Songs About Growing Up For Wedding Slideshows

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Time passes away; you fell in love and then follow something that goes hand in hand with love: the marriage. You, as future spouses are very excited, but nothing compares to the excitement and in the same time, the sadness of your parents. The parents are happy for their children getting married, but it’s also hard for them to give them away.

I bet the days before wedding all parents look to pictures and listen to touching song about babies growing up. A slideshow will always be some nice to do for a wedding. A slideshow with pictures of parents and their sons and daughters sharing special moments together need an appropriate song.

These songs are special and sweet, perfect to play with a wedding slideshow:

When I Grow Up by Garbage

This is an upbeat and fun song about growing up. It truly captures the adolescence spirit of breaking free and being what you want to be. This song is great to use for a slideshow of funny photographic memories.

Letting Go by Suzy Boggus

This song is about a girl growing up and going to college. The lyrics tell about how hard is to let go of the moments that mothers and daughters lived and will surely touch all mothers and daughters. This song can also be used for a graduation slideshow.

Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin

This is a sad song about growing up telling the touching tale of a father and his son. By listening to the lyrics, parents and children will learn a priceless life lesson about the importance of spending more time together.

In My Life by the Beatles

This is a sweet song about growing up with lyrics about loving someone more than everyone. This is one of the most beautiful songs that will create great memories and feelings.
Changes by David Bowie

Here’s another more upbeat and fun song about growing up and big life changes that will make a good job with your slideshow.

Grandpa (Tell me ‘Bout the Good Old Days) by The Judds

This is one of the few songs about growing up that mentions grandparents. It’s a perfect song to honor our special grandparents who taught us a lot. Dedicate this moment to your grandparents to remind them of the good old days.

You’re Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins

Well this is one of the best songs from a father to his daughter. The girl is waiting forward to grow up, but the father reminds her that she’s going to miss her childhood times as she gets older. It’s one of the best songs to remind children that they should enjoy every day of life to come.

Father and Daughter by Paul Simon

This is the perfect song if you’re looking for songs for a father-daughter dance on her wedding day. This is a sweet loving lullaby. It’s one of the best songs to let your daughter know that even she grew up, she’ll always be the love of your life.

I hope that you will find here a great song about growing up to play for your special wedding slideshow. Create great memories with the right music.11

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