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In this article you will find some information about the Spanish wedding dresses. You have the possibility to choose between different dress styles which are available in different colors. In most of the cases, the Spanish brides choose to wear on their wedding day a blouse-like dress named huipil. You have to know about this dress model that is very colorful. Another option is the popular flamenco wedding dress. The wedding dresses are not an exception from the fashion which is available in Spain. If you prefer to protect the traditions you can choose between Flamenco style dresses which have mermaid shapes but you can also wear a simple white dress which goes down to the floor.

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In most of the cases the Spanish wedding dresses contain layers of ruffles at the bottom side. Other options are the formal wedding dresses which have an elaborate skirt and they are designed with satin and lace. You can also choose between traditional wedding dress accessories such as a bouquet of flower or a mantilla. You have to know about this accessory that is a veil which is decorated with lace or flowers and some of the brides wears red flowers in their hair in order to complete the mantilla.

119966 spanish wedding dresses Spanish Wedding Dresses

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In case that the weather is not suitable you can also choose between different accessories which keeps you warm such as a bolero which is made of satin or silk and covers your arms. Other accessory is the colorful endredo which is a large skirt that keeps warm. In order to choose your perfect wedding dress you have to go personally to the Bride Store because you have to try it before you purchase it. Don’t forget that your wedding ceremony is the best day of your life and you have to feel comfortable in your new wedding dress, so choose wisely!   



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