follow these wonderful style arrangements.


We think that weddings are incomplete without flowers and so is the bridal look. Perhaps it’s not enough to wear a wedding bouquet on the ceremony in order to obtain a fresh, elegant and appealing look. Perhaps adding a few flower blooms in your hairstyle can represent a fast way to obtaining a successful one of a kind look. Flowers have the primary role of adding more natural beauty, freshness, vibrancy, cheerfulness, romanticism and refinement to the bride’s look and this is why we think that it’s beautiful to ornate your headpiece or your hairstyle with flowers!

consegna wedding flowers 300x200 Gardenia Hair Wedding Flower Arrangements

In this article we are going to present you one of our favorite type of flower – which is gardenia, hopefully the images below will make a beautiful source of inspiration for those of you who adore gardenias and have no idea how to use them in their hair. We think that gardenias are remarkable flowers that are able to add even more natural beauty and femininity to the bride’s face making her look like a goddess! These gardenia hair wedding flower arrangements that we’re presenting here are among the simplest ones that can be done by any one you alone.

consegna wedding flowers 2 200x300 Gardenia Hair Wedding Flower Arrangements

If you are planning a more sophisticated, intricate and extravagant look perhaps you should ask for the advice of a specialist in field or have your hair done with flowers at a beauty fashion saloon. Gardenias are spring time flowers that are usually chosen by brides who are planning an aestival wedding. They can look charming when incorporated in natural touch wedding bouquets, as well as when used in small table centerpieces. Their lavish sculpted like blooms and their divine enchanting perfume can win the heart of your every single wedding guest in part! Gardenias can only be found in shades of pure white and cream, and this is why they are so often used in classy elegant weddings.

consegna wedding flowers 3 300x150 Gardenia Hair Wedding Flower Arrangements

Even modern brides are choosing them for their bridal bouquets and for decorating the table centerpieces and their wedding cake. A single lavish bloom would do for creating a romantic nonchalant type of hairstyle, where you can place the gardenia flower next to your ear or anywhere else around that area. You can also choose smaller blooms of gardenias and make a wonderful loop of hair gorgeously decorated with these precious flowers. Destination brides who are planning a romantic wedding on a beach or island can opt for a magical gardenia hair wedding flower arrangement.11

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If you don’t know what design to use for your wedding invitations, then maybe you will find some inspiration while looking at a big bouquet of flowers. From the first moment you realize that flowers prove to be a magic solution…a romantic solution and, none the less a practical solution.

It is easy to choose a flower you really like, draw it and then fill in the blanks with an appropriate color. It is entirely up to you what flower to use or what colors to combine. Of course, the first to take into consideration while deciding is the theme of your wedding day. It is necessary to make a connection between the main idea of your wedding day and these little cards.

pink tiger lily wedding invitations 300x300 Pink Lily Wedding Invitations

Pink Lily Wedding Invitation from zazzle.com

It is only normal: how else will your guests know what to expect? So, if the ceremony is elegant then maybe a rose will be nice. For something more casual spring flowers could work very well. Of course, you don’t have to stick to pre-defined ideas and forms or to use stereotyped images. The world of wedding invitations is open to any idea…as long as it is valid and not just non sense. Now all you have to do is to stop at one retailer and one idea. For instance, let’s assume that you want to send your guests pink lily wedding invitations. It is not complicated at all to find a nice display. Zazzle is one of the most interesting you could come across. Many designers have made their suggestions throughout this retailer. Basically, this is just a bridge between you and some of the most important retailers on the market. The cards feature original designs and exotic color combinations. You will be surprised to see how many ways there are to play with a simple flower and with a simple color. There are little limits when it comes to being creative. So, if you like their display you should take some time and look at their shipping conditions. Ask as many details as possible so that you don’t have any surprises on the way.

pink tiger lily wedding invitations 22 300x300 Pink Lily Wedding Invitations

Pink Lily Wedding Invitation from zazzle.com

There are hundreds of beautiful pink lily wedding invitations waiting for you. Before placing the final order you should ask for an online proof sample. If you are not attentive to details then you should learn to be for this particular occasion!11

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Is your mom’s birthday or your grandma’s anniversary? Well, kitchen gifts make the perfect holiday, birthday or bridal present for all those who love spending lots of time cooking and finding new flavor combinations.

