Svetlana Lyalina Wedding Dresses IV

Wedding Dresses | May 12 2011 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

We are back again with more gorgeous and breath-taking haute couture wedding dresses from Svetlana Lyalina and we must confess that we are still excited and curious to see your responses and reactions to the styles we picked for this article.


Those of you who are big fans of this designer or have recently discovered her spectacular creations and wish to see more should browse for the other articles that we have on this subject on our website.

This is the fourth post on Svetlana Lyalina wedding dresses and we believe that among all the models that we’ve shown you so far on these pages you will get the chance to find something not only appropriate for your wedding but also very flattering and adequate for your own personality.

Svetlana Lyalina is one of our favorite Ukrainian fashion designers who create exceptional and sophisticated wedding dresses for both young and mature brides and for both formal and casual weddings.

However, if we are to study her creations at a closer light, we would definitely remark the fact that her collections are more for the mature brides who still dream of looking like a princess on the wedding day.

Her pieces are well structured, balanced and rigorously designed, and this is what makes us think that they can make more adequate attire selections for the “serious” brides who know exactly how they want to look on their wedding day: highly elegant, refined, high class, romantic, ultra feminine, extravagant and prestigious!

Her dresses are of a high quality and finesse that are rarely found in an “ordinary” type of dress that you can buy off the rack.

Besides this, the drama, the sophistication, the exquisiteness and precision of the cuts, lines and embroideries make them fabulous choices for formal wedding ceremonies and receptions that are usually planned by more mature brides.

We don’ say that these Svetlana Lyalina wedding dresses can’t fit the younger bridal wear too. It all depends on how pompous, elaborated and dramatic the bride wants to look like eventually on the big day! And we must admit that these gowns here are anything but simple, clean, casual and standard.

They were designed especially for the sophisticated type of women who want to wear something personality-fitted. Figure-flattering and also elaborated that can suit their complex individual style. We like the fact that the majority of the models available in this designer’s collections look also very glamorous and royal!11

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