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Summer..heat..friendly weather, pleasant and warm nights are the elements that determine most of the future grooms to establish their wedding date during this season. But when it comes to your wedding flowers there is an inconvenient. Summer wedding flowers arrangements need a special treatment in order to resist more at heat. Consequently, they can be not so affordable for everyone. But, one can choose specific flowers for this season and so get rid of worries.
According to specialists’ advice the most requested are sun flowers, daisy and field flowers if your wedding is an informal one. They can be your perfect choice, due to the fact that their prices are minimal and above this they match perfectly with a less pretentious wedding style.

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As for the rest of wedding themes the list is a long one: roses, gardenia, orchids, Iris, callas, Georgine, coreopsis, sweet violets and butterfly. These types of flowers resist until 30 Celsius degrees and bloom from June till August. Hence, it may be difficult for you to choose from a list I will make a selection, hoping to be helpful in making a general impression about this subject.
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This is the so called butterfly, because its delicate wings are like the ones of a butterfly. They are unique, but fragile and this is the main reason why it is not used frequently for flowers arrangements. But, you can choose to make hand tied bouquets with this it.
In the same category it is included the iris as well. Its name comes from Greek mythology, from goddess Iris, the symbol of the rainbow. Its various types of colors explain its origin.
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Callas instead are very appreciated summer wedding flowers. On the one hand, they are resistant, they are not as fragile as the ones presented above. On the other hand, their appearance simply captivates you; they are a symbol of mystery, sensuality. More than this, from ancient times this type of wedding flower has been also known as “royal flower”. This means that it will give a boost of femininity and elegance to your wedding.
Of course, the most popular type of flower is the rose. Almost every wedding has roses decorative arrangements. This fact is based on their beautifulness and mostly on their aphrodisiac smell and variety of colors. You can combine them with any other type of flower, due to the fact that they suit to any type of wedding theme and style.

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To sum up, I believe that all types of flowers have the same meaning. Colors indeed make them different, so that each and every one is a symbol for your personality. Now, think about your wishes, calculate your budget, analyze them in detail and choose the one that fits you, from all points of view.11


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