Smokey Wedding Makeup

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It’s not an exception for modern brides to go for a smokey eye makeup for their big day. Wearing a dramatic makeup at the wedding is actually a direct way of expressing a strong personality. This style is not all brides’ cup of tea, and this is why those who decide to apply it to their own wedding look so unique and distinctive. Super dramatic eyes are for those who can’t settle for the pretty makeup style.

The natural bridal look based on blush and soft shades is very trendy, but not for everyone. If you think that a simple and soft makeup is just too plain for you and your character, why not try something bolder, like a smokey eye makeup? Before answering to this question we suggest you think and rethink well your options. This style is for those who want to make a big impact at their wedding. You have to make sure that your makeup fits the theme and style of the party.

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It wouldn’t seem right to opt for a bold look and a soft cozy wedding. This look calls for something more elegant and perhaps more formal. Our wedding makeup artists can surely know how to make a bride feel and look unique and sultry! Many of our stylists are famous for creating smokey-eyes that can add a touch of drama to any bride. But smokey-eyes are not just for brides who want to look sexy. There are many techniques of applying this type of makeup on a bride and enhance her natural charm, without exaggerating in any way.

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There are many beautiful ideas for smokey-eyes that aren’t too over the top. This style is edgy and firm, yet very classy and refined. We like dramatic eyes because they can add more whimsicality and fun to a bride’s look. Anyone can make a fashion statement at her wedding while wearing dark eye makeup, without overpowering her attire. Smokey-eyes are glamorous and versatile. This type of makeup can transform a plain-Jane type of bride into a diva! This is how powerful this style actually is. Those who are not used to wear makeup in their everyday life will surely make a big impact on their groom.

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You can be sure your guests will be dazzle by your striking look. They won’t be able to recognize you from the first, we guarantee you that. They will surely ask themselves whether it’s really you out there, walking down the aisle! We like it when a bridal makeup falls on the eyes. They are the focus of a bride’s face and this is why they should be enhanced properly. Choose a waterproof type of eyeliner to make sure your makeup will resist during the long day!



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