Step By Step Guide to Planning an Outdoor Wedding

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How many of you dream to have an outdoor wedding? Outdoor weddings on a beach or in a park are beautiful, unique and romantic but are not so easy to organize. You need to have a solid plan, but you have to take into consideration that weather can mess your plan of having a memorable wedding.
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If nothing can change your mind of having an outdoor wedding and think that weather will be on your side it is wise to plan for rain however unlikely can be, so be ready to rent a ballroom at a near hotel, or a restaurant nearby.

Step By Step Guide to Planning an Outdoor Wedding

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Step 1: Choose the location for the ceremony a beach or a park. If you choose to make the ceremony on a beach take into the consideration the wind you can choose to rent a huge tent that will be such an elegant and unique ceremony. And if it’s public place, a beach or a park you should find what authorizations you need. You need a permit for a beach wedding.

Step 2: And also choose the color of the tent normally will be white but you can choose other color that will match with the flowers ornaments and decorations. Don’t forget about tents lightening and other issues or hire a person that will take care of all the arrangements.

Step 3: Send the invitations my idea is to make beach-themed invitations get creative.

Step 4: Arrange all the transportation for your guest if the beach or the location is far away from the city or if you want your wedding ceremony to be in Maldives you should buy airplane tickets for your guest…if you are lucky enough. In this case you want a wedding ceremony on the beach of a faraway isle or foreign country you should be well informed first.

Step 5: Choose the wedding dresses; if the ceremony will be on a beach then the dress should be more in the theme like casual, flowering dress.

Step By Step Guide to Planning an Outdoor Wedding

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If you want your wedding ceremony in a park or historic places you should apply for a permit, the permit is required if you have more than 20 people in your party. But you have to know if you have a permit for a wedding in a park you don’t have a reservation in the sense that people outside your party are excluded they still have access in the park.

Parks and gardens can be perfect and unique for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Surround your ceremony with the elegance and beauty of nature, picturesque views and your wedding pictures will look more beautiful.

Make sure that the things you are planning will be kept well outdoors in the heat. A good idea is to consider timing your ceremony for sunset and if you want a daytime outdoor wedding make sure orient the ceremony so that the sun will not block the view. If your dream is to have an outdoor wedding then make your dream come true.11

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