Snowflake Wedding Cakes

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Not too many couples are known to favor celebrating their wedding on winter season, mostly because of the low temperature that is present of course in the regions where winter is really unfolding its cold and freezing reality, but if we live in this kind of areas and we have a special feeling toward winter and whatever it brings to us, then we don’t have to think of winter as a hindrance in our way to get married. And winter can indeed be filled of beauty, of the widespread mysterious white and sparkling snow, it brings the feeling of peacefulness and serenity of the mind.

Remember as a child how many times you let yourself guided by the impulse to go out and play with the snow that was governing all around the places of your playing spaces, how many times you felt the thrill to let yourself melt in its softness, the cold air didn’t event matter back then, it was only you and your feeling that the winter blew over you, inside you mastering your needs to play in the outer space where snowflakes were jolly dancing in a dawning day or in the early hours of the day.

snowflake-wedding-cakesPreparing your winter wedding day can be a real delight if you consider the chapter cakes; the options are plenty since white is the color of the snow, the color of your wedding dress, the color of purity and you realize that everything relates to each other and you start to feel already the thrills that the moment of the wedding day is getting closer to you with every step you take in further planning your wedding. And since your big event takes place in winter what can the best choice for a cake if not the snowflake wedding cake.

Snowflake motif is a beautiful option for the decorative part of a cake; as for a baker, snowflake effect can be rendered in so many culinary ways, that he/she won’t find it hard to use the most wonderful solution to decorate in an artistic way your cake and render it the sweetness as well. They say that traditionally the snowflake wedding cake was a fruitcake having a firm white icing that represented the strength of a married life, but nowadays couple choose to have their wedding cake done in a manner to reflect their personality and what they feel toward the holy act of matrimony.

Therefore we find wedding cakes in two or three tiers with different colors used for icing, mostly the tints related to the definition of snow such as blue, light purple, cream, very light yellow, since on the colored icing the snowflakes can be seen better and their effect is faster perceived by the audience. The options of decorating vary, all depending on the couple’s wishes, thus we meet also decorations that imitate snowflakes made out of the glassy ice in the shape of a huge snowflake that can be used as a topper for the cake, or icy castle as topper with snowflakes scattered around it, this one carrying your imagination on the realm of fairy tales. Weddings on winter have their own magic and populating their atmosphere with elements replicated from the nature we may say that attending these events we are part of a fairy tale thus leaving us with unforgettable memories.11

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