Syrup for Moist Wedding Cakes

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Maybe you’re not a fan of traditions, but you must recognize that some of them are extremely interesting and have a more powerful significance than others. We propose to choose a ritual that you find interesting and that you can include in your wedding. Mark the moment by changing the music and the light intensity, to be sure that all guests are paying attention. A good time may be that of bringing the wedding cake or lighting a symbolic candle.

Aren’t you tired of banal wedding cakes and without any personality? I think your guests would enjoy more if they could see and taste a truly memorable wedding cake.

syrup for moist wedding cakes Syrup for Moist Wedding Cakes

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Some ideas about the syrup for moist the wedding cake would be to use the juice from a sauce or 250 ml water over heat, put 3 or 4 tablespoons of sugar and let simmer until it dissolves very well, close the fire and put rum essence, with vanilla … with almond extract … almonds give a great taste … Another idea would be for the syrup to be made ​​depending on the cream. If the wedding cake is with chocolate cream, use sugar + water which are boiled together, cooled and essence for a special flavor, if you go on using a fruit cream then you can use the syrup from a compote, for a cream of fruit yogurt choose to make a syrup with fresh water. You can also choose the syrup from a light and sweet coffee that you leave to cool and then brush with a pastry brush over the cooled wedding cake layer before icing, and let the sugar soak in for about 10 minutes or so before applying the icing.

syrup for moist wedding cakes 2 Syrup for Moist Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake from

The syrup for moist wedding cake will keep for several weeks at room temperature, in a covered container. There are a lot of recipes to make a great syrup to obtain a delicious moist wedding cake for the big day of your life.11


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