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Wedding Dresses | November 15 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

The image of a bride should amaze everybody present at the wedding. A bride’s appearance is one of the moments when the words are less to express how beautiful she looks. And it does not count only the design of the dress, but the attitude, that glitter in her eyes. Probably the sexy or even daring look added will be in the same consent but there is a limit.
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It seems that more and more brides count on a too shrill look. Psychologically speaking there is the insecure feeling, the self respect and esteem on a low scale. In other words, the bride has not such a good impression about herself and so the desire to impress and be on the front line becomes a way of revealing too muck and in an obscene way.

The other part is about a lack of inspiration, the too pushy way of wanting to reveal as well body shapes. Am I talking about tacky wedding gowns. The proper description would be a “cheesy” aspect, a cheap look, unaesthetic, vulgar, non fashionable at all, tastelessness. The list can continue at endless but only with no appreciations, but with negative words.

Why would one choose such a wedding gown type? Like I said before the desire to impress takes another direction into a bad one, to the lowest esteem one can have. And as I am trying so much to describe such wedding dresses types I should also mention how they look like. Tacky wedding gowns can be in some people’s vision just a too daring look on regard of a deep cut of the cleavage for example. But it can be worse: two pieces dress, with a corset that ends right above the navel; regardless the silhouette it still has the corset short, to reveal the belly, so imagine this on a puffy bride. The second part is the skirt, as well short, as the garter to be in the front line. And to add more, the design is embellished with lots of details, the bridal jewelries complete as well with the sparkling aspect as to look as decked out as possible.

This is just one of the many examples I can give. And if the dress looking is not enough the bride accentuates as well her body shapes into the same obscene way, even though it is not the case to be proud of such look. Even though the silhouette is not an enviable one, it counts more the generous shapes she has. And so, a mermaid dress that can be a totally super hot and fancy gown turns into a success mission of revealing the plus kilograms.

All things considered, I believe that judging is not well thing to do. Probably those brides recurring to such dresses types are happy with themselves and there is no way to blame them for this. After all, like the old Latin quote says “De gustibus non disputandum”-there is no disputing about one’s or another’s taste.11

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  1. Sarah

    December 15, 2010 at 1:48 am

    The truth is that in the past everyone used to wear the same classic white wedding gown, which definitely looked great and everyone was accustomed to this idea but nowadays, there are women who are interested in going beyond what tradition says and choose such tacky wedding dresses which look very good on them…I agree with the fact that it is very important to choose what looks good on you, what you feel comfortable in because in the end, it is your own wedding day, the day in which you have to be and feel special. If a more unusual wedding dress makes you feel beautiful then you should definitely go for it…certainly, as long as the dress makes you look good not vulgar


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