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For a videographer you hire at your wedding the event has two parts. As first task he has to do is to film your wedding from starting to last minutes to end the way it is. No cutting parts, no artistic imprint, no nothing. And here comes the second part where is totally worthy for how much you pay. It is about the wedding presentation made in an artistic way. It means to make a montage of parts, to exclude some unpleasant, boring, nothing happening times.

Imagine and compare it all with a video clip made with major wedding parts, having the bride and groom as main characters. And for this nothing about the wedding music repertory is used as you already have a first video tape given with the wedding party, the whole event as you planned it. The songs will be his or your task?

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If you let everything in the professional hands then the songs for wedding video edit will be about his preferences. You could have a word to say too but the majority prefers to be surprised. Either way you go on there are some inconveniences: he may use the same songs he uses for everybody and if you take this task you may be under a big question mark about what to choose, extra and different than what you have chosen for the wedding party play list.


The songs for wedding video edit are not about imposed list and don’t follow a strict code of rules for all cases. It is about making the synchronization between the images with the song so the videographer may know better what matches perfectly.

106513 songs for wedding video edit Songs For Wedding Video Edit

Songs For Wedding Video Edit (Source:

But as suggestions you could focus more on the love themed songs since the whole clip will be about a love story.



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