Stacked Black And Yellow Wedding Cakes

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If you decided to make the wedding in the summer a perfect combination of colors for this season for your wedding cake is black and yellow. So try to choose a stacked black and yellow wedding cake to make a good impression to your wedding guests. Yellow is the warmest color, most expansive and maybe the most animate color. Yellow is a male color, a color of light and life, unable to tend to shade.

This has been well observed by Kandinski: “Yellow is also an aspiration towards the light that can not be very dark yellow. So we can say that between white and yellow is a deep affinity for physics.” Yellow is the symbol of youth and immortality of the divine. He is the color of the gods. Golden Light is sometimes a two-way communication channel, a middle ground between people and gods.

Being the divine essence, yellow-gold reached an attribute of power on earth princes, kings and emperors, an attribute that looks the divine origin of their power. Yellow is the color of eternity, just as gold is the metal of immortality. And one behind the other for Christian ritual. Then, the yellow signifies old age, near death. Thus, at the limit, the yellow becomes a substitute for black. When they break the sacred bonds of marriage, yellow is associated with adultery, as if breaking because of Lucifer, of the holy bonds of divine love. Common language but come to overthrow the symbol, assigning the color of yellow to the cheated, while the originally belonged to her trick fact shown by numerous ways.

Not every couple likes to have a stacked black and yellow wedding cake but some of them may enjoy to have one like this. So, the basic qualities that characterize those who like black are the dignity and elegance. If you’re one of those who love black, most likely you are trying to wrap your existence in mystery. This may mean that you tend to suppress your emotions, pleasures and desires. People who choose black are often artists and are extremely sensitive. There are introverts, but they pay attention to details and do not share their life experiences with others, preferring to wait until they feel comfortable to share their feelings.

Our reaction to color is an instant and has a profound impact on the choices we make in everyday life.
Although the way in which each individual perceives colors has a certain amount of subjectivity, there are several colors whose effect has a universal significance. So is very important to know the meaning of the colors chosen for your wedding cake. For a stacked black and yellow wedding cake, using yellow shines with optimism, happiness and gives inner illumination. Shades of yellow gold send the promise of a future full of accomplishments. Yellow stands out among the other colors and inspire a positive and creative thinking.

Yellow color meanings are: sun, summer, air, earth, joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, intelligence, hope, liberalism, friendship, gratitude, hope, sociability, danger, cowardice, dishonesty, greed, weakness, greed, deceit, femininity, the sign of Gemini, the sign of Taurus, Leo (golden yellow).

Black is the bearer of a message of authority. As evokes strong emotions can become overwhelming when it come to excess. Black is the color of classic clothing, an explanation for this may be the color that makes the wearer appear leaner and more sophisticated. Black color meanings are: elegance, wealth, style, formality, conventionality, reliability, sophistication, power, modernity, absent, mystery, evil, death (Western cultures), sadness, remorse, mourning, unhappiness, fear, anger, anonymity, rebellion, anarchism, unity, life, rebirth.11

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  1. Jenna

    July 21, 2011 at 6:30 am

    Isn’t it natural that sun-worshippers the world over love sunflower wedding cakes? People have adored the sun for ages. Little surprise the beautiful flower that turned it’s head to follow the sun was also worshipped by the Aztecs.The striking colour and shape of the flower have made the sunflower cake the cake of choice for the outdoor or beach wedding.


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