Your gourmand friends will love some attractive but functional kitchen accessories. Think of one of your hobbies and of a gift that you receive and that contains items to help you perform your favorite activities more properly. It seems to be the best gift, right? Then, start thinking of what would do as a good gift for a kitchenware fan.

unique kitchen gifts 300x212 Unique Kitchen Gifts

Unique Kitchen Gift from lehighvalleylive.com

The market is full of kitchen products so it won’t be easy to choose the one your friend doesn’t have already. When you go to his/her place next time, just take a look at his/her kitchen and try to find that something that’s missing. It might be: a flour/sugar shaker, a vegetable peeler, a muffin pan, barbecue tools or a mixing bowl that could help you wishing her/him a holiday mixed with joy, love, family, friends and laughter. The gift will certainly come in handy and it will do the good gift since he/she likes spending time cooking.

What’s fun about making gifts for this kind of people is that you can personalize a lot of kitchen accessories. Thus, they will remember you whenever they use that item and if they cook often, it means you will be in their mind often too. The first thing that comes in mind is a kitchen apron. It is easy to be personalized. You can use a picture of him/her or one of you two or you can opt for some funny qoutes or jokes related to cooking and kitchenware. If you want to be original, just personalize the apron with a new recipe. It will be of great impact.

Coffee or tea mugs are the most used when it comes to kitchen gifts. The sayings that can be printed on the mug are various. And if you cannot come up with something funny, then you can choose a mug that already has a message . The list of kitchen items that can be personalized and given as a gift include: a bamboo cutting board that can be easily personalized, a baking dish (on which you can write the reasons for which she is a wonderful woman), a trivet ( that has her/his name engraved), a cheese board, a tea and teapot set (that can be personalized with her favorite flowers), an apron (that you can personalize with a recipe for a happy marriage), a tea infuser, a cupcake maker, etc. If your wife/mom is into fashion, then gift her an apron that matches with a pair of dish-washing gloves. She will protect her skin while dish-washing and she will be fashionable,too.

unique kitchen gifts 2 225x300 Unique Kitchen Gifts

Unique Kitchen Gift from farm5.static.flickr.com

For funnier gifts, you can choose a set of those tiny finger food party plates, a baseball bat pepper grinder, a plastic gun for condiments and sauces or a set of recycled wine bottles platters. If you deal with a just married couple, maybe you should give them the basic accessories for a kitchen. It will be very useful and you will help them accessorize their kitchen. Add a basket full of goodies and there goes your perfect gift for your gourmand friends.

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Brides who are looking for more ideas and examples of beautiful wedding flower centerpieces to use for their own wedding might be happy to examine these pictures or browse for more on our website. When it comes to weddings & flowers, brides know that it’s all about the visual impact and about the elegance and romanticism of the atmosphere.

There are no other decorative elements that can transform so completely a wedding and take it to the next level of naturalness, innocence, playfulness and cheerfulness than flowers. We still believe in weddings adorned and decorated with fresh real flowers, although it seems that more and more unconventional accessories are used to replace the flowers in modern weddings.
articles on wedding flowers1 300x300 Beautiful wedding flower centerpieces
There are plenty advantages or qualities that flowers present in comparison with other artificially crafted alternatives. Flowers are able to bring freshness, vitality, energy, color, cheerfulness, creativeness, perfume or fragrance, elegance and delicacy to a wedding, while other accessories can only bring uniqueness and originality.

Perhaps a wedding beautified with artificial items looks unique but this might not be enough for the event to be considered successful. Brides who are planning their wedding in the middle of the nature (like in a garden, backyard, park, mountain, beach, open field, island or in a country side) know exactly what we’re talking about. Nature is the best muse that a bride can follow when the time comes to design and create the wedding flower centerpieces and the rest of the wedding flower decorations.
articles on wedding flowers 21 200x300 Beautiful wedding flower centerpieces
We advise all the brides to keep it real, fresh, organic and colorful in order to obtain a beautiful, inspiring, creative and warm wedding atmosphere. There are plenty types of flowers out there that you can choose for composing your beautiful wedding flower centerpieces. All you have to do is to set the right color scheme or theme and find the best wedding flowers that come in those nuances. You can still plan a fascinating one of a kind wedding by simply using a more dramatic, or a more powerful and impressive theme or color palette.

