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Sun Wedding Videos is a company that offers videography services for those that plan to get married. They are characterized by several features such as: personalized service, contemporary digital video custom tailored, according to the desires of the marrying couple and discrete coverage. They are proud to consider themselves among the best videographers in North Carolina, United States.

The one that has started this business in Winston Salem, Raleigh and Charlotte is Mark Sundloff, that can be contacted at this number: 336-251-4281. This information appears on the company's Website: If you're interested to see the packages offered by this company, you can always enter the aforementioned site or e-mail the team in order to receive a personalized offer. You can use this e-mail address, as provided on their site:

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You will discover by entering the site that there are no classic packages, like other companies offer, such as for example Package A, which includes 8 hours of coverage, one videographer and your video on a DVD or Blu-ray, Package B, which includes 9 hours of coverage and so on and so forth. All you can find if you click on the Packages tab is that all the offers provided by this company can be customized by you according to your needs and budget. I like this thing, because it means that even those that have only $500, let's say, to spend on videography services, can address them. If the company said that their basic package is $1000, most likely those that don't have this kind of money will never contact them. If you don't know how expensive or cheap the basic package is, you will contact the company, in order to find out. This is a sort of a marketing strategy and it is really good that this company uses it.

121369 sun wedding videos Sun Wedding Videos

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Nonetheless, they say their services start from $595 and can reach up to $1800. They say that for this money, you will receive a full-day coverage of your wedding, personalized service and a custom edited film, that will be presented on a DVD. You can visualize sample films of this company by clicking on Sample Films, another tab available on this site.

So basically this is a site with a little information, that still captures your attention, mostly because they do not present all that might interest you, like for example how many videographers you will have at the wedding, if you will have more than one, how many hours are covered, if the bride and groom’s preparations are taken into account as well and also other information. You have to contact them in order to find out this.



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