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Many brides dream of having a wonderful and unique Spanish wedding theme for the big day or maybe go on a destination wedding to Spain, why not! Couples who have enough “sangre caliente” running thorough their veins can always choose this theme for a very original and unforgettable wedding day.

Imagine how splendid and marvelous a wedding décor can look like if it’s made in a traditional Spanish style and how attractive, bold and stunning Spanish wedding dress the bride could wear on the day. There are lots of intricate and specific motifs for the traditional Spanish wedding dresses that one could find out there.

Contrary to what many brides might think of the Spanish wedding dresses, one of the most popular and significant color for the traditional bridal wear in Spain is black. This unusual color was extremely appreciated in the traditional Spanish wedding rituals because it was considered to be the symbol of the bride’s expression

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It was. Everyone believed that once a woman go married the husband would play the beautiful role of revealing the true and unseen face of the bride and that is why black is the symbolic color for mystery, unknowing and sacral bonding between the two lovers. To complete this wonderful appearance of a black Spanish wedding dress the bride could wear a traditional veil or specific mantilla to create a more dramatic, feminine and impressive effect.

Considering that today’s bridal wear trends are increasingly involving the black accent and more and more women seem to be fascinated with this color for wedding dresses, a black Spanish wedding dress could be more than suitable and appropriated for a modern wedding. Wearing a black Spanish wedding dress could be the expression of courage, boldness, high-class, bon taste, elegance, femininity, mystery, intrigue, desire and romanticism. Imagine how a black lace Spanish wedding dress would look like

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Or maybe one can opt for the white or red traditional Spanish wedding dresses for a more gracefully delicate, fine, sleek, formal or casual wedding. Any of these colored Spanish wedding dresses can match with a black veil for a more stunning and magnificent appearance.

The most popular, favored and original Spanish fabrics for these dresses are the silk, organza, tulle, chiffon or taffeta. For a more impressive, shiny and royal appearance one can choose to adorn a Spanish wedding dress with all kinds of crystals, diamonds, beadings, pearls or any other specific jewelry embroidery motif that can complement the design, color and style of the wedding dress. You could find a Spanish wedding dress in specialized wedding dress houses that can provide you this type of attire, while a custom-made Spanish wedding dress is more difficult to find.11



  1. Who is the designer of the black and red wedding dress? I’m interested in it. The Spanish wedding dress that has the red skirt with black flowers around the bottom…

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