For example, you can go with a red and white flower theme, a purple and gold wedding flower theme, a green and orange wedding flower theme, a yellow and blue wedding flower theme, a pink and brown wedding flower theme, a black and yellow wedding flower theme, a pale pink and cream wedding flower theme or a black and red wedding flower theme.
articles on wedding flowers 31 222x300 Beautiful wedding flower centerpieces
The possibilities and numberless, but the choice is only one. So make sure that you choose right, according to the formality of the wedding, to the location, season and its colors. Among the most popular types of flowers used today in contemporary weddings are: lilies of the valley, lilacs, hyacinths, peonies, hydrangeas, calla lilies, cherry blossoms, lavender, anemones, gardenias or ranunculus.11

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Pets are great companions and friends. They are known for their loyalty and for the playful characteristics, so they know how to give love unconditionally. Statistics have shown that pets are also very good for people’s health, because they reduce the stress factors and as another example, walking a dog outside can provide both dog and owner with exercise, a better body shape, fresh air and a lot of social interaction as the owner meets and talk with other people. For all the pet lovers, there are a lot of pet related products to be bought and offered as gifts. Go for something unique, that pulls you out of the crowd.


Well, cats need to learn how to have good manners in order to mantain their delicate and sensual reputation. In this case, a very useful gift would be a CatSeat Cat Toilet Training Set. Help the owner to train his cat to use the toilett. This product is the only one that allows 100% of the training process to be completed on the floor in every place that the receiver chooses. It has a lot of advantages. The sleek new design and improved mechanics makes the award winning CatSeat the “green”alternative to filling our landfills with used litter. The product can be mounted on the toilet using no litter, or it can be used exclusively on the floor in place of the litter-box.

unique pet related gifts 300x300 Unique Pet Related Gifts

Unique Pet Related Gifts

Trained fish are more interesting, and if they know how to play soccer then you deserve all the appreciation in the world. Go on and buy something really unique for a friend that has a fish aquarius. Have you heard of Fish Agility Training Set? If not, let’s get you informed immediately, remember that information means power. This complete set of underwater activities allows the receiver to train his pet fish to perform a series of agility maneuvers, including swimming through hoops, pushing a soccer ball and last but not least, navigating a slalom course. The set includes two bases, all training objects and uses techniques. It features soccer goal, basketball hoop, football goalpoast and the owner can train his pet to practice scoring goals, slam dunks or field goals. Includes tools for retrieving all parts. Fun, fun, fun!

unique pet related gifts 2 300x209 Unique Pet Related Gifts

Unique Pet Related Gifts

Women are so in love with lovely home details that match perfectly with things they like. A Dog Breed Decorative Soap will make every women to wash her hands with pleasure. It’s crafted by American artisans and made of natural botanical extracts and luscious emollients. You can choose from different types of dogs. Rich and long-lasting triple-milled designer soaps. And the great thing is that you don’t have to buy a special box for the gift because it comes in an absolutely fabulous gift box that fits the image of the soap.

unique pet related gifts 3 300x230 Unique Pet Related Gifts

Unique Pet Related Gifts

Gardens need to be more fun in order to really make you smile everytime you relax sitting there. A Stone Look Cat will certainly say “Hello sunshine”. It’s made of lightweight resin and the feline has wire whiskers and a coiled tail too.

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Destination brides who are looking for a gorgeous beach wedding flower hairstyle or headpiece to complete their tropical vibrant look should stop for a minute and admire these thematic pictures that we posted on this page. Going tropical on the big day may not be a very easy thing to do, especially since one has to find the right types of accessories that can enrich or finish her exotic look.


