Small Wedding Ceremony Ideas

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 A wedding is a real challenge when it comes to organization. And summer is more difficult since all you want to do is sit in the sun, not to run after suppliers. But it is not the time to panic! Mindy Weiss is the organizer of world class stars weddings such as Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and Nicole Richie, so we present you some tips for future brides. The small wedding ceremony ideas caught our attention.

Find your muse
Weiss the wedding planner says that for her the inspiration is a daily revelation. To find fresh ideas she follows trends in fashion designers and visits stores to see new forms and styles. Decorating shops are a valuable source, but antique markets are priceless. She tries to build a story behind every object that you might find interesting. You can start from an object with a special meaning for you in order to find your wedding theme.

100222 small wedding ceremony ideas 2 Small Wedding Ceremony Ideas

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Perfection is in the details
The guests will remember the details. So try to create an atmosphere that will give a good feeling, leaving your worries at the entrance. The small wedding ceremony ideas do not refer to a limited budget but to creativity: how you manage to create amazing things with little money. Small does not necessarily means poor, so you have to test your imagination and allow it to work for you.

100222 small wedding ceremony ideas Small Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Small Wedding Ceremony Ideas (Source:

Small budget
Weiss says that you can find lots of cheap accessories using your creativity. Balloons, straws for drinks in funny shapes, colorful candies, all these can give a special air for the party and do not cost too much. All you need is time to search for them, so start the preparations early. A useful trick would be to buy your decorative details throughout the entire year, because you will encounter several periods of discounts.



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