Special Craft Wedding Bouquets

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For the unconventional type of bride who haven’t found yet the right type pf bouquet to wear at the wedding we thought to recommend you these unique and fabulously designed special craft wedding bouquets. We know that there are many brides out there waiting to see more uniquely funky and wild types of wedding bouquets made of anything else but real flowers. And this is due to the fact that every bride wants to look as distinctive, original and one of a kind on the big day as possible.


We have nothing to argue about that because we understand how women think and how far they are willing to go just to obtain that individualized and charming look we’re all interested in when it comes to our wedding day. This is one of the reasons we decided to propose you here something more provocative, unusual and artistic hopefully those who are convinced that they need something less traditional and less popular for their wedding will appreciate our gesture.

We’re not expecting for all brides to find these interesting bouquets here appropriate or flattering for their own wear. You can watch them as suggestive bouquets that might inspire you in creating your own unique and outstanding bouquet. When we say “crafty” we refer to everything that is artificially made. The materials that one can use for creating the flower blooms or the decorative items can be: paper, satin, silk or taffeta ribbons,  brooches, pearls and beads, monograms, crystals and diamonds, swags and sequins, seashells, buttons, feathers or any other type of fabric or accessory that you think it can help you plan a magical eye-catchy and dazzling bouquet.

Origami or paper made flower bouquets are very trendy these days and it seems that more and more brides are finally willing and ready to opt for such a tremendously daring and provocative style for the big day. These types of bouquets are usually chosen by brides who are planning a Japanese inspired wedding or just a more original funky themed wedding and look. Besides the paper made flowers, those blooms composed or made of all kinds of sparkling wires and items are also popular. We invite you to browse for various brooch or monogram wedding bouquet articles on our website where you will be able to find more relevant and expressive pictures that can help you choose the right accessories for composing your own special craft wedding bouquet.

We adore this idea of wearing a non-flower wedding bouquet on the big day because it can really help the bride make a statement among other women and besides this, it can reflect her own personality and bold character. The wedding bouquet is now regarded as a very important accessory that the bride must wear on the day in order to obtain a more glamorous, personalized and dazzling one of a kind look. We are curious to hear your opinions on these ones and your suggestions on other types of fancy special craft wedding bouquets you hear of or would like to create for your own wedding.

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