Besides the fact that one has to find the perfect beach wedding, she also has to select a charming headpiece that can go with the dress’s design, formality, texture and perhaps color. But one should not panic or despair because there are plenty choices and chances for the destination bride to plan a fabulous eye-catchy and remarkable successful look.

bouquets wedding flowers 193x300 Beach Wedding Flower Hairstyles

Perhaps not all the brides are interested in wearing flowers in their hair on the wedding day, but those who are planning the wedding in the middle of the nature will surely look for ways of adorning their look in a more natural, fresh and vivacious way. Flowers make the best type of “accessory” that a destination beach bride can choose for decorating her head for the special day. You can choose from more exotic types of flowers such as orchids, magnolias, mini calla lilies, tuberoses, stephanotises, birds of paradises, heliconias, geraniums, plumerias or hibiscuses in case you want to obtain a more authentic, original and thematic look.

bouquets wedding flowers 2 300x300 Beach Wedding Flower Hairstyles

If you don’t have a very generous wedding budget that can allow you to go with tropical flowers imported from outer regions we recommend you to look for seasonal wedding flowers. You can find them in every flower shop at more attractive and reasonable prices. Among the most popular types of flowers that are nowadays used by brides as ornaments to their hairstyle are: peonies, anemones, gardenias, dahlias, amaryllises, carnations, gerbera daises, freesias, ranunculuses, sweet peas, sunflowers, hyacinths, lavenders, lilacs or chrysanthemums, marigolds and asters. Keep the colors high, vibrant and eye-catchy in order to recreate the vivacious and exotic flair of the beach or island.

bouquets wedding flowers 3 300x300 Beach Wedding Flower Hairstyles

But if you dislike the idea of wandering around with fresh soft petal flowers in your head perhaps you can opt for something more crafty and artificial. A sparkling headpiece made of origami flowers, paper made flowers or of seashells and corals can make a more inspiring and “safe” alternative. There are so many innovative and glamorous chic types of headpieces made especially by fashion designers for diverse types of brides – more or less contemporary or vintage. A beach wedding flower hairstyle can also contain all kinds of crystal, gem, diamond, pearl and beading accessories like combs, tiaras or diadems in case the bride is planning a more luxurious and dazzling exquisite look.11

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In this article we are going to present you a few gorgeous types of wedding flower centerpieces that we think many of you will like and even choose or get inspired from for their own wedding. We must confess that we are quite surprised to see that a wedding flower centerpiece can look so attractive, chic and voguish! As you can see from the images posted below, these enchanting fashionable wedding flower centerpieces we’re showing you here look both classy and elevated.


They were created by ingenious designers especially for brides or couples who are planning a stunning modern and remarkable wedding. Perhaps the most surprising thing about these great centerpieces is the fact that they were planned in a very simplistic and casual way. We like the fact that this designer thought to use delicate and soft flowers and subtle details that have the main purpose of making these arrangements look even more eye-catchy, irresistible and elegant.

wedding cake toppers flowers 240x300 Fashionable Wedding Flower Centerpieces


We want you to know – in case you are not aware of this by now – that the modern elegance and sophistication today are defined only through the simplicity of the style and designs or patterns used for the arrangements. We have many other articles on various wedding flower bouquets and centerpieces that were designed and composed especially for couples today who are planning a more casual, simplistic and yet very chic and dainty wedding.

wedding cake toppers flowers 2 240x300 Fashionable Wedding Flower Centerpieces


When planning a simple and clean wedding reception, the secret is to use thematic details and decorative items that can make the arrangements look a bit more artistic, eye-catchy and original. The wedding is actually the best time or occasion to get creative and plan a more unique and personalized décor that everyone will admire, appreciate and remember! Another thing that you should take into account or keep in mind when planning a more discreet, fancy and fashionable simple wedding is to use more interesting and unique recipients or vases for the flowers.

wedding cake toppers flowers 3 240x300 Fashionable Wedding Flower Centerpieces


You can use anything that you think can work for the type of wedding you’re planning. Anything from boxes, baskets, jar glasses, bowls, lanterns, colored bottles or even birdcages can work perfectly – this in case you want to obtain a more attractive, unique and creative wedding décor or reception for you and your wedding guests. We found these superb fashionable wedding flower centerpieces on Martha Stewart’s website and we thought that you would like to see them here!11

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Are you planning a beach wedding and you haven’t found yet the way to a fabulous extravagant and luxurious tropical wedding bouquet that can make your bridal look even more mesmerizing and magical?

