Square Wedding Cakes That Look Like Gifts

Food & Drinks | October 19 2009 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

The wedding cake is one of the centerpieces of your wedding. the most popular choices for wedding cakes are round and square wedding cakes. They are popular and in the same time very traditional. A white round/ square wedding cake arranged with colored decoration will look amazing and it will be very traditional as well. If you don’t know which one to chose, from round or square, i can give one useful piece of information: a square wedding cake will serve more guests than a round one, it’s a fact.

So if you are an economic person you should chose a square wedding cake. Choosing a square wedding cake it’s a great decision, but if you want to be much more than traditional, the new trend in wedding cakes it’s having square wedding cakes that look like gifts. It’s trendy and they look beautiful. A square wedding cake that look like a gift works especially if the wedding it’s happening on a holiday.

Square wedding cakes that look like gifts are the new stuff. For a more interesting look you can have all tiers created in different colors.  The square wedding cake that look like a gift can be made by adding many tiers together. You can also have a tower kind of square wedding cake that looks like a gift.  It’s your decision to make. If you want to go for something much complicated you can use cake stands. Having your square wedding cake that looks like gifts in an elegant cake stand it will look really special and interesting. Imagine that everybody will look at your square wedding cake and will be amazed and they will talk abut it saying how gorgeous it looked.

Square wedding cakes that look like gifts are the hot stuff of the moment. To see a rapped wedding cake, looking like a gift it’s really funny and amazing. They are made from fondant and they are filled with cream inside. There are some bakers that use also icing for the fondant so the ribbons will look as natural as it can get. Rapped square wedding cakes that look like gifts are appreciated of everybody.

A lot of couples chose to have such kind of cakes because the consider they are truly gifts for the wedding attendants. Something like, Thanks for being here! but with no words. Sometime it’s better to keep it simple and to express your feelings through something else than words. This shows you are truly creative.

If you cannot decide between the two types of wedding cakes, round or square ones, you should use them both. You can have a tower wedding cake, made of many square or round tiers or wedding cakes that look like gifts Don’t be afraid to improvise, our creativity it’s the most important thing we have right now. Be creative and talk to your baker, tell him/her your ideas and come up together with the most beautiful square wedding cake that look like rapped gifts. Use an unique ribbon, or unique shapes or colors, it’s your choice, but make it unforgettable.11

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