Split-Shank Ruby Engagement Rings

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Rubies are definitely the lords of gems and we always thought that a ruby engagement ring can represent the most beautiful and meaningful gift that a man can offer to a woman. These stones can be given by the husbands to their lovely wives on their 15th or 40th year of marriage if there’s any anniversary party going on there.

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Rubies are also interpreted as the birthstones of July, so if you have something in common with this month, now you have one more reason to opt for a ruby ring. We’ve decided to bring these split-shank ruby engagement ring pictures here today because these designs look too beautiful for us to ignore. We wanted to share with you these sensational pieces and hope that the exquisite beauty of these gems and the rich artistic designs of these bands will convince many brides or grooms to opt for a ruby engagement ring.


It’s never easy to wear a colored engagement ring, but those who are passionate with the vibrant style will definitely find it exciting and pleasant to have one of these charming rings on their finger! Everybody will appreciate your ring as a romantic, glamorous and eye-catchy one and some will even envy you or compliment you on your pick.


Rubies are the most romantic, sensual and feminine types of gemstones that a bride can choose for her ring, or this is what the majority of the brides and designers think. We picked these split-shank ruby engagement ring designs for this article because we wanted to offer you more examples of this gorgeous style that we think many of you will find absolutely beautiful and one of a kind. The split shank style is great because it can create the illusion or the impression that the bride is wearing two or three rings or bands instead of one. And this is because or due to the multiple bars used to hold the central stone in one place.


These designs can feature two, three or eve four metal bars, depending on how large the central diamond or gemstone is. These designs are usually used for sustaining big central stones and this is why you will find so many styles featuring large princess cut stones. We have another article on split-shank ruby engagement rings that you can find on our website, in case you want to explore through other different styles.11

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