Well, we’re here to guide you towards a more fabulous, exquisite and ravishing successful look by providing you with more information on how to create your wedding bouquet in a more unique, original and fantastic way. The first thing that you have to do is to pick the right type so flowers that will compose the beach wedding bouquet.

beach wedding bouquet jewerly 300x225 Beach wedding bouquet jewelry

There are many types of exotic flowers that you can choose from, but if you don’t have a generous wedding flower budget that can allow you to spend as much as you want on an exotic type of flower wedding bouquet you can work it out with other vibrant types of flowers that can be found at lower prices, un-imported.

For example, you could go with peonies, tulips, calla lilies, orchids, gardenias, lavender, lilies of the valley, sunset garden roses, ranunculus, amaryllis, irises, carnations, gerbera daises, narcissus or daffodils, plumerias, hibiscus, hydrangeas or anemones. In case you find these flowers to be too boring or to predictable for what you have in mind for your beach tropical wedding bouquet, use them in more vibrant bold energizing colors.

You can get inspired by the following nuances that are suitable in general for destination exotic weddings: hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, navy blue, aqua blue, emerald green, ultramarine blue, lavender, turquoise, sapphire blue, lime green, bright yellow, vintage bright or mate orange, lilac, mauve, chocolate brown, black, scarlet deep red, teal, silver, gold, light violet, pearl gray or plum.

Besides the flowers and the colors, you have to think of beach wedding bouquet jewelries that you can make use of in transforming the flower arrangement into a more eye-catching, glamorous and fancy bridal accessory. Nowadays the wedding bouquet is more than a traditional or a conventional wedding item that the bride must carry, but more a fancy elegant modern accessory that can enrich the bride’s look, and make her more approachable, photogenic, one of a kind and trendy.

beach wedding bouquet jewerly 2 267x300 Beach wedding bouquet jewelry

Among the most suitable types of beach wedding bouquet jewelries that you can consider to use would be seashells – natural, artificial or painted, corals, starfishes, flags, nautical ribbons, bows, flowers, anchors or any other specific symbol of the marine life, pearls, beads, diamonds, crystals, sparkling wires, gems, rhinestones, feathers, monograms, sequins or thematic brooches.

Just make sure that you don’t use too much sparkles and glittering accessories that can only make the beach wedding bouquet look too strident, grating, showy, pompous or too ostentatious and out of place. Keep it simple, natural and as softer to the eye as possible.11

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For the brides who are planning a cozy and casual wedding during the winter season perhaps these fashionable simple winter wedding flower centerpieces we’re showing you here will make great sources of inspiration in this regard. We are convinced that those of you who are planning a wedding in the cold season will find these flower arrangements absolutely divine, elegant and suitable for their own reception décor.


We always thought that a winter time wedding has to be as elegant, fancy and high class as possible. And we believe that these superb centerpieces we’re presenting you here can make fascinating choices in this regard. The majority of the specialists in filed affirm that the best way to plan an elegant wedding and obtain a more fashionable and sophisticated modern look is to keep the décor arrangements as simple, casual, clean and loose as possible. As you can see in these pictures that we’ve posted below on this page, these remarkable simple winter wedding flower centerpieces look pretty chic, natural and nonchalant.

do freeze dried flowers work on a wedding cake 300x199 Simple Winter Wedding Flower Centerpieces


They were created in the simple modern style and this is why they look so impressive, dainty, coquette and refined. Now, perhaps many of you will say that a winter wedding is the best time of the year to plan it all in a more pompous, exquisite and extravagant way, because the Christmas holydays are near and everything is supposed to be as cheerful, elaborated and rich! Well, as we said in the first paragraph, these superb centerpieces we’re showing here are more adequate for the couples who are planning a more refined, delicate, graceful and classy wedding reception.

do freeze dried flowers work on a wedding cake 2 200x300 Simple Winter Wedding Flower Centerpieces


You don’t have to use too many flowers, too many vibrant colors or sparkling accessories in order to make the décor a bit more eye-catchy and appealing! Take a closer look at these pictures, and see that these simple winter wedding flower centerpieces are both elegant and sophisticated, although the designers used simple transparent bottles, jar glasses and wood recipients for the flowers.

do freeze dried flowers work on a wedding cake 3 200x300 Simple Winter Wedding Flower Centerpieces


Besides this, the flowers are not at all extravagant, lavish and voluminous – as we can see in the majority of the ample winter season weddings, but small, fragile, soft and delicate. For composing these simple winter wedding flower centerpieces that look a little bit antique inspired the designers used dried berries, orchids, white stocks, dusty millers and carnations. These arrangements are simple, clean, chic, fashionable, dainty and eye-popping!11

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For the romantic type of brides who are planning a more sumptuous and sophisticated wedding perhaps these beautiful modern rose wedding flower centerpieces can make gorgeous selections or sources of inspiration.

We still believe that the magical roses are the most appropriate and adequate types of flowers for a wedding, and not only for the classic or traditional weddings. But there are still many brides who believe that roses are too old fashion or dated to suit the type of modern wedding they’re planning or to fit their expectations and preferences today. We recommend the lovely roses to both conservative and contemporary brides who are planning a more romantic, elegant and high class wedding. And we believe that these superb modern rose wedding flower centerpieces we’re presenting here will be able to convince you that these flowers can look just as attractive and fashionable as any other type of flower arrangement that is used for modern weddings today.

funny wedding flowers 300x290 Modern Rose Wedding Flower Centerpieces


The condition is to use the roses in the right types of colors, shapes, sizes and arrangements. And we wanted to show you these pictures here hopefully they will be able to convince you or inspire you in creating your own unique and eye-catchy arrangements made of roses. If you don’t want to obtain a traditional, predictable or standard arrangement made of roses, you can choose a different color for the flowers and bouquets.

funny wedding flowers 2 300x290 Modern Rose Wedding Flower Centerpieces


The red and the white colors are the most popular and used ones when it comes to roses wedding bouquets and arrangements. So, those of you who are planning a more appealing, fashionable and chic type of roses arrangement that can work more properly for contemporary weddings can always pick something differently colored, such an arrangement of black, brown, green or blue roses. All these colors are in vogue and they can look even more interesting and eye-catchy when used for rose bouquets.

funny wedding flowers 3 300x290 Modern Rose Wedding Flower Centerpieces


The pink, purple, yellow and orange colors are also in trend, and they can make excellent choices for romantic brides and weddings. In fact, we can affirm that the purple palettes are considered or viewed like the new reds. You can use roses alone or combine them with different types of flowers that look more or less similar in shapes, textures and colors, so that you can obtain a more diversified, rich and abundant modern rose wedding flower centerpiece or arrangement. Browse for more articles that we have on this subject.11

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In case you are planning a wonderful outdoor nature inspired wedding, then you will be definitely satisfied with the way a wreath wedding bouquet looks like.

This type of wedding flower arrangement is similar to the loose hand tied popular round style, but in this case the stems are fully exposed in order to fit a more casual and natural wedding. The organic look of the flowers is the surprising element in this type of bouquet and that is why this style can only be suitable for the outside the doors wedding kind of brides.

wedding bouquet arrangements 3 Wreath wedding bouquets

The loose-tied wedding bouquet arrangements are very popular and in trend these days, especially among relaxed modern brides who are planning an informal chic wedding. The bridal look must also be as natural as possible, in order to keep the fresh, unsophisticated and delicate wedding atmosphere in one piece. There is nothing more romantic, emotionally beautiful and unique than a modern bride wearing a simple, chic, clever and nature inspired wedding flower bouquet.

The arrangement can be made at home, by the bride herself, if she has the slightest skill in handling a flower arrangement in general. There is no big deal in composing a wreath wedding bouquet.

wedding bouquet arrangements 4 200x300 Wreath wedding bouquets

You just have to pick the right flowers (with long stems if possible) and simply gather and tie them with a coordinate ribbon that leaves the stems exposed. The main purpose of this type of wedding bouquet arrangement is to recreate the image of the fresh cut just picked from the garden look. Many brides are crazy about this type of bouquet that can also be found under the name of “the flower hoop wedding bouquet”.

The stems must be left longer in order to obtain that organic fresh natural look, but if you have a petite figure and you still wish to follow this style, you can cut the stems shorter and still let them at sight after you tie them with the ribbon. You can use even a rope, a string or any other type of matching wrap that can make the whole arrangement more beautiful, eye-catchy and unique.

wedding bouquet arrangements 5 300x300 Wreath wedding bouquets

You can personalize it with all kinds of accessories and embellishments, as long as you keep it simple, refined and just fancy, not extravagant.

Among the most suitable types of flowers that you can use to compose a wreath wedding bouquet are: roses, Queen Anne’s Lace, cosmos, carnations, orchids, calla lilies, phlox, freesias, gerbera daises, gladiolas, delphiniums, peonies, ranunculus, amaryllis, sunflowers, hydrangeas or any other flowers with long stems. The bouquet can be carried in a single hand, or in both hands, depending on how heavy, elaborated and voluminous the arrangement is. You can wear it on a casual wedding day but also on a semi-formal event planned for an outdoor exotic or natural location.11

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Now that so many brides are turning to the old style and choose more vintage wedding articles and decorative items we though to present you a few gorgeous antique inspired wedding bouquets in the pictures bellow.

Even in terms of flowers the antique vibe can be recreated or expressed through different colors, types of arrangements, shapes and designs. As long as you use the right types of accessories or embellishments even the plainest and the most predictable simple wedding flower bouquet can look chic and vintage.
blue posey wedding bouquet 300x199 Antique inspired wedding bouquets
There is no definition or a standard acceptance of the word “antique” in wedding flower bouquets, but there are a few elementary elements or aspects that must be taken into account when planning the best flowers for obtaining the old vintage look. It’s all in the arrangement and in the colors one decides to use for the bouquet. If we are to give you a few examples of wedding bouquet styles that can be classified as “antique”, we would mention the pomander style, the tussy-mussy style, the fan style, the nosegay or the arm sheaf styles.
blue posey wedding bouquet 2 300x225 Antique inspired wedding bouquets
All these flower arrangements are appropriate in design to the old vintage style and as long as you use the right types of flowers and nuances you can obtain a charming fashionable antique inspired wedding bouquet for your own wedding. Now, once we established the best types of shapes or designs for the bouquet, we must continue with planning the flowers.

There are plenty natural flowers out there that look vintage or old and antique, you just have to envision the way your bouquet will look and then pursuit in accomplish and fulfilling your dream. Here are a few of your personal examples of flowers that can look adequate and inspiring in vintage weddings: ranunculuses, peonies, anemones, orchids, gladiolas, lilies of the valley, hydrangeas, calla lilies, lavenders, hyacinths, sunflowers, lilacs, gerbera daises, tuberoses, gardenias, sweet peas, narcissuses or daffodils, asters, freesias, dahlias, Billy Balls, eucalyptus leaves, amaryllises, stephanotises, carnations, garden roses, tulips, agaphantuses, plumerias, magnolias, chamomiles or hibiscuses.
blue posey wedding bouquet 3 239x300 Antique inspired wedding bouquets
This list is generous with every type of preference and we are convinced that you can find something to fit your tastes. Now, to make sure that the bouquet will look as antique as possible, take into consideration the following colors that you can use for the flowers or for the rest of the accessories and decorative items that will give the bouquet a nice chic finish: ivory, cream, beige, blush pink, coral pink, ruby rose, magenta, dark purple, violet, navy blue, lavender, lilac, mauve, burgundy, plum, aqua blue, buttercup yellow, vintage mate orange, pearl gray, chocolate brown, gold, silver, lime green, meadow, sage or forest green, aubergine, scarlet red or tomato red.11

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The summer time weddings that take place today are very natural and casual, and this is because the modern couples want to spend this important day of their lives in a more relaxing and cozy way. We are happy to see that the designers today are interested in creating more and more beautiful wedding flower decorations for the summer outdoors weddings, inspired by the Mother Nature itself!


These jars summer wedding flower centerpieces that we’re presenting you here were created exclusively for outdoors weddings or for casual indoors receptions. The country-sides, the backyards, the open fields and the gardens are among the most popular locations chosen by summer time brides and grooms today. If you prefer something more adventurous, eccentric or wild, you can choose the forest, the woods or even the desert places for your romantic summer time wedding!

mamma mia wedding reception flowers 300x202 Jars Summer Wedding Flower Centerpieces


However, these delicate floral arrangements that we’ve posted here are too simple to fit the luxurious weddings that take place in more eccentric locations. These decorations are for those who are planning an intimate reception in a park or garden, as well as for those who are going for a simplistic casual wedding in or outdoors. The jars used as recipients for these fresh-cut flowers look very chic, stylish and modern, although they are so simple, so transparent and apparently unattractive. They are used especially to emphasize the naturalness and coziness of the wedding formality and the natural environment of the venue.

mamma mia wedding reception flowers 2 200x300 Jars Summer Wedding Flower Centerpieces


They are also used by the designers to enhance the natural beauty, charm and freshness of the flower blooms. You can use colorless jars or colored bottles, glasses, lanterns and other bowls that look similar to these ones used here. It all depends on the formality, season and theme of the wedding. The vases can also be taller or lower, depending on the appearance of the flowers and also on the amplitude and character of the reception. The flowers used for these jars summer wedding flower centerpieces are also extremely delicate, fragile and simple.

mamma mia wedding reception flowers 3 300x202 Jars Summer Wedding Flower Centerpieces


They used garden roses, peonies, tulips, ferns, chrysanthemums and asters, but you can always go for other assortments that can fit your preferences. We all have our favorite types of flowers that we would like to use in our weddings. Among other blooms that can fit these types of weddings and arrangements we recommend: sweet peas, lilies of the valley, lavenders, chamomiles, narcissuses, lilacs, cherry blossoms and Billy Balls.11

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One of our favorite ruffled flowers that a bride can choose for her wedding bouquet or décor arrangement is the sweet peony flower. These superb vintage pink wedding centerpieces that we’re showing here are composed of beautiful pink peonies and ranunculuses and this is why they look so romantic and impressive. The vintage theme is surely for both modern and classic brides and we recommend these sensational floral arrangements to those who are interested in organizing a more original, authentic, vibrant and refined wedding.


The flowers, the accessories, the personal touches and the rich details used for these arrangements all from a nice picture of the perfect vintage inspired wedding. The antique style usually allows the brides or the couples to play with the colors, with the decorative items and flowers and create a more artistic or fancy wedding decorations. The same thing happened with these divine arrangements. The designers who created these floral arrangements used old pictures, old books and other vintage accessories that can recreate the vibe and flair of the old century style.

no flowers wedding centerpieces 300x199 Vintage Pink Wedding Centerpieces


We must admit that these creations look impeccably beautiful and original. You should follow the same style or adopt this theme if you like it or replace the flowers and the decorative elements with the ones you picked for your wedding. We are convinced that everything is going to look stupendously beautiful, unique and romantic. We usually encourage the modern brides and grooms to use their own imagination and follow their own vision and intuition when it comes to creating the wedding flower arrangements for the reception.

no flowers wedding centerpieces 2 300x199 Vintage Pink Wedding Centerpieces


This way they can be sure that the décor will be as original, distinctive, creative and artistic as possible! In terms of wedding flower arrangements “vintage” means highly elaborated, richly adorned, exquisitely detailed, ornate, vibrantly colored, hot and trendy, classy, creative, rich, opulent, glamorous, sensual, chic and gallant. The coquette designs and the nature inspired decorations are ideal for vintage inspired weddings that take place in gardens, parks or vineyards.

no flowers wedding centerpieces 3 300x199 Vintage Pink Wedding Centerpieces


The pink theme is definitely the perfect color-scheme that can fit an old couture wedding, but you are free to use any other nuance that you think can fit best your personality. The burgundy, the emerald green, the peach, gold and other jewel tones are great for old century style weddings. These elegant vintage pink wedding centerpieces can fit both in and outdoors types of wedding